Announcement of Winners – The Gravatar Contest

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Before the Winners of Lainy’s Musings 3rd Blogoversary – The Gravatar Contest is announced, may I take this opportunity first, to thank each and everyone, who helped make this event another memorable milestone and for the third consecutive time.

To the V.I.P Sponsors who generously made the Contest appetizing with all their sponsored items, either in Cash or in Kind.

To the Contestants who by their participation, made the intent and purpose of the Contest what it was meant to be.

To all the Readers and Commentators who added their shine and fun to the Contest.

It is not without the magnanimous sponsorships that the attractive stake of Prizes would have been possible to celebrate Lainy’s Musings 3rd. Blogoversary – The Gravatar Contest. Once again, here is the list of the VIP Sponsors and the Prizes for the occasion.

Pursuant to the intended results of winners, names of the qualified contestants and non-winning contestants (three of the qualified contestants who didn’t make it, plus the five contestants for the consolation prize) were drawn in two separate draws at It is worth noting that it is’s paid feature that was chosen Third-Party Draw Service“.

Here they are:

QUALIFIED CONTESTANTS (in alphabetical order):

And now without further ado, Ladies and Gentlemen, here are the Winners of Lainy’s Musings 3rd Blogoversary – The Gravatar Contest:

5th Prize: Ivy
4th Prize: Mel Cole
3rd Prize: Chie Wilks
2nd Prize: Twerlyn
1st Prize:  Chika Bits

Also established was a list of Contestants for the Consolation Prize

After the 5 Grand Winners were drawn, the Non- Winning Contestants were added to the Contestants for the Consolation Prize and another draw was made at to determine one lucky winner for the USD 5.00, to wit:


Ladies and Gentlemen, the lucky Winner of the Consolation Prize for Lainy’s Musings 3rd Blogoversary – The Gravatar Contest:

Consolation Prize: I Heart Contest


Congratulations to all lucky winners!


To conduct a fair and credible process in determining the prize results, I decided to rein the services from a neutral person to handle the draws. Uncle Che is the best choice. He is neither the contestant nor a sponsor (and obviously not the host 😀 ). Free randomization at requires the presentation of results as screenshots, and since that could easily be “doctored”, their free service is NOT the best of choices.

To overcome and allay any possible suspicion on the methodology, Uncle Che instead, used the paid premium feature at It is called the Third-Party Draw Service. It permits to monitor the randomization and host the results for public access.

As you can see, great diligence was paid to the matter of the results. Hence, it is my hope that there will not ensue any bickering about WHY I DIDN’T WIN! Hahahahaha! 😉

You can have a look at the results online at following the links below:

Randomization of Qualified Contestants: Click [ H E R E ] for the results

Randomization of Non-winning Contestants: Click [ H E R E ] for the results

Time when the two Draws were conducted at is reported as UTC. For GMT, you add (+8) hours. Therefore, what it means is that the 1st. Draw was conducted at 11:39:04 pm and the 2nd. Draw was at 11:55:02 pm. Thank You.

52 Replies to “Announcement of Winners – The Gravatar Contest”

  1. Waaah, CONGRATULATIONS sa lahat ng winners sinabi ko na nga ba wala akong swerte sa mga contest-contest. Haist, better luck next time sa mga talunan….huhuhu!

    Thank you sis for hosting this giveaway and for the chance! ^_^


    Attention: Ms. Chika Bits,

    Please send me your PayPal Id so that I can send you the USD50.00 which is due to you as part of the 1st Prize booty.

    Thank you,


    1. @Windy,

      Wohooooo! Congrats Sheryl! Formerly known as georyl of! Now you’ve got some additional money for the lappy 😉

      Kindly let me and Windy know of your paypal addie. We have to wait for Juliana to come back in circulation because as of this time she’s travelling back to the Philippines. Her Mom died. My heartfelt condolences to her and her bereaved family. 🙁

  3. Yay! Congratulations sa winners! 🙂 Kang kinsa naku i-send akong 50,000 EC? sorry Sis kay wa kaayo naku nahinumdoman in detail the prizes. 🙂

  4. yehey… my lucky blog has done it again. happy yippee yehey!!!! i was really jumping for joy when i saw the results lainy & windy. thanks thanks thanks a lot.

    i just emailed you my paypal email address lainy, please relay it to windy because the email address that i have on file is still the one at first bloggers club and i’m not sure if it’s still working.

    many many thanks to you lainy and to all your generous sponsors for making this contest successful. it’s indeed a very happy easter sunday for me here.


    PS. my deepest condolences juliana….

    1. @Sheryl of,

      Haha! You were right, She! That blog indeed brings you luck. You never have lost using that blog, aint right?

      I will have to check my email. I just woke up. Stayed up till dawn to make sure everything is in perfect order for the announcement of winners 🙂

      Congratulations once again, She! 🙂

    1. @Hazelicious,

      Sayang Haze! You weren’t able to make it. Thank you so much for your active and wholehearted participation. I truly appreciate all the effort you have invested in joining this contest.

      Sheryl is the 1st prize winner. You owe her Walmart coupon, hehe.

      Unsa kaha inyong giestoryahan over the phone? Hahahaha!

  5. Hey Lainy!

    I’m very glad to see that my good friend Sheryl won first prize for the contest. She’s a sweet lady and deserves it!

    I want to take the time in this reply to congratulate all the contestants and sponsors as well as the organizer(Yes, that’s YOU Lainy) for putting together another successful contest here. It took all of you to make it happen.

    See ya later my friend! 😀

    1. @David Funk,

      Hey David!

      Yeah! Sheryl made it! She was actually one of the last few participants. She was previously on vacation and said she will have to see if she will be able to participate when she comes back and she did! And won! YAY!

      Thank you for the warm congratulatory note to all participants, My Friend!

      See yah!

  6. Yay! congrats to us winners hehehe! I really did not expect to win But I did!!! thank you!!!!

    Anyway…is the first price winner is base in the Philippines? Hmm I hope okay ra nya mag wait ug dugay sa iyahang jewelry set….kay medyo layo bya…

    1. @Ayvee,

      YAY! Congrats to you too, Ivs! Abi gani nako makasecond prize ka, hehehe! Kabalo ko mao na inyong ginawish ni Hazel, hehe!

      Don’t you worry kay Taga U.S pud si Sheryl, hehe. Dali ra na maabot niya 😉

  7. Wowoow!!!congratsz sa mga winners ug sa mga dili winners..hehehe…

    Just back to blogworld madan!! wala internet…wala entrecard…pero enjoy!!!

    1. @Mel Cole,

      Congrats Mel. I’ve already sent you the 4,500 EC credits in behalf of Reveiling D Real Me. Please acknowledge receipt. I shall message the other sponsors to let them know that you are the lucky recipient. 🙂

  8. Hey Lainy! I have made the EC transfers to two of your winners, congrats on a successful contest and I thought your contest was really fun this year. Happy to be a part of it, love and hugs! 🙂

  9. like me ba nga gibilang na ang mga sisiw nga wa pa nibuka ang mga itlog,lol! nag msg ko sa imo sa YM Leyn for addresses. No rush at all.

    Congratulations sa mga winners, thank you sa host and sponsors!! xoxo!

  10. Congratulations to all the lucky winners and congratulations to you too Lainy and all the people behind the successful contest.

    Btw, where to i send the cash sa ako gi sponsor lainy dear.

  11. hi hazel. do you need my postal address for that or will it just require a series of numbers that can be sent via email? maybe you can just ask lainy for my email address / postal address – whichever you need.

    thanks in advance.

  12. hi lainy,

    again many thanks.

    as to updates, i’d like to inform you that i already received the $65 from windy, the EC credits from Mariuca and recel, and the ads from joliber. mabelle & i already talked about the domains and web hosting (but on hold pa ung isang domain coz i can’t decide on it yet).

    i’m not sure if you got my email about the postal address for the tshirt. i’ll just update you again once the postman delivers the walmart card, lipstick and jewelry set.


  13. Thanks din Lainy, i received most of the prizes na. I am excited to receive the blog hosting from mommy Rubs but i know busy pa siya. Thank you talaga sa contest. Karon ra jud ko nkadaog og in-ani kadako sa mga blog contest.

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