Blogger of the Year: Windmill on the Hill

If there is one blogger who definitely deserves the Blogger of the Year Award, it’s no other than Windmill of Windmill on the Hill. He was the first recipient of the said award courtesy of WordPress when it launched e-Zine.


I fondly call him Windy and he has been a very good blogging pal since I started out my blogging journey. He is one of the bloggers I admire and look up to for his writing prowess, intellect, fluidity of thoughts, sensible blog content and strong conviction.

He undoubtedly got a brilliant mind. He is such an inspiration and he is one of the bloggers who motivates me to improve and be the best blogger I can be.

Some people gets wary visiting his blog for his sharp tongue, hahaha

! But mind you! His humor could never be underrated.

One of the best posts that he got that is obviously my favorite is the published article entitled A Blogger’s Short Tale. This one is definitely worth the read!

Below are but only a few of his many lovely and striking posts where he often hits the nail right on the head! These posts  are absolutely a MUST read for ALL bloggers: 

  1. “I Don’t Participate in Blog Ano-awardswards”– You really ought to READ this one, and I say READ fellas, especially if you’re one of those who don’t participate in blog awards… 
  2. Linguistics– Blogger’s lingua franca
  3. The Poet Pretenders– A vivid description of what a poet pretender is and some tips on how a real poem should be written. 
  4. Some People… Some People– It talks about two people who can’t handle things: winning and losing– which of these two is more damning???
  5. The Most Underrated Words– Why is it hard for people to say THANK YOU?

Way to go, Windy! I am so proud of you!!!

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  1. Based on what you said, I will have to check this guy’s blog out. Thanks for pointing this ultra-talented blogger out!

    Nice post Lainy! 😀

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