A Birthday Tribute To My Beautiful Mother

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My Dear Pretty Mamang,

Today, I pay tribute to you as you celebrate your birth anniversary. Today is a huge manifestation of God’s love and faithfulness for He has given you another lease of life.

My Gorgeous Mamang!
My Gorgeous Mamang!

Please know that as you celebrate God’s love and mercy, I celebrate my life too because if not for you, I wouldn’t be here and I wouldn’t be what I am today if not for you. Next to God, I owe my life to you and anything decent about me; anything else is simply not your fault.

I have always been amazed by your incredible energy. Despite the monstrous tasks at hand being a working mother, you were able to fulfill your role in our lives as the best mother you can ever be with flying colors.

Remember when I used to nag about giving yourself a break? Yes! It’s now me that kept nagging at you and not the other way around. LOL! It’s because you have always been bloody stubborn. I have always said time and again that the weekends must be spent on yourself after the long week of hard work. I believe that you have already worked hard enough just to sustain the needs of our family and to pamper yourself is the way to go and never on the things around the house because housework never ends no matter how much you labor on them. However, the nagging went futile and fell on deaf ears. Sitting down for a few minutes was considered a luxury. The little amount of restful sleep that you get at night is the only time you get to pamper yourself.

Remember how I get so annoyed each time we hire a laundry woman yet you were still the one doing the job to make sure that everything’s done right according to your standards? Remember how late you were for work because you had to prepare everything for your children before leaving the house; making sure that you give us a feed before you take your flight for the day? You end up always running late for work because you do make sure that you fulfill your Mommy duties before anything else. You may not be a perfect worker but you have been an amazingly consistent Mom! Your outstanding selflessness is beyond words!

I am astounded by the fact that you have been motherless since you were at the tender age of two yet you were able to perform your mundane and tedious role as a Mom perfectly. How did you ever do that? Your wisdom, love and support is as clear as the Australian blue skies and it stare us right in our faces. It is simply beyond measure!

We are complete jerks for how shockingly small we have acknowledged you in return for all your sacrifices! You did your job wonderfully 24/7 without pay yet we never even bothered to say “Thank You.” I am aware that we can never requite all the sacrifices you have to go through since you gave birth to me at 18. Your soothing caress each time we get sick will always be a fond memory that we have a great mother in you.

I cannot find the perfect words and adjectives to describe how much you mean the world to me, my beautiful Mamang. We may argue in a lot of things even when they were mostly petty and trivial, but deep down inside us, we knew how much each one of us meant dearly to each other. As a matter of fact, I made sure you were present on my wedding day. That’s how essential your role is as my mother in that milestone in my life.

With my beautiful Mom on my wedding day
With my beautiful Mom on my wedding day
In spirit, I am giving you a birthday kiss!  :D
In spirit, I am giving you a birthday kiss! 😀

I cannot help but shed a tear knowing how much you cried a river with my visa approval to Australia. But like what my husband would always say, God will never put me in a difficult situation where I have to suffer. God’s plan is always perfect and I hope at this time, you have now been reassured that I am in good hands and that I married a good man.

You may have cried twice for losing two of your children by marriage but be consoled that you have now two more children that’s a welcome and beautiful addition in the family.

I need not be a mother myself to be able to appreciate everything that you have done for me and my two younger brothers; my appreciation began a long time ago and grew stronger over the years. I may not have said it all verbally but I have shown it by way of giving support in any means possible to the best of my earthly ability.

You have the courage of a lion. You have went through the painful death of your husband that is my father and the heart of gold to have withstood parenthood singlehandedly since then. You were mostly emotionally crippled but I vowed on my father’s grave that I will always be there for you no matter what it takes. It was a tough journey but we have surpassed it all as a family.

Death of my Father
Death of my Father

God may not have blessed me with material wealth to share with you but please know that God’s love is boundless. Every single night we are down on our knees to pray before God and we never failed to include you in our prayers; that He may always protect and guide you; provide physical health, longevity, and most of all stronger faith as we continue to sojourn in this life. That in itself is beyond my power to give you. Even if we are separated by distance, I am confident that God is embracing you with his immense love, faithfulness, and divine protection at all times.

My Groovy Mama!
My Groovy Mama!

Words may appear superfluous at this point but please keep in your heart my loving Mamang that this post is never enough to express my appreciation of the life that God gave you. Thus, a separate post is in the offing come Mother’s Day. 😀

I am forever grateful that I have you for a mother- happy and gay despite the odds. Your cheerfulness illumines wherever you are. You’re always the life of the party and I hope that as you celebrate today’s gift from the heavens, may our Lord God Almighty grant all the desires of your heart. I vow to continue praying for you for that is the best gift that I can offer you.

Happy birthday! I miss and love you to infinity and beyond!

Your loving daughter,

17 Replies to “A Birthday Tribute To My Beautiful Mother”

  1. Such a touching birthday post Teh Lainz. I am sure Mama Rose will again cry a river at this one once again. Hahaha

    Having a good and loving mother is such a blessing and I am sure that with the kind of upbringing Mama Rose has bestowed upon you and your siblings, you will definitely be as good and as loving to your family and future children.

    May the Lord bless Mama Rose on her birth anniversary and may she live even longer to enjoy life and her grandchildren with you.

    Hugs and kisses to you and Mama Rose!

  2. You are not only a sweet friend but a very loving daughter Lainy. Your Mom certainly raised you sop well! It reflects how your Mom’s character is too. Happy birthday Mamang Rose!

  3. Awww gorgeous ladies like mother like daughter 🙂 . This post made me miss my mom she is my rock the strongest woman I have ever know. “Appreciate our parent, we never know what sacrifices they went through for us.

  4. such a sweet post for your mom! my mom is a bit stubborn too haha whenever I go back in philippines i would always ask someone else to do the laundry so my mom can go with us in the mall of do some other stuffs but at the end of the day she will still do the laundry haha

  5. First, allow me to greet your SuperMom a happy birthday! Second, kudos to you Lainy for being able to come up with this piece. Any mother would be so happy to read your post. That part when you mentioned about hiring a laundrywoman reminded me so much of my mom. She does not like to hire househelp because she said their work is substandard. I guess that’s how moms are. Again, wish your mom a happy birthday for me.

  6. Sis Lainy, you are blessed to have a beautiful mother inside and out 🙂 She looks very young as well. She is one fashionista mother of yours 🙂 I am glad that she is there to witness one of your biggest moment in life, your wedding itself 🙂 I wish her good health, stay happy and beautiful as ever 🙂

  7. what a very beautiful and loving tribute to your mom, you both are blessed to have each other, and your mom must feel so touched the way you honored her, something that could really warm and inspire mom’s hearts. you have such a priceless mom, Laine, she is beautiful, just like you. Belated happy birthday to her.

    PS….I also have been out from blogging for a long while, sometimes, I join FBF comex just so I won’t lose the blogging spirit.

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