Hopefully, most of my regular visitors would remember Windy whom I have never stopped describing as one of the most brilliant that I have met during his stint as a Blogger. His artistry, his punch lines and above all, his straight in the eye delivery. Ah! Those were the days.

This Article is in response to a request from Windy who most recently left a Comment H E R E. For those who remember Windy, he once passionately blogged from Windmill on the Hill. I hope that Windy will return to share with us so much of his talent, as he used to.

Most regrettably for me, Windy stopped blogging several months ago and I still believe that Blogosphere has lost a valuable contributor. He was a Blogger for all seasons, so to speak.

I was shocked out of my seat earlier this morning, when I found his recent Comment and some noteworthy pieces of information that he left here and I quote:

I devote much of my time to humanitarian work after I stopped blogging. Just the little that I can share to help other less fortunates believe that hope and love still exists despite their misery.

I met a widow and her three children living in the open. I made a spontaneous decision to build for them a very small house. With whatever savings that I could afford it paid for the walls to be built. The works-in-progress is now the roof. The roof job would not have been possible without a heart of gold Blogger who helped me with some money.

After the roof job is completed, there is the cement floor and the wall plaster that needs to be done. Right now, I do not have the money to buy the materials for the floor and the walls. Do I laugh or cry now? I have to believe that “who dares, wins” and that miracles do happen.

Over the time that I have known Windy, I also know that he travels to Indonesia where he provides some families whom he knows that live in dire poverty.

In a separate discussion later with Windy, I asked him about the house that he mentioned at his recent Comment. This is his reply to me together with photographs.

Here it is:


They live in this.

The first photo that displays a “nipa” leaves open sided shed is where a 52 year-old widow and her three children found shelter. That shed is at the rear of a house. Out of compassion, the house owner allowed them to occupy that shed.

How did I get to know them?

It was on a school day when I met two of the children. I beckoned them over to where I was having my meal and queried why they were not at school. I had them sit at my table and bought them a meal. One thing led to another. It ended me asking them to lead me to meet their mother simply because the children tore at my heart strings and I wanted to know more from their mother.

Getting permission

The idea of building them a small house sprung easily to my mind but the matter about building it on the same plot of land was another hurdle. That took me several visits to the house owner, at each visit, cajoling and attempting to get his permission to build a house in his backyard. My persistence finally paid off and after some basic arrangements with the house owner and the widow, the house could be built.

A month later

With some help from an old friend, a retired House Contractor who now runs a hardware shop, I managed to hire two labourers to build the house for a nominal wage and a very flexible on the job schedule.

A month and a half later

The house walls are now completely done albeit without the wall plaster. The wall plaster will have to wait till I have the means to buy more cement and sand.

The value of things.

While the house was built, each block became unbelievably precious. I could extend only whatever my personal savings would allow to buy the materials needed to build the foundation and the house walls.

As the blocks went up, one upon the other, these blocks took on such a value of its own. I admit the blocks had a greater meaning than the face value of money. This feeling extended to the cement, stones, sand and for everything else that the house needs.

The word frugality in a real and practical sense bore so much meaning with building this house.

God Bless you Always,

Having read all that, if you care to render assistance to Windy, add some cheer towards fulfilling his task and bring that home to the widow and her three children, I have added a PayPal Donation button at the bottom to serve this purpose.

Many thanks in advance to benevolent donors for this charitable cause. A full list will be duly published here for Blogger donors and their Blog links.




  1. Wow, this is great, Lainy! I was actually going to ask you about Windy the next time we talked, but glad to see he commented on your blog.

    As for his cause, this once again shows the human kindness I’ve always remembered him for. Also, I admire the progress and persistence when reading this entry, too.

    Also, this is very sweet of you Lainy to reach out to help Windy and his cause. I know everything will work out for all involved.

    Thanks for sharing and glad to hear from Windy again, too!
    .-= David Funk´s last blog ..Beautiful Blogger Award From SDWHH! =-.

    1. Yeah David. I was very happy to have heard from him again, too.

      It’s actually not just about the house, my friend. It’s about some donations for it as well :-)

      May you enjoy the rest of the week!

  2. I don’t know Windy, but applaud his humanitarianism – as well as yours in representing his cause. As well, I do not have much to give but could not walk away without contributing a small token to show my appreciation of the human spirit at work.
    Go Windy!

  3. Hi Janae!

    I am deeply touched by your donation. It did not occur to me that through this post, someone who did not even know Windy won’t have second thoughts in heeding our cry for help. Your help would mean so much to the poor family to have their house completed very soon. It’s actually not about how big the amount is, it is always the thought that counts. The thought that one wants to reach out and extend a helping hand.

    On Windy’s behalf, I’d like to express that your gesture of help is very much appreciated. I know how it feels to be of help to someone in distress because just the other day, I’ve also helped out a fellow blogger with his hospital bills.

    Thank you so much and may God Bless you more and more!

  4. I salute you for supporting Windy’s cause. It’s these little things we do for our fellowmen that will actually count in the long run.

    We also have a feeding center in our church that has been going on for years now and we hope to extend to providing the kids quality education through the school we hope to put up.

    God bless Windy and you too for supporting him through this post. You both are sure to reap tenfolds. :-)
    .-= Jeff’s Online Money Making Experience´s last blog ..How to Insert Adsense Code Within the Post for Blogger or Blogspot =-.

    1. Hi Jeff. Thanks for believing in our cause.

      Goodluck to your endeavors at church.

      Windy and I are still awaiting for some positive response from friends. I know a lot of bloggers support me in most of the endeavors I undertake. I hope they would still do the same this time around. It will be for a very good cause and every centavo will count :-)

      May God bless you, too always!

  5. Lainybelle,

    Thank you so very, very much for so graciously publishing this Article. I am overwhelmed by the speed in which you have done this.

    Thank you Ms. Janae for your kindness. This is my first knowing you and I sincerely appreciate your support towards building that house.

    Also to David Funk and Jeff, thanks for your encouragement.

    God Bless you Always!

    1. Pleasure is all mine, Windy. You’ve been a great blogging comrade and I’ll do anything for a friend like you.

      I am looking forward for more generous and benevolent-hearted bloggers responding on this endeavor.

  6. How remarkable! I missed Windy and all of his brilliant thoughts!

    Sis, any little amount would do? Empty man akong paypal karon but come payday, i’ll share a little. :)

    I can relate to what Windy has done. Diha sa atoa, daghan pud ing-ana ug sitwasyon anang iyang gitabangan pero wa juy nag-care. Not even the politicians nga daghan kaayo ug kwarta. Maypa mga ordinaryong mga tawo, naa pay heart motabang. The angels in heaven are rejoicing to what Windy has done, that’s for sure!
    .-= Recel´s last blog ..Un-Synchronized =-.

    1. Same here, Sis! I was torn into pieces when he decided to take down his blog. It meant deleting all the wonderful memories we’ve shared at the blogs. But I understand he underwent some really serious family problems.

      I am glad to hear he is keeping himself busy helping the needy. That is so Windy!

      Of course, Sis! It’s not the amount that counts. Any amount you extend would be of big help to the widow and her children. Windy is just so adamant to have this house completed so that the poor family could have a home that they call their own.

      Korak! Mga pulitiko dire maayo lang sa estorya. Way tupa tanan! Duh!

      Thanks in advance Sis for the help. I know you and your family are blessed but God will bless you more for you have a caring heart!

  7. KUDOS to Lainy and Windy! You both are exceptional beings!

    I would be glad to help in my own little way someday, I mean after (our) Philippine vacation. For now I am saving every penny I get. Hope you understand.

    Keep it up dear Lainy.

  8. Hi Lainy, I am so glad that Windy is doing ok. He always was one that would help people when you could. He had a very kind heart and that is just one of the reasons everybody here loved him. I also wish he would come back online but i understand. I wish him Gods speed and i know he will be blessed for all that he is doing.

    1. Hey Bill!

      You said it! Windy is actually helping a lot of people. Not only for this widow and her 3 children. But family problems took its toll on him.


      I wish I was born rich. Windy doesn’t have to ask anymore and I will build this family a house at my own expense.

      If only I could!

  9. mag amot ko bisan gamay sa byrnes…kay mag ipon pa pud ko kwarta kay patindog simbahan this year didto sa hometown..hollow blocks naka assign sa akoa, mao d jud ko maka shopping ani pra sa ka ek-ekan ko =)
    .-= Twerlyn´s last blog ..Beautiful : Who =-.

    1. Thanks kaayo, Lermz! Dako na jud kaayo ng tabang!

      Ikaw na jud akoang Idol. Simbahan na jud na ang birada, hehe! Ok baya kaayo pud ang feeling kung atoang gina-share atoang blessings. Wa man naga-matter kung unsa na kadako. Ang importante nakatabang ta.

      Lipay baya kaayo si Windy :-)

      Sige lang sa ka-ek-ekan. Daghan paman panahon para ana, hehe!

  10. Lainy – you are wonderful to have created this post … I have put the link onto my blog. It is about time that we all acknowledged the wonderful work that Windy does and he does it quietly and silently without seeking a reward. In fact he keeps it a secret from the world – he is a truly wonderful person.
    .-= Polly´s last blog ..Home of charity =-.

    1. Polly My friend!

      I am deeply touched by your gesture of support. You did it on your own accord and that is just wonderful!

      Thanks for helping us spread the word.

      All the best always!

  11. I remember Windy! I hope he returns to blogging someday. He was a regular commenter on my blog too.

    That is so nice of him to help others in need.

    1. Hi Sue!

      Yeah! Yeah! I can see you often at Windy’s blog before. I was his No. 1 follower and stalker, LOL!

      He only comments at selected blogs. Blogs owned by down-to-earth bloggers 😉 Oh! How he dislikes hypocrites!

      I hope we could find more people that are willing to help out Windy’s cause.

  12. hello lainy!

    WOw! What Windy is doing is beyond generosity. How I wish there will be a number of people with the same pure heart.

    Empty pa ang paypal but will donate soon!

    My commendations to you, to Windy and anyone who would want to make a difference esp. in the lives of those who really need help.

    1. Hi Rose!

      I want to let you know how much I sincerely appreciate your help. This is also to acknowledge receipt of your donation.

      Your avatar is up and running right below my blog’s header. That is our little way of showing how much we appreciate your support.

      More blessings to you and your family! 😀

  13. Hello Lainy! thanks for sharing this info about Windy’s good cause. Just left my comment on Windy’s post here. Be back soon.

    God bless you and best regards!

  14. Senorita Lainy,

    What an amazing friendship from you to help Windy in this manner. This is the first time where I read of Bloggers coming forward to assist a charitable cause.

    Praise to you, Windy and to all the Bloggers!

    1. Señor Limar!

      You’re back! :-)

      Windy has been a great friend and I am always willing to do anything for a friend no matter what it takes.

      Won’t you want to be a part of this project, too? Hehe! :-)

  15. This is wonderful, I’m reading backwards though and still haven’t gotten to the who these folks are and wherer they are. I will continue to read. Can you tell me the ages of the children?

    Thinking what I might do to help.

    Thanks, must have needed another cup of coffee to find the badge….dahhhhhhh

    .-= sandy´s last blog ..One Hundred Happy Traveling Suitcase Posts and Contest =-.

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