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Machines Have Feelings Too

align boxBlog Co- Author: Windy

Did it ever occur to you that machines have feelings? And that we have been indifferent to that fact just because it is built merely to serve us and then ignominously thrown away or sold as scrap without giving it a place in history for the service rendered.

Just as soon as I had published When It Rains, It Pours, there was another jetplane crash in Algeria. No survivors.

There they go again, on another Aviation Witch hunt. Sieving through the debris and the experts are never clear about what caused the crash. Emotions run high in all these tragic incidents and it takes much less time to travel to the Moon and back than get an aviation autopsy report on the crash.

Sad, sad, sad.

Then it dawned on me, that the Aviation gurus ought to re-invent their thinking and consider that MACHINES HAVE FEELINGS TOO.

Bear with me for a while and discover why.

Here is my explanation.

As in all modes of transport, the ship is referred to in the feminine gender. Right? Good, that needs to be established first. Sea vessels, Air vessels, Land vessels have been given female names. Even fighter planes were given female names.

So here it comes. I sent a message to Lainy.


The reason why there are plane crashes is because they call the front most part of the plane so disrespectfully. COCKPIT.

Hence, what do they expect but a COCKUP?

Now, they could change their ill fortunes by calling that part, PUSSYPEEP.

And we would be all at ease with PUSSIES.

Now, do you see the rationale?

Female plane given a male description for her head.
That is asking for trouble.

Would you give your daughter a boy’s name?
Most certainly not.

So, the aviation industry ought to rethink what they are doing and stop running in circles, looking for what they call a Black Box that is actually a box that is painted in red.

I shall leave you to reflect on how peaceful it would be with pussies rather than cocks.

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8 COMMENTS on “Philippi-ness


align boxBlog Co- Author: Windy

I never cease to be a disgruntled observant whenever I am in the Philippines.

I beg your pardon. This is not because I am looking for warts and my intention is not because all that I see is just evil in any direction.

Rather it stems from the incredulity that I am bombarded with whenever I am there.

During my last 2 month stay (mid May till mid July, 2014) there, these are just a few observations to mention.

1. The Poorly Rich Folks

Without fail and even during a downpour, my neighbors would start their gambling sessions each day, beginning at around 9 am and it stops in the wee hours of the following morning.

I have nothing against gambling. That is a personal choice.

What I find utterly despicable is the fact that I know these gamblers and their families. They are poor. Both parents are jobless. The children are clearly underfed.

2. No-Through Passage Pedestrian Walkways

The traditional pavement that we know is commonly referred to as the five foot walkway.

In many instances around Manila, it is not that wide and it is just wide enough for two persons to walk side by side.

Step outside of that narrow walkway and one takes the risk of being hit by motor tricycles and jeepneys that stop anywhere as the driver fancies.

Filipinos will block pedestrians by having chats with their friends without a care about preventing pedestrians from walking past them.

They not only do that on the pedestrian walkways. That selfish habit is also done at entrances to shop doors, office doors, clinic doors. For crying out loud, ANY DOOR!

3. Parents Need To Return To School

This is a common sight.

Parents busily chat away while their children misbehave and become a public nuisance in Malls, in Restaraunts, in Cinema Halls.

These parents do not keep their children in check.

Apparently, they like the attention their children draw from people around them. It gives them some pleasure that their presence is being recognized.

4. Obesity

Filipinos consider being fat is a financial symbol in a country that is bleeding with surging poverty.

Fat babies, fat infants, fat teenagers, fat mothers, some so fat that Ms. Napoles Pork Barrel is a pale reference for obesity.

While dining at Shakey’s I noticed a middle age Filipina who was so fat that I figured she would need two chairs to hold her majestic rear.

5. English Rubbish

Those were the days when Filipinos knew how to speak English, knew what they said in English and generally could justly claim that the Philippines is an English speaking country.

Today, Filipinos ability in the English language reaches as far as singing English Pop Songs and there is about where their ability stops.

Merchants pronounciation of numbers in English for prices is artrocius. Fifteen Pesos is pronounced as Fifty Pesos for example.

6. Friendliness or Noseyness

Filipinos pride themselves as being the friendliest people in the East.

So much so that that to say NO is unfriendly. That itself may explain why tourists head to the Philippines in droves particularly for the friendly charms of their women.

I now find that their friendliness is a misnomer.

More often the friendliness is noseyness. They hit you with a barrage of personal questions and one feels like a chicken being de-feathered.

Allow them into your house and they are scouring everything inside your house. They have the gall to even open your refrigerator to see what it holds and they walk into your bedroom to confirm if one has left tell-tale stains on the bedsheet.

It does not take long before one becomes the breaking gossip piece among them. Sometimes the gossip is done right in one’s presence and they do it in Tagalog so that you think they are speaking just good things about oneself. But are they?

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3 COMMENTS on “And Baby Makes Three

And Baby Makes Three

align boxBlog Co- Author: Windy


It has been months, since I last published about my Thrilla in Manila encounter with Joy, my soulmate.

Now, I cannot recall where I last left because of dementia that comes with senility. That being the case I have to write anew oblivious whether this Article reflects continuity to what I last wrote.

Where Do I Begin?

There is so much to say, to write. A lot passed under the bridge since the beginning of 2014.

I will avoid boring you with too much details and try to keep it short and sweet with just what you need to know.

The masarap pieces are classified and divulged by your own imaginings.

My second trip to Manila in February this year can be succintly described in the modified words of Julius Caesar, “I went, I saw, I HUMPED”

A few weeks after I returned in April, an excited and confused Joy had both of us burning the com lines with an emotional roller coaster ride.

Her conception can be shortened to a Yes, No, Maybe, Yes again, Oh-Oh Maybe.

It made me learn that women are most confused, more than anything else, when it deals with conceiving a baby in their life.

Heading Back

As such, I decided to return to Manila, armed with a pair of Aluminium Chinese Chopsticks that I need to confirm whether indeed Joy is pregnant.

The Home Pregnancy Test kit she used merely added more confusion by giving just a faint sign of her being pregnant.

Ahhh! you are intrigued how a pair of Chopsticks can used to confirm pregnancy. That is just a joke.

So I informed Joy that I would be there during her first trimester to assist her at home and give her moral courage.

Travelling to Manila being at 104 kgs

Travelling to Manila being at 104 kgs

In Manila

It was an unforgettable time in May. Temperatures hit 42 degrees Celcius in the open and through the night it forced me to shower four times to keep my body cool.

It was living in a Sauna from dawn to dawn.

Nevertheless, I did all the house chores, went to the Market every morning, never missed my Buko (Coconut) Water sold along the roadside, prepared breakfast, lunch and dinner, did the laundry and served Joy as her errand boy, masseur, nurse and of course…love machine. Tsk tsk.

In Between

Routine pre natal medical results were normal. Baby is growing according to the medical books.

I had brought medicines that Joy might need for constipation, pains, hemorroid and stretch marks as well as maternity clothings.

She loved the various Chinese herbal soup I cooked with Chicken or Pork and encouraged her to eat lots of protein and drink like a fish.

Well fed and Healthy

Well fed and Healthy

Boy or girl? What name?

If girl, how do we train her terrorize the other boys in the area.

If boy, how do we ensure he does not turn Gay?

Important issues in a country like the Philippines where morality is decadent.

Men turn gays as the easiest way to be accepted more readily in the company of women and women flirt like there is no tomorrow.


If Boy, the choice is either Adrian or Ethan. Undecided then it is Bongo Bongo.

If Girl, the choice is either Caroline or Serena. Undecided then it is Wonga Wonga.

You decide, boy or girl?

You decide, boy or girl?

Collateral Damage

As a result of my housemanship, the climate and the indescribable food that I cooked, I lost 27 kilograms during the 2 months I served Joy.

After losing 27 kgs

After losing 27 kgs

In the name of Love, baby is due in late December 2014.

Joy would rather have baby delivered on January 1, 2015. That way baby is one year younger.

Willy nilly, at the end of the day, baby is DA BOSS! and the world just stops when (s)he decides when to make that one small pee for man and one giant BAWL for mankind.

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17 COMMENTS on “When It Rains, It Pours

When It Rains, It Pours

align boxBlog Co- Author: Windy

Hi! I am back after a long absence. An absence that saw me away in Manila, Philippines on a God-sent mission.

While I was there, the unfortunate Malaysian Airline MH307 vanished without a trace of wreckage.

After returning from my second trip to Manila to answer the call of creation, I received a message from Lainy about two losses in 4 months for MH.

I replied, MH = Mother Hen?

And she retorted, DUH

Again, another tragedy for Malaysian Airlines when their MH17 was blown out of the skies as it flew over the conflict zone of Ukraine.

Sad, sad, sad.

As though that grief was not enough, this morning Lainy text-ed me about a third airplane disaster in Taiwan.

My goodness! This calls for better solutions for air travellers.

I text-ed back to Lainy that Airlines should make it mandatory for their airborne passengers to wear parachutes.

And I explained further saying…

Imagine Bingkee (my beloved blogging adversary) parachuting down and hanging on for her dear, dear life. And in mid air, this blue blooded blogger draws out her Android CP and takes a selfie and blogs about it from mid air.

Lainy: Hahaha

I replied, don’t laugh.
You were heard screaming your lungs out, “MOMMMMIEEEE, MOMMMMIEEE”

Lainy: very careful now, said, I can imagine.

I added, I would be seen clinging precariously onto your panties drawn down to your feet because my chute failed to open.


I continued. A Newspaper Reporter caught us dangling in mid air as we descended on his telephoto lens.

His photo won the International Media Photo Contest.

The Company that produces your Panty had sales going ballistics and changed their Panty Ad to “CUM FLY WITH ME”.

We became rich from Ad Royalties.

You received lifetime free panty sponsorship from the Panty Company.

I was hunted by leading Media networks for talks on, “HOW TO GRAB A PANTY WHEN ALL ELSE FAILS, IN MID AIR”

Lainy: When are you going to update Lainy’s Musings?

Well, I just did!

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2 COMMENTS on “Putting a Face Into a Name: The Aspacio Couple

Putting a Face Into a Name: The Aspacio Couple

align boxBlog Owner and Post Author: Lainy

Seven years ago, I have met so many interesting and lovable personalities in the world of blogs and bloggers. I was a neophyte then and it felt so surreal to have virtually met some of them and later on was able to put faces into their names. The few eyeballs I have had with bloggers had always been anticipated with excitement and joy. The gaiety and fun is something inexplicable. I am sure bloggers like me can relate to the euphoria but it would be hard for some people who do not blog or who do not read blogs to fathom this one special aspect of virtual relationships. If there is one thing striking about blogging, it is about how much we reveal a great deal of ourselves, our passions, values, motivations, interests, humor, etc to the world wide web. If for reasons of privacy issues, a blogger never discloses personal inclinations at the blogs, it is somehow manifested on the way he imparts his thoughts in the commentary section. In fact, I believe we come to know more about one another through regular interaction with our blogs than we would with new in-person friends we probably wouldn’t see every once in a while.

I consider it an excellent blessing to have known heaps of beautiful people virtually. It truly made my blogging journey colorful and even more meaningful. I had the opportunity of knowing a lovely, charming and an intelligent blogger from Manila. She is very dear to me and I have come to love her from day one. It was easy because her blogs particularly Marriage and Beyond is very inspiring. She is so articulate in publishing relevant articles pertaining to her beautiful family and marriage in general. Her no-nonsense thoughts about things are well applauded. I was so drawn at her unassuming personality, eloquence and at her conspicuous command of the language. I used to frequent her blogs. In fact, I have openly expressed, I am her biggest fan. It was not hard for online friendship to develop by virtue of countless comment interactions. In the past, blogging was of different dimension. It was not bound by any rules. We were never obliged to visit each others’ blogs but we somehow took time to come by and sincerely made our presence felt by commenting. The online friendship thrived despite so many odds at my end.

Lovely Sis Jen and I

Lovely Sis Jen and I

Even when I have intermittently blogged in the span of seven years, she has indelibly made a mark in my heart. I personally admire her for being a steadfast servant of God. Their family is always a force to reckon with in everything. She’s one of the few bloggers I so adore and wished I could meet in the flesh if given the chance.

I never thought this could have been possible because time had always been scarce each time I travel to Manila. As you know, I hail from down South. But she had initially expressed that she wanted for us to meet prior my departure to Australia. And so the assembly date, time and place was arranged.

The Aspacio couple offered to pick me up at my friend’s place in Pasig. That glorious feeling when you’re seated at their car, finally seeing them in the flesh, having animated conversation with them, and not just reading through what’s on their heads… ahhhh! I was so thrilled to my bones! I still could not believe the meet-up materialized! I was a happy soul when they took time to see me and spent some precious moments with me. I felt so special!

Selfie with the Aspacio couple

Selfie with the Aspacio couple

They brought me to The Fort at Global City. It was my first time to set foot at the place. We saw ex- showbiz personality Rica Peralejo queuing up in one of the shops clad in ordinary pair of thongs, T-shirt and jeans. In all honesty, I got more fascinated by Sis Jen than with Rica. She is ageless and flawless! Believe me when I say I got so starstruck! She’s so smart, young looking, calm and soft-spoken. I would have never believed she got a 9 year old son! The husband and wife in tandem is such a sight to behold! My solid impression of her was reinforced when I finally got to talk to her. I am amazed at the comfort level- it’s like we’ve known each other for so long even when it’s only our first time to meet!

We covered various territories as we chatted away the night at Jamba Juice.

Wacky poses with the pretty and smart Sis Jen

Wacky poses with the pretty and smart Sis Jen

I find the relation between expectations and reality rather fascinating. It does add some dimension. I had the entire night to adapt to their live physical appearances in contrast to the static avatar in my head. In the end, they are the same amazing people that I came to love virtually. I expected them to be awesome but they absolutely exceeded my expectations in the tiny bits of time spent with each other.

It was close to midnight when they finally took me home. But the night did not simply fade away in oblivion. The most poignant moment of our meet-up happened when Sis Jen’s husband, Jeff prayed over me. Every words that came out of his mouth was uttered with utmost sincerity. Uncontrollably, I felt the tears streaming down my face. I just can’t help it! He prayed for God’s guidance and protection over me and for Him to help me hasten my steps as He ushers me to the loveliest chapter of my life. The mighty, powerful and soulful prayer shook the very core of my being! I don’t think I will ever forget that moment.

I consider the pleasure of meeting the Aspacio couple as one of the most amazing and precious moments in my life. It was such a great honor for they have truly inspired me not only from a blog reader’s perspective but as an online pal who look up to their family with such high regard and esteem.

I pray that they continue to touch many people’s lives as they had similarly done to me over the years. May your tribe multiply and until we meet again!

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6 COMMENTS on “New Toy, Renewed Joy

New Toy, Renewed Joy

align boxBlog Owner and Post Author: Lainy

So yeah, I have previously emphasized that I Am Still Here yet I am nowhere to be found. Again, pardon the millions of lame excuses. It’s just never-ending. It’s now almost my bed time- 30 minutes before I officially hit the sack to be specific. But because I just had to do what I ought to do, I took the time to sit in front of my desk and type away some crap.

Oh no! Not again! :roll:

I can’t help but let out a chuckle while trying to compose a decent article :D It has been a while since I blogged with so much ease and breeze. At least this time my laptop did not suddenly die on me. Mind you, it does not “literally” die on me. The battery is still working perfectly fine but the viruses that infested my precious toy is just too much for me to handle. And I refused to buy a trusty virus software. So why not just get a new toy instead? :wink: What a way to validate that, right? LOL! :lol:

The decision to buy a new one came rather easy. Well, it’s actually long overdue. The long-awaited delivery came almost a month after we placed the order. I must say it’s well worth the wait.

My work email is connected to my mobile phone. So even when I called in sick the other day when these Imacs were delivered, I instantly got the notification via my mobile.

Purchase Officer: 2 apples by your desk :-)

I knew then what he meant so I hurriedly informed my husband about it. However, he wanted to confirm those were indeed the Apples that we ordered and not just “apples”- the round forbidden fruit that Eve used to tempt Adam to damnation. :lol: What a way to thwart our excitement!

So when I went back to work yesterday, I had it confirmed right away that “Apples” meant our Imacs.

Imacs delivered at work

Imacs delivered at work

Just so you know, this post is my first ever publication using my 15-inch MacBook Pro with retina display. It can never be sweeter than this! This is actually a present to myself for going to work and working exceptionally hard at that. Hahaha! :lol:

My new precious toy

My new precious toy

Sweet and Sleek  ;-)

Sweet and Sleek 8)

I have got some story to tell about this gift. Let me begin by saying that my Prince initially wanted to buy it for me as a present last December. However, I stopped him and insisted that I don’t need one just yet. Apart from December being a very expensive month for us, I felt a back massager was all that I needed and indeed, it was more than enough.

It turned out that our end choice was our best choice. It was a good thing that we held off the purchase. It is a known fact that I work for a IT company that provides IT Procurement, Managed Services, Advanced Infrastructure, Networks and Security, Talent Management and Recruitment. Taking that into account, I told my Prince that if and when we decide to purchase a new gadget, it’s gonna be nowhere else but at my workplace. And when husbands listen to their wives, they will reap the benefits. Hahaha! :lol: Seriously, we could never find anywhere else a far better deal than we ever got- 20% off on both items! That’s an extremely great deal for our iMacs! Unbeatable!

20% off for orders places before the end of May

20% off for orders placed before the end of May

For being a wonderful and amazing husband, my Prince deserves a 27-inch Imac. He actually deserves more than that but for the love of music and movies, this is simply the perfect present for him.

27-inch Imac

27-inch Imac

May these presents be the end of our ceaseless complaints and whining on the annoying virus and malware attacks.

I hope to regain some blogging inspiration and revive that passion, energy, and zest once more.

So help me God!

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3 COMMENTS on “I Am Still Here- Pardon the Indolence

I Am Still Here- Pardon the Indolence

align boxBlog Owner and Post Author: Lainy

Our weekends of late had been relatively hectic and eventful. It’s nothing new that my blogs were often left dormant to give way to offline activities. Like they say, there’s more to life than blogging and how true it is indeed!

For close to two weeks, I had been hell-bent in getting 8 hours of sleep because of my unstable blood pressure. True enough, I did get some success with the complete 8-hour sleep. After a refreshing shower, I go straight to bed and by 9:30PM, I have been sleeping like a baby.

I tell you, it was the hardest thing to do at the beginning especially so that I am used to sleeping by 11 at the earliest. BUT it was actually not as hard as I thought it was because I made sure there were no “distractions.”

1. Facebooking/ internet browsing all I want until 8:59 PM;
2. By 9PM, cellphone is turned off;
3. Tossing and turning in bed all I want till 9:29;
4. 9:30, I am dead to the world.

Some paid blogging tasks slipped away because I hardly had the time to check on them; more so to accomplish them.

I consider myself sleep-deprived since I got hooked into blogging. I dearly paid the price for it though. Normal blood pressure is now a thing of the past.

But hey! I did not log-in into my dashboard and rant about my boring hypertension saga.

I just actually thought of typing away some rubbish via my iphone more of to convince myself that I am still here and that my blogs are too.

Pardon my indolence but yeah! So much for my lame excuses. No one ever bothers to read them anyway. Lol!

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19 COMMENTS on “A Birthday Tribute To My Beautiful Mother

A Birthday Tribute To My Beautiful Mother

align boxBlog Owner and Post Author: Lainy

My Dear Pretty Mamang,

Today, I pay tribute to you as you celebrate your birth anniversary. Today is a huge manifestation of God’s love and faithfulness for He has given you another lease of life.

My Gorgeous Mamang!

My Gorgeous Mamang!

Please know that as you celebrate God’s love and mercy, I celebrate my life too because if not for you, I wouldn’t be here and I wouldn’t be what I am today if not for you. Next to God, I owe my life to you and anything decent about me; anything else is simply not your fault.

I have always been amazed by your incredible energy. Despite the monstrous tasks at hand being a working mother, you were able to fulfill your role in our lives as the best mother you can ever be with flying colors.

Remember when I used to nag about giving yourself a break? Yes! It’s now me that kept nagging at you and not the other way around. LOL! It’s because you have always been bloody stubborn. I have always said time and again that the weekends must be spent on yourself after the long week of hard work. I believe that you have already worked hard enough just to sustain the needs of our family and to pamper yourself is the way to go and never on the things around the house because housework never ends no matter how much you labor on them. However, the nagging went futile and fell on deaf ears. Sitting down for a few minutes was considered a luxury. The little amount of restful sleep that you get at night is the only time you get to pamper yourself.

Remember how I get so annoyed each time we hire a laundry woman yet you were still the one doing the job to make sure that everything’s done right according to your standards? Remember how late you were for work because you had to prepare everything for your children before leaving the house; making sure that you give us a feed before you take your flight for the day? You end up always running late for work because you do make sure that you fulfill your Mommy duties before anything else. You may not be a perfect worker but you have been an amazingly consistent Mom! Your outstanding selflessness is beyond words!

I am astounded by the fact that you have been motherless since you were at the tender age of two yet you were able to perform your mundane and tedious role as a Mom perfectly. How did you ever do that? Your wisdom, love and support is as clear as the Australian blue skies and it stare us right in our faces. It is simply beyond measure!

We are complete jerks for how shockingly small we have acknowledged you in return for all your sacrifices! You did your job wonderfully 24/7 without pay yet we never even bothered to say “Thank You.” I am aware that we can never requite all the sacrifices you have to go through since you gave birth to me at 18. Your soothing caress each time we get sick will always be a fond memory that we have a great mother in you.

I cannot find the perfect words and adjectives to describe how much you mean the world to me, my beautiful Mamang. We may argue in a lot of things even when they were mostly petty and trivial, but deep down inside us, we knew how much each one of us meant dearly to each other. As a matter of fact, I made sure you were present on my wedding day. That’s how essential your role is as my mother in that milestone in my life.

With my beautiful Mom on my wedding day

With my beautiful Mom on my wedding day

In spirit, I am giving you a birthday kiss!  :D

In spirit, I am giving you a birthday kiss! :D

I cannot help but shed a tear knowing how much you cried a river with my visa approval to Australia. But like what my husband would always say, God will never put me in a difficult situation where I have to suffer. God’s plan is always perfect and I hope at this time, you have now been reassured that I am in good hands and that I married a good man.

You may have cried twice for losing two of your children by marriage but be consoled that you have now two more children that’s a welcome and beautiful addition in the family.

I need not be a mother myself to be able to appreciate everything that you have done for me and my two younger brothers; my appreciation began a long time ago and grew stronger over the years. I may not have said it all verbally but I have shown it by way of giving support in any means possible to the best of my earthly ability.

You have the courage of a lion. You have went through the painful death of your husband that is my father and the heart of gold to have withstood parenthood singlehandedly since then. You were mostly emotionally crippled but I vowed on my father’s grave that I will always be there for you no matter what it takes. It was a tough journey but we have surpassed it all as a family.

Death of my Father

Death of my Father

God may not have blessed me with material wealth to share with you but please know that God’s love is boundless. Every single night we are down on our knees to pray before God and we never failed to include you in our prayers; that He may always protect and guide you; provide physical health, longevity, and most of all stronger faith as we continue to sojourn in this life. That in itself is beyond my power to give you. Even if we are separated by distance, I am confident that God is embracing you with his immense love, faithfulness, and divine protection at all times.

My Groovy Mama!

My Groovy Mama!

Words may appear superfluous at this point but please keep in your heart my loving Mamang that this post is never enough to express my appreciation of the life that God gave you. Thus, a separate post is in the offing come Mother’s Day. :D

I am forever grateful that I have you for a mother- happy and gay despite the odds. Your cheerfulness illumines wherever you are. You’re always the life of the party and I hope that as you celebrate today’s gift from the heavens, may our Lord God Almighty grant all the desires of your heart. I vow to continue praying for you for that is the best gift that I can offer you.

Happy birthday! I miss and love you to infinity and beyond!

Your loving daughter,

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