Bad News For All Balut Eaters

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Windy and I have been exchanging our views at my previous post,Let the Rule of Law Prevail, over the publicized hospital arrest of the former Philippine President, Gloria Macapagal- Arroyo. Being a Malaysian, I was surprised that he knows a helluva lot more about the economic and political issues besetting my very own country, LOL!

Being so well versed with the Asian political setting, I don’t question Windy’s intellectual capacity in weighing the various facets of politics and more. In fact, I would often tease him that he better be the President of the Philippines to alleviate the lives of the Filipino people.

So what has it got to do with eating balut?

Hear yeah!

Windy has it that IF…

  • he ever became the President of the Philippines, his first Presidential Decree would be to BAN THE STINKING BALUT THROUGHOUT THE MOTHERLAND.
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  • he ever became a lawyer of the Filipino people, he would have every Filipino sign a sworn writ that they will NEVER EAT THE STINKING BALUT.

The demerits of the disgusting Balut:

  1. It has a very high Cholesterol content and is one of the primary causes for a high incidence of high blood pressure and heart problems amongst young Filipinos.
  2. Its pong is worse than the celebrated German stink bomb.
  3. It is the cause for unwanted pregnancies in the Philippines.
  4. The Filipinos must have a mindset change and not believe that because they are poor, they have to eat stink.

So it is written, so it is done.
Note: Balut is fertilized duck embryo that is boiled alive and eaten in the shell (Wikipedia).

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  1. I agree about the unwanted pregnancy! LOL! 🙂

    We’ve discussed about it way back in high school..

    Then Windy must be the President of the Republic of the Philippines. LOL! 🙂

    1. @MC,

      Oh really? I actually have no idea why a balut can be a culprit for unwanted pregnancies, Marie. I shall ask Windy to expound on that 😉 Or would you mind doing it since it’s discussed in your class? 🙂

      Now that makes the two of us voting for Windy as the President of the Republic of the Philippines! 🙂

  2. why not te,if he pays you a visit here..hehehe..go balut go!!!

    But I guess he would be the ideal president,but please spare our BALUT..LOL!

  3. haha ! natawa naman ako dito. lol. looks like overly disgusted si Windy sa balut. hehe ! and what about the cause of unwanted pregnancies? LOL ! tamang tama ‘to because i think this will go hand-in-hand with the RH Bill. Hehe! I love Windy’s sense of humour 😀

  4. Ohhhhh balut is an aphrodisiac? Anyway, I doubt I’ll ever eat this delicacy, cause u can actually see the head and the beak and I can’t even begin to imagine the taste oh my…. :D:D

  5. Masarap naman ang balut ah! but agree ako doon sa health consideration…

    Pero panu naman yung unwanted pregnancies na relate sa balut? Parte na ng kulturang Pinoy ang balut diba? Hehehe

    Natakot lang ako sa picture mo sis. Anlaki ng sisiw… When I eat balut sinasabi ko sa tindero na kung pwde yung maliit lang ang sisiw para hindi masyadong nakakatakot kainin. LOL!

    By the way sis, Bella is already well salamat sa prayers. Medyo madalang ang dalaw ko ha kasi nakikigamit lang ako ng lappy ng sister ko dito sa Cagayan. Wala pa silang wifi mao antos sa ko ginagmay but I’ll try to be here as frequent as possible…

    I will try to post about Bella’s birthday as soon as I can…Take care of yourself. Stay beautiful! Hugs!

    1. @Rovie,

      Tama ka dyan, Rovz! I do away eating balut though to avoid having a spike in my BP.

      Hmmm, let me ask Windy and Marie about that, hahaha!

      LOL! I intentionally grabbed the pic which got the bigger beak and head to emphasize Windy’s point, hahaha!

      I am so glad to know Bella is doing fine now, Rovz. It’s OK if you can’t visit much, we perfectly understand. You take your time and savor each family moment.


  6. Hmmm…na realize ko mukang very late ako today (lol)! Ang haba na kasi ng mga kwentuhan dito eh.
    But I will protest!! Hahaha! I love to eat balut especially the “balut sa puti”, it’s not scary to eat this kasi you can’t actually see much of the “sisiw”. Masarap din yun sabaw nya lalo pag mainit. It maybe ma cholesterol as it was mentioned here but those who are donating blood are always advised to eat balut after to regain the strenght. Old folks also say masustansya daw ito. Ay ewan!! Ano ba talaga! Hahaha!!

  7. Lainy,

    Before I start my dissertation about the foul Balut which is inscrutably elevated as a gourmet item by die-hard Baluters (baluter = a person who eats Balut), let me first bring to your attention the axiom of Cause and Effect.

    Do I have to explain what Cause and Effect means? A simple example then; “No poke, no fun. No f*#!, no son”.

    Now, hoping that Cause and Effect is understood, I shall expound why Balut is the cause for UNWANTED PREGNANCIES.

    For the Nature Loving Baluters

    After having had a terrific meal, what do you think the diners would talk about? Yeah, the mouth watering meal that they just had and would love to have another go at it.

    So too, when nature loving Baluters finish eating their Balut, they would talk about the innocent, virginal aborted embryo that they just ate.

    It would summon images to their minds, other like embryos and start their hormones to “knock” at their “gates”.

    They just abetted committing an act of “cannibalism” on an aborted embryo. Their stomach insides begin to curl and they think, “Oh! what a cruel thing we’ve done.”

    Now, the repentant nature loving Baluters feel that the only way to appease their pained conscience is to have an embryo of their own and not abort it. And this would absolve them of the heinous “cannibalistic” act.

    For the rebellious Baluters.

    Like their nature loving Baluters, the rebellious Baluters after eating their Balut have their own reaction and reason but contrary these are impassive with their conscience.

    The rebellious Baluter looks at the lame, luckless, aborted embryo and thinks “What the heck! its so simple. There is always a way to get around the problem if my girl gets pregnant”. And for her, she would find a similar, “So what? Balut can, I can too!”

    Yeah, the solution is to have the starry, wet eyed girl “BALUTED”!

    For both Baluters, the nature loving and the rebellious, the rule of association (besides other factors which will be expounded after this passage) has a psychological influence on the totally unsuspecting Baluter.

    The evil that lives on.

    The Balut was probably the brainchild of a grossly sexually dissatisfied man or woman and who also had a huge insatiable sexual appetite.

    (S)He knew that the Balut is the cheapest and an equally effective sex stimulant. It being full of protein, the Balut would be a potent Sex Potion and it would nationalize balut-orgasms for those who become addicted to eating it.

    Who in the Philippines is bothered by the pong from the Balut? At the height of their romansa, other dizzy strains of bodily romansa scents would outdo and outlast the Balut pong.

    What about facing the girl’s bewildered parents?

    Oh easy! BLAME IT ON THE BALUT. Her parents went through the same Balut route too and they would understand.

    Did you consider?

    I have not come across any scientific or laboratory tests conducted and reported on the Balut that prove its benefits.

    Any form of growth produces its own toxins. An embryo gelled from incubation and then boiled to make it edible does not ensure that such toxins from the embryo is neutralized.

    There is no assurance that the duck eggs are incubated by methods that are acceptable and safe for consumption. Is there any certification that the Balut eggs are produced through a process that is perfectly safe for repeated human consumption?

    And now, if you do not accept all this load of bullshit that I write, it explains why you are a DIE HARD BALUTER!

  8. welcome back to fbf lainy, miss you! 🙂

    gee, that picture of balut is so scary, no one would eat balut with that picture, you are so wise in your choice of pic to go with the title. 🙂

    i love balut, but i always ask for “small duck embryo”, or none at all, like “penoy”, haha, i only eat the yellow and drink the liquid, so yum!!

    it’s super high in cholesterol yes, but we all know not all cholesterol are born equal, some are good and some are bad, and we do need the good to kill the bad.

    1. @betchai,

      Thank you very much for the warm welcome, Betchai. I missed you too 🙂

      I intentionally grabbed that photo to put a clear emphasis on Windy’s point. LOL!

      I have always loved and will continue loving balut whether it be a small or big embryo. It doesn’t matter much to me. I have learned to love balut since I was a young little girl so it’s really hard to convince me otherwise. Windy can blame my father for that. Hahaha!

      You’re right. As long as everything is taken in moderation, there’s no fear of having hypercholesterolemia 😉

  9. I used to eat Balut…looks yucky but honestly yummy but I’ve stopped after realizing I have to watch my cholesterol level…Windy just made me re-think about turning vegetarian again 🙂 ….now I am a huge fan of Windy 🙂

  10. I like Windy’s take on the ubiquitous “balut.” I don’t eat it and never will. I’m sure, once he is sworn in office, he’ll be best friends with the PETA people; much to the dismay of the balut vendors, balut eaters and whose livelihood depends on selling the delicacy akin to Pinoys.

    I still can’t wrap my head on who will eat a baby duck and why given the many banes of this heart-attack inducing delicacy. I get the shivers just by looking at it… Poor duckie 🙁

  11. Mas gusto ko balut penoy. Pero pag may sisiw yung sabaw lang at yung white part lang ang kinakain ko kahit matigas.

    Paano pag naging presidente si Windy at ipapasa niya yung Presidential Decree, sigurado madaming mag-aalsa. LOL…

  12. i remember only eat them when i got drunk lol… my grandpa hates eating it as well, also because he loves ducks… i mean not eating them but having them as pets… 🙂

    after reading this… i’d pretty much stop eating balut (i usually don’t eat them though)… anyways i hate eating these specially when the chick inside is already formed… i only eat pinoy or penoy if that’s how they call it… 🙂

    thanks for sharing! :))

  13. i love balut! i eat only the very young ones with barely the chick on it, short of being penoy. and i love windy for his charm, wit and eloquence, but because of this bawas ang pogi points nya, haha. and i might vote for him for , but only if he won’t ban balut. 😀

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