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0 COMMENTS on “Taumatawhakatangihangakoauauotamateapokaiwhenuakitanatahu (New Zealand) Here I Come!

Taumatawhakatangihangakoauauotamateapokaiwhenuakitanatahu (New Zealand) Here I Come!

align box align boxBlog Co- Author: Windy

Ever thought of going to Taumatawhakatangihangakoauauotamateapokaiwhenuakitanatahu (New Zealand)? Your Travel Agent will have a headache typing that out at her desk. LOL!

You might end up lost when you arrive in New Zealand while trying to pronounce that place to the Airport taxi driver.

Well this Post is inspired when I had a recall about our Geography teacher at High School telling us about two cities in France, namely, Toulouse (pronounced as too loose) and Toulon (pronounced as too long).

I found out there exists many, many more hysterically irreverent names of cities and places around:

1. Fucking (Austria)

2. French Lick (Indiana, USA)

3. Boring (Oregon, USA)

5. Dildo (Newfoundland, Canada)

6. Why (Arizona, USA)

7. Blowhard (Australia)

8. Fart (Virginia, USA)

9. Climax (Michigan, USA)

10. Truth Or Consequences (New Mexico, USA)

11.Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch (Wales). The translation of the name is ‘ St. Marys Church in the Hollow of the White Hazel Near to the Rapid Whirlpool of Llantysilio of the Red Cave’.

The name was given in the nineteenth century, when it was desired a development of the community and its transformation into a commercial and tourism center.

12. Big Bone Lick (USA)

13. Dwarf (Kentucky, USA)

14. Dead Chinaman (Papua New Guinea)

15. Assawoman (Virginia, USA)

16. Burning Well (Pennsylvania, USA)

17. Acme (West Virginia, USA)

18. Sexi (Peru)

19. Poopoo (Hawaii, USA)

20. Beer Bottle Crossing (Idaho, USA)

21. Taumatawhakatangihangakoauauotamateapokaiwhenuakitanatahu (New Zealand)

22. Needmore (Texas, USA)

23. Pussy creek (Ohio, USA)

24. ii (Finland)

25. My Large Intestine (Texas, USA)

26. Gayville (South Dakota, USA)

27. Ass (Ukraine)

28. Can Do (North Dakota, USA)

29. Wagga Wagga (Australia)

30. Dollarbeg (Scotland)

31. Cockburn (Western Australia)

32. Shetland Islands (Scotland)

33. Lolita (Texas, USA)

34. Wetwang (England)

35. Middelfart (Denmark)

36. Disappointment (Kentucky, USA)

37. Hell (Michigan, USA)

38. Whiskey Dick Mountain (Washington State, USA)

39. Gravesend (England)

40. Looneyville, Texas, USA)

41. Hygiene (Colorado, USA)

42. Bird in Hand (Pennsylvania, USA)

43. Embarrass (Minnesota, USA)

44. Plain City (Utah, USA)

45. Okay (Oklahoma, USA)

46. Normal (Illinois, USA)

47. Odd (West Virginia, USA)

48. Hooker (Oklahoma, USA)

49. No Name (Colorado, USA)

50. Hot Coffee (Mississippi, USA)

See yuh in Taumatawhakatangihangakoauauotamateapokaiwhenuakitanatahu (New Zealand)

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0 COMMENTS on “Happy Easter, Folks!

Happy Easter, Folks!

align box align boxBlog Co- Author: Windy

To those who celebrate Easter on account of their personal Faith, I wish them, also on behalf of Lainy, A Happy Easter.

Why is it called Easter? Just like why is Good Friday called Good when it commemorates a sad event. Or in the same breath, why is Christmas called Christmas to celebrate the birth of Jesus of Nazareth. Then why is Jesus called Jesus Christ when there is no historical record of him having Christ as a second name?

Therefore, followers of the teachings of Jesus are mistakenly called Christians. It should correctly be Jesusians instead.

Why not call Easter, Wester? We can’t call it Norther or Souther because there is hardly anyone in the Artic or Antartica except Polar bears and unshavened scientists foraging for their missing shaving blade.

To make matters worse, the word Easter originates from something not connected with what it actually connotes. I quote from Wiki,

The modern English term Easter, cognate with modern German Ostern, developed from the Old English word Ēastre or Ēostre.[nb 2] This is generally held to have originally referred to the name of an Anglo-Saxon goddess, Ēostre, a form of the widely attested Indo-European dawn goddess.

Here we are, back again to being hoodwinked by words that do not allude to what is should mean.

Do you realize that the four letter word, F*CK has a much cogent etymology than words found in the teachings of Faith?

So, honestly speaking, who is f*cking around huh?


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0 COMMENTS on “It’s Only Words

It’s Only Words

align box align boxBlog Co- Author: Windy

At this stage of my life, I am confronted by yet another challenge. I have to learn how to speak in Tagalog.

It has nothing to do with having to converse with my soul mate, Joy. She is able to speak in English. No, I correct that, Visayan English which has a peculiar pronounciation for common English words and it often throws my answer off the tracks with her.

Nevertheless, I do need to learn Tagalog so that I can understand what others are speaking especially when they are colluding to cheat me.


One way in memorizing words is to use mnenomics. Mnenomics associates what one needs to recall to memory by associating it with something one already knows.

Few examples of what I mean

Take the Tagalog word, SAKIT
Sounds easy but really it refuses to come to mind when needed.
So the English words SUCK IT is a good association for it.
It does matter how one says it and to whom or it may mean receiving a face slap or a ruined date.

Or the Tagalog word, PAKIPOT.
Pot is easy to remember but Paki is not.
Fact is that Tagalog word is biologically wrong.
A girl who is pakitpot (playing hard to get) is really p*kipot (where * = U) simply because that is really what she does when she behaves p*kipot with her male suitor.

Or the Tagalog word, PINAY
Just need to know that all girls generally dislike having to pee frequently as in Pee Nay.

Or the Tagalog word, PINOY
Something that we all know men are simply annoying when taking aim while they pee.
Hence Pee anNOY

Or the Tagalog word BAKIT
Now that is easy.
Just remember the English word bucket. Done.

At this rate, I would most likely end up saying nothing in Tagalog, I would be seen with raised eyes associating English words before I can speak a full sentence in Tagalog.

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0 COMMENTS on “Good Friday Today – What’s So Good?

Good Friday Today – What’s So Good?

align box align boxBlog Co- Author: Windy

Before I begin, allow me first to inform readers, especially if they belong to any Christian Faith, that I am a Catholic and I was once a Catholic Missionary.

Why is Good Friday named Good?

What is good about Jesus of Nazareth being crucified on a Cross?

Would you say that it is a good day when your loved one dies or commemorate that day as Goodbye Day?

Call it anything more befitting but good!!!

That is not my only beef

I have had a few similar discussions with Catholic priests. I have been threathened that I will not receive a Catholic burial in a Catholic Cemetery because they consider my arguments heresies. One Catholic priest went further by threatening me to have me excommunicated from the Catholic Church!!!

I answered this Catholic priest that the entire Earth is God’s Cemetery and not the delineation of a piece of land that the Catholic Church calls it as their burial ground for their departed members.

Practising Catholics pay more attention to rituals than to the worship of God.

The Seat of Catholicism in the Vatican choreographs these rituals and processions, with acts of piety that emulate secular National Day parades rather than continually being the source of solace by acts of Charity, Refuge and Relief with the massive wealth that the Catholic Church possesses.

Do you think that on Judgement Day, God will appear in the manner how the Pope or any of his Bishops and Priests parade themselves? Red carpets, pomp and pageantry?

I reckon God will simply make His presence with by a bolt of lightning that will bring humankind down on their knees. No red carpet, no electronic organ, no choir singers, no strutting around dispensing blessings.


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34 COMMENTS on “When Senior Citizenry Comes A-Knocking

When Senior Citizenry Comes A-Knocking

align box align boxBlog Co- Author: Windy

With age comes seniority.

Alas! With age comes senility too.

Like when I am at the treshold of my second childhood and looking bewildered and found dressed like this; giving Love a Bad Name. Hahaha

I would faintly recall being told that I had to wear breast guards for my heart condition. Or was I being treated by my Psychiatrist for sex identity crisis? …mummble, mummble.

“Honestly child, I can hardly remember anything these days…yawwwwwn Is it bedminton time child?”


Anyway, in this instance before that could happen, my youngest son, Kevin and his close friends decided to give me a dinner treat on my Birthday. I was informed just moments before I was taken to a Restaurant serving Western cuisine.

Dinner for me meant Prawn Salad, Mashed Potatoes, Tenderloin Steak medium-rare and black coffee.

Having done that, we spent time with small talk and despite the age gap I had with the group, it did not matter until I was told to open my gift.

Gingerly I opened a small box which had SAVINELLI 1876 emblazoned on it. I thought it contained something that firmly placed me as a relic.

On opening the box I found it contained a beautiful pipe.


Here we go! They felt that I had reached the age where a man must look more imposing by smoking a pipe rather than those foul smelling, polluting sticks of cigarettes that is akin to the bourgeoisie class.

So, they gathered around for a photo take. For the first shot, I wanted to pose with the iconic scowling countenance of Sir Winston Churchill but it came nowhere close.

Sir Winston Churchchill's iconic scowl

Sir Winston Churchchill’s iconic scowl

Trying to look like a British Bulldog

Trying to look like a British Bulldog

Ahhh what the heck! Just be myself.


I take it that the pipe certifies me for senior citizenry and I pray that second childhood never will be. LOL!


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21 COMMENTS on “The Last Cardinal Sin

The Last Cardinal Sin

align box align boxBlog Co- Author: Windy

And it came to pass, that a new Pope was to be selected by the College of Cardinals gathered in the august chamber at the Vatican in Rome.


Cardinals from the World over arrived in deep prayerful hope, that they would be the new Pope.

Finally, on the appointed day, they were summoned by the Chairperson of the College of Cardinals. The Chairperson spoke softly to them that he hoped the Cardinals would select a Pope who would be exemplary, a man beyond reproach, an Immaculate Interception in the troubled times of Faith.

The Cardinals chorussed, “OPO” in unison.

Then the Chairperson announced that this time the format will be unprecedented because of the gravity enjoined in selecting such a Pope.

And the Cardinals in wonderment chorussed, “OHH” in unison.

So it was, that on that day, the Cardinals all standing in a row, were instructed to undress and remain naked in their positions.

The Cardinals invoked, “Jesu Christus” in pharisaic disbelief. But talaga they knew that if they did not obey, out they go and there goes their life long dream of ever becoming Pope someday, diba?.

There was an uneasy hush in the Chamber. Some eyes looked plaintively towards Heaven for deliverance. Some eyes looked curiously, sideways, to peek, at you know what lang.

Then in walked three scantily dressed Arabian women belly dancers sige with jingling bells, tied around their feet. And the Chairperson nodded his head with approval and waved his hand to the dancers to begin.

The dancers went into a frenzy, bellying and bobbing, swaying and batting their outsized eyelids as they gyrated p*kipot-ly past each Cardinal, one by one.

And any Cardinal who failed to be Immaculate and BOINGGG! UP went their sanctified pride of manhood, they were whisked out of the Chamber. Disqualified of course.

This lasted almost the entire day until it left three Cardinals. The Chairperson decided to allow the exhausted dancers to retire and called it a day.

The following day, the three Cardinals were summoned and in the same manner they were put through the routine as the previous day.

The dancers stepped up their tempo and WOOHOO immediately two Cardinals went BOINGGG! and they were disqualified.

The Chairperson was elated and as he was about to announce the name of the last Cardinal standing, one of the dancers dropped her teat cover. She turned around to search for it, saw it on the floor and stooped to pick it up.

At that precise moment, it was the darkest day in Christendom.

Our Immaculate Cardinal saw her stark behind and her pink glory and hallelujahhh… BOINGGG!!! he went.

There was no Pope na!!!.


This is not found in the Annals of Church History.

It is not found in Google Search.

This is a release from a classified manuscript that Indiana Jones found tucked in the bottom of one of the three Arabian belly dancers, while he was at Carnal Knowledge Bistro in Timbuktoo.


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16 COMMENTS on “My Birthday Wish

My Birthday Wish

align box align boxBlog Co- Author: Windy

If it is true that necessity is the mother of all inventions then my Birthday wish is the cradle of a brave new Philippines.

You may think that there is scant hope for the Philippines as she is bedevilled with surmounting social and environment troubles.

Not so if my Birthday wish is embraced by a tumultuous reformation.

How it Began

It found its origins when there was a recent outbreak of that dreadful Measles in several places in the Philippines. Anti-Measles Vaccine is given free to all. Did I understand it is given free?

Now that is something that only happens in that country when there is a mudslide or an earthquake or floods or a volcano explosion or typhoon for hapless victims.


Is that the only freebie? Are there any other freebies in the Philippines of which I know not?

Maybe there are if one considers these goings-on:

1. Free sex that Pinoys trick young girls into obliging their horny needs.

2. Free babies as a result of Number 1.

Let there be Freelipines

Rubbish you say?

You would not when you consider that all these freebies will end Graft, robbery, poverty and many more crimes.

Freelipines gives her citizens the unparalleled distinction of receiving:

Free education
Free medical and hospitalization
Free dental and eye care
Free food
Free shopping
Free movies and entertainment
Free transport
Free house
Free energy and water supply
Free internet
Free home and personal gadgets

Just to mention a few and to win your undivided vote and support for the planned reformation of what will become FREELIPINES.

Who pays for the free supply???

I knew you would ask this question.

We shall leave that to the newly elected President and his Congress to figure that out.

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38 COMMENTS on “A Birthday Tribute to Windy

A Birthday Tribute to Windy

align boxBlog Owner and Post Author: Lainy

Time is seemingly ticking by so fast. Was it not only yesterday when Windy had his 62nd birthday?

Windy at 10

Windy at 10

Well, the birthday boy is turning not only one year older; he has also grown more silly by another year, but definitely wiser and better. Each year that he does, it’s always a milestone.

I reminded him a couple of days ago that his 63rd birthday is fast approaching. I was surprised to have received his reply denying that he is 63!

Boy! Oh boy! This is the first time that the brilliant Windy did that!

Oh well! I could only surmise cheekily that it must have been the effect of young love. Kilig to the bones! ;-)

I am more than happy to give it to him. Just as I had declared in 2010 that I shall be 25 years old forever, his birthday this year onwards will be his 36th forever! Doesn’t that sound cool? ;-)

I always find the celebration of birthdays as wonderful opportunities to let a person know what his life and work has meant to me. Thus, this birthday tribute for Windy.

For the 7 years that I have known Windy, there was never a dull moment. Either we were bantering, discussing, or arguing, he’d always say he wins any argument and I don’t have a chance of winning AT ALL. It has always been a losing battle with him although there were times I felt that I have been a runaway winner. LOL! But since it’s his birthday- again- I am giving it to him being the brilliant Windy that he is. When I refused to argue, he’d say that I am the most diplomatic blogger around. LOL! So, you must have understood by now that indeed, there is never a dull moment with Windy.

It seems only yesterday that I’ve known this man and there was no turning back since then. It has been an open book how I have admired him as a person; being the generous, compassionate and brilliant man that he is. He is the kind of person who’d be willing to do the extra mile for you.

Over the years, Windy had been there not only as my blog mechanic and blog Co-Author; but more than all, he has been a real good friend to me. Our friendship went beyond the realms of blogging. As a matter of fact, he was even one of the Principal Sponsors (Ninong) of my brother at his wedding. Truth be told, no matter how much we fight on every trivial and minute issues, Windy will always be a special man.

Last night, he expressed to me his disappointment. Blogging has become pathetic and has ultimately reached its end. Gone were the days when bloggers come by a blog to express their appreciation and support to either the blogger or the blogpost by way of comments. That’s how I made lots of blogpals after all- by way of interacting through comments. He told me it’s pointless to blog into space infinity; that even if I work doubly hard for my blog’s traffic and rankings, the heydays of blogging has bottomed out. Bloggers have become addicted to Instant Messaging and social media which is less time consuming and more convenient. Hence, the need to read a lengthy blogpost has became a mundane and mediocre task.

I want to prove him wrong. I want to make him see that even with the social media mileage, there are still bloggers like him and like me who passionately blogs our heart out and is willing to show support to fellow bloggers even when we are not bound by any rules.

I would hate for it to let Windy dissipate into thin air all because blogging had lost its height and glory. I believe he still has so much to give. He can’t waste his writing prowess just like that. I have lured him too many times in the past to come back to blog even when he already had given up blogging. We both know that blogging comes to him naturally and he does it amazingly- the Windy way!


It has been such a huge honor to sit in circle with you sharing a lot of beautiful, joyful, and hilarious blogging moments. I will always be in extreme gratitude for all the wisdom that you have shared at Lainy’s Musings, and I must say that you’re like no other. You have given me, and the countless others, the keys to a long-lost and vast universe of unlimited creativity, vision, and healing that opens the heart of the soul. Your unbridled articles are enriching, stimulating, empowering, thought-provoking, and at many times touched the big Filipino ego BUT I personally find it admirable and remarkable for you have a genuine and unique way of speaking your unbiased thoughts unfavourably and fearlessly.

Thank you for a lifetime of friendship shared with you. Stay happy, young and vibrant. I wish you all the strength, energy and vigour that you need to keep you going and sustain the making of “Baby Caroline.”

Cheers and may the Force be always with you!

I initially wanted to publish this tribute by virtue of a video presentation with Windy’s favorite song PLAY ME as a musical background. I fell short of my preparations because of the time zone difference. I deemed it best to publish all photos I have of Windy and the captions were either his publication or mine talking about how exceptional he is as a blogger and as a person.

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