Lainy’s Musings 3rd Blogoversary – The Sequel

And now, the finale to Lainy’s Musings 3rd. Blogoversary – The Gravatar Contest whereby I wish to present a token of my Heartfelt Gratitude to the Top Commentators at Lainy’s Musings (cumulative 2008 to 2011).

Though generally not given much attention amongst bloggers, the personal Gravatar however serves as a strong personal branding for the Blogger.

In tandem and befitting the theme of The Gravatar Contest, my eighteen Top Commentators starred in the Contest and they are especially given my tribute and the honor.

May the respective Top Commentators, please collect the Award by copying their own Award Code and proudly display their Awards at their Blog.


Lainy's Musings Top Commentator

2. Anne

Lainy's Musings Top Commentator

3. Bill

Lainy's Musings Top Commentator

4. Bingkee

Lainy's Musings Top Commentator

5. David Funk

Lainy's Musings Top Commentator

6. Dhemz

Lainy's Musings Top Commentator

7. Eli

Lainy's Musings Top Commentator

8. Fedhz

Lainy's Musings Top Commentator

9. Juliana

Lainy's Musings Top Commentator

10. Mariuca

Lainy's Musings Top Commentator

11. Maxi

Lainy's Musings Top Commentator

12. Polly

Lainy's Musings Top Commentator

13. Recel

Lainy's Musings Top Commentator

14. Rose

Lainy's Musings Top Commentator

15. Rosielie

Lainy's Musings Top Commentator

16. Star

Lainy's Musings Top Commentator

17. Twerlyn

Lainy's Musings Top Commentator

18. Windy

Lainy's Musings Top Commentator


1. My Top Commentators as displayed at this Post
2. The VIP Sponsors for their valued sponsorship
3. The Contestants for their good hearted and trouble-free participation.
4. Uncle Che for managing Contest Results Draw
5. Windy for all Banners and Award image creations and co-conceptualizing the 3rd. Blogoversary theme.

Curtsey and Curtain Call

God Willing, till we meet again, a year hence for another Blogoversary, Happy Blogging to All!

Announcement of Winners – The Gravatar Contest

 align boxBlog Owner and Post Author: Lainy

Before the Winners of Lainy’s Musings 3rd Blogoversary – The Gravatar Contest is announced, may I take this opportunity first, to thank each and everyone, who helped make this event another memorable milestone and for the third consecutive time.

To the V.I.P Sponsors who generously made the Contest appetizing with all their sponsored items, either in Cash or in Kind.

To the Contestants who by their participation, made the intent and purpose of the Contest what it was meant to be.

To all the Readers and Commentators who added their shine and fun to the Contest.

It is not without the magnanimous sponsorships that the attractive stake of Prizes would have been possible to celebrate Lainy’s Musings 3rd. Blogoversary – The Gravatar Contest. Once again, here is the list of the VIP Sponsors and the Prizes for the occasion.

Pursuant to the intended results of winners, names of the qualified contestants and non-winning contestants (three of the qualified contestants who didn’t make it, plus the five contestants for the consolation prize) were drawn in two separate draws at It is worth noting that it is’s paid feature that was chosen Third-Party Draw Service“.

Here they are:

QUALIFIED CONTESTANTS (in alphabetical order):

And now without further ado, Ladies and Gentlemen, here are the Winners of Lainy’s Musings 3rd Blogoversary – The Gravatar Contest:

5th Prize: Ivy
4th Prize: Mel Cole
3rd Prize: Chie Wilks
2nd Prize: Twerlyn
1st Prize:  Chika Bits

Also established was a list of Contestants for the Consolation Prize

After the 5 Grand Winners were drawn, the Non- Winning Contestants were added to the Contestants for the Consolation Prize and another draw was made at to determine one lucky winner for the USD 5.00, to wit:


Ladies and Gentlemen, the lucky Winner of the Consolation Prize for Lainy’s Musings 3rd Blogoversary – The Gravatar Contest:

Consolation Prize: I Heart Contest


Congratulations to all lucky winners!


To conduct a fair and credible process in determining the prize results, I decided to rein the services from a neutral person to handle the draws. Uncle Che is the best choice. He is neither the contestant nor a sponsor (and obviously not the host 😀 ). Free randomization at requires the presentation of results as screenshots, and since that could easily be “doctored”, their free service is NOT the best of choices.

To overcome and allay any possible suspicion on the methodology, Uncle Che instead, used the paid premium feature at It is called the Third-Party Draw Service. It permits to monitor the randomization and host the results for public access.

As you can see, great diligence was paid to the matter of the results. Hence, it is my hope that there will not ensue any bickering about WHY I DIDN’T WIN! Hahahahaha! 😉

You can have a look at the results online at following the links below:

Randomization of Qualified Contestants: Click [ H E R E ] for the results

Randomization of Non-winning Contestants: Click [ H E R E ] for the results

Time when the two Draws were conducted at is reported as UTC. For GMT, you add (+8) hours. Therefore, what it means is that the 1st. Draw was conducted at 11:39:04 pm and the 2nd. Draw was at 11:55:02 pm. Thank You.

The Gravatar Contest – The Qualified Contestants

As a precursor to the Announcement of the Winners for Lainy’s Musings 3rd. Blogoversary – The Gravatar Contest due on April 25 (Monday) at 00:01 am, +8hours GMT (Manila), I would first like to inform the entries that qualified for the 5 Grand Prizes.

From the Gravatar Contest of a total of 13 Contestants:
– 8 Contestants qualified
– 5 Contestants do not qualify

The Qualified Entries
(not listed in order of merit and has no bearing on which will be the 5 lucky winners.)

1. picture of qualifiedTwerlyn of Twerlyn’s Way of Thinking

2. picture of qualifiedStar of A Maiden’s testimony

3. picture of qualifiedMel Cole of Heart’s Content of a Mama

4. picture of qualifiedIvy from Winding-Towts

5. picture of qualifiedHyanne from it’s not just a BLOG

6. picture of qualifiedChie Wilks from Chuchie’s Hideaway

7. picture of qualifiedHazelicious from Unwritten Chronicles

8. picture of qualifiedChika Bits from Chika Bits

To these 8 Qualified Contestants, may I extend my heartfelt Congratulations.
You will be drawn to be the lucky winners of the 5 Prizes.

The Non-Qualified Entries

Try! Try! Try again

1. Anne from My Little Home

– there were no website links given for the two Comments at the VIP Sponsors page.
– there was no mention of the Blog Name and the corresponding website link for the Blogger’s Avatar.

2. Lady from Single Mother on the go

The name of the Avatar’s Blogger is Anne at all her Blogs and not dannyannemj.

3. I Heart Contest from I Heart Contest

Gravatar Numbers 10, 12 & 18 were not answered.

4. Lollii from

Name of Blog given for Gravatar No. 5 is incorrect. It was given as “Amaiden’s Testimony”.

5. Bregie from Reveiling Oneself…Expressing D’Real Me

– No answer given for Gravatar Number 12.
– No display of Contest Banner at the Contestant’s Blog.
– No post published at Contestant’s Blog about Lainy’s Musings 3rd Blogoversary – The Gravatar Contest
– No link given for the aforementioned Post.
– No Comments link given for the required two Comments required, one at each of the VIP Sponsors’ Blog

To these 5 non-qualified Contestants, please don’t lose heart. I am grateful to you for your time and effort and the gist of The Gravatar Contest is the fun in participation and not solely on winning. Hence, you too will be sharing in the 9,000 EntreCard Credits.

Last but not least, there is the USD 5.00 ONE LUCKY WINNER prize that will be drawn by a random pick for those who did not win any prize.

Now that this is revealed and for both Qualified and Non-Qualified Contestants who may wish to refresh their memory of what prizes are possibly theirs for the taking, here is the link to the prizes.

And having said all this, I declare that the entries of all Contestants are now published and may be viewed at: Lainy’s Musings 3rd. Blogoversary – The Avatar Contest

Lainy’s Musings 3rd Blogoversary – The Gravatar Contest is as of this instance, formally closed.

Important Announcement – The Gravatar Contest

Revisions to The Gravatar Contest Rules

Regretfully, I have to announce that the closing date for Lainy’s Musings 3rd Blogoversary – The Gravatar Contest’s Close Date is postponed and amended to April 22 (Friday) at 00:01 am, +8 hours GMT (Manila).

It will NOT be as originally announced, “The Contest Close Date: April 20, 2011, 00:01 am, +8 hours GMT (Manila).”

In lieu of the aforementioned postponement, the announcement of the winners is rescheduled to April 25 (Monday) at 00:01 am, +8hours GMT (Manila).

Again, it will not be as originally announced, “April 22, 2011, 00:01 am, +8 hours GMT (Manila).”

My apologies to all Contestants, V.I.P Sponsors and those who may be closely following this Contest.

Extenuating circumstances now have made it impossible and impractical for me to keep to the original dates when I first determined both those dates.

Owing to unforeseen circumstance and due to its importance which I related H E R E, I will be out of town during the period of the original dates, thereby making it impossible for me to attend to the detailed work that is required.

I hope that this will allow more Contestants to submit their entries for The Gravatar Contest while the rest are held in suspenders, I meant suspense… for a couple of days more for the results. LOL!

Once again, my humble apologies to all.

Pandora's Box for Lainy's Musings 3rd Blogoversary- Gravatar Contest

The time has arrived at Lainy’s Musings 3rd Blogoversary for Pandora’s Box to be opened for The Gravatar Contest’s Prize List.

As you will notice, there are more prizes to be given away. This would not have been possible without the generosity and gracious support from the V.I.P Sponsors who made this Blog’s 3rd Blogoversary another memorable event.

Without further ado, for the eventual Winners and receivers, this is how it is.

First Prize:

Second Prize:

Third Prize:

Fourth Prize:

Fifth Prize:


The remaining 9, 000 EntreCard Credits will be equally shared by ALL Non- Winning Contestants courtesy of the following:

Fragments of Thoughts

I’m Walking on Sunshine

Live for Life

My Simple Life

Proud Pinay

ONE LUCKY WINNER of $5  (The Movie Mommy) from among the non-winning contestants shall be drawn via


Have No Fear, I Am Here!

Pardon me for having not updated this blog after a week of publishing the  Lainy’s Musings 3rd Blogoversary- Gravatar Contest. Life has been pretty busy offline. This is not a lame excuse though.

Nevertheless, I am here to give you a quick update and to appease the growing concern of contestants who have submitted their contest entries. At the commentary section of the  contest post, there were a few who “complained” that their submitted answers were visible for public view and scrutiny which gave these the apparent impression that their answers had been published and it contravenes the stipulated contest requirement that said thus:

For obvious reason, Contestants’ answers submitted at this Post’s Commentary section will only be approved AFTER the contest closing date.

Let me allay any fears. NO contest entry has yet been approved after submission. Contestants have no reason to fret. ALL comments shall only be approved on April 20, 2011, 00:01.

For this reason, I shall let you take a peek at Lainy’s Musings Dashboard just so to prove my point:

I understand your concern especially if you’re unfamiliar with how WordPress works. Once a comment is submitted and the blog’s commentary section is under moderation, the person who submitted a comment can readily see the comment submitted. But as often claimed, yes, after you have submitted your Comment, you will see this: “YOUR COMMENT IS AWAITING MODERATION” beneath your submitted comment.

This is still in consonance with the contest requirement because your Comment awaits yours truly to approve the Comment. And as said, “For obvious reason, Contestants’ answers submitted at this Post’s Commentary section will only be approved AFTER the contest closing date.”

Lainy's Musings 3rd Blogoversary – The Gravatar Contest

 align boxBlog Owner and Post Author: Lainy

Displayed below is a slide containing the Gravatars of the Top Commentators (2008 to 2011) at Lainy’s Musings. To stop any of the slide images, please move your mouse cursor directly over the image, thereby enabling you to scrutinize the image. Remove your mouse cursor and the slide will resume progression to the next image frame.

(Incidentally, the original Gravatar image size is enlarged with a minimum amount of pixel distortion possible. This was done to enable a “better” view of the Gravatar image. My apologies that the enlarged image condition couldn’t be made any clearer .

Also, a good measure of time was spent to systematically layout all the requirements and rules and include one-stop features right here at the Contest Page.

If there remain any issue that is not explained clearly enough, please seek clarification with yours truly via the Comment Section here).

The Contest Requirements

  • Gravatars of the TOP Commentators over the past cumulative 3 years (2008 to 2011) are displayed and numbered as may clearly be seen in the slide above.
  • The Contestant must be a Blogger and is managing his own Blog that is current.
  • In his entry, the Contestant has to identify these particulars of the Blogger to whom each numbered Gravatar belongs:-
    1. state the Gravatar number
    2. the name/pen name of the Blogger, 😉 😉
    3. the name of the Blog,
    4. the URL (example: of the domain) of the Blog
  • The Contestant will submit his answers only at the COMMENT SECTION of this post (and no where else).
  • For obvious reason, Contestants’ answers submitted at this Post’s Commentary section will only be approved AFTER the contest closing date.
  • Contestants with the most correct answers qualify to win from the Prize Pool
  • Furthermore, to qualify for a win, the Contestant:
    1. Will choose two (2) VIP Sponsors and then submit a Comment each, at his chosen two Sponsors’ Blogs.
    2. The links to the VIP Sponsors Blog are accessible at this Post. It allows the Contestant to work at this page and to make his selection. Clicking on the button “VIP Sponsors – The Full List” below will open a new Browser Window and display the full list of VIP Sponsors and the respective Blog links. Make your choice of which two (2) Blogs you wish to make your Comment.

    3. Compose a short article about Lainy’s Musings 3rd. Blogoversary – The Gravatar Contest and publish it at his Blog.
  • The Contestant’s short published article must display both of the following:
    1. The VIP Sponsors
    2. The Sponsors Codes
      (Copy and paste the html codes of the VIP Sponsors given in the box below)

      A Maiden’s Testimony (1,000 EC Credits) | bethere2day | Online Randomness (5,000 EC Credits) | Briggs Time for Escapades (4,500 EC Credits) | Business Sphere ($30) | Cello Bags ($5) | Chuchie’s Hideaway (Free Ad Space for 5 months) | Earn Cash Online (3, 000 EC Credits and Free Ad Space for 1 month) | ($5) | Feel at Home (4,000 EC Credits) | Fledgling Blogger (1 month free advertising and free blog review) | Fragments of Thoughts ($5 and 1,000 EC Credits) | Free Blog Hosting (2 free 1 year domain registrations of the winners’ choice- .com, .net, .org, .info from, free web/ blog hosting for 1 year from www, PLUS free tutorial on how to use the Cpanel and how to use the WordPress Blog for newbies) | From This Side (10,000 EC Credits) | Fun and Entertainment (5,000 EC Credits) | Hearts Content of a Mama ($5) | I’m Walking on Sunshine ($5 and 2,000 EC Credits) | In the Eyes of the Beholder ($5 and 2,000 EC Credits) | Juliana’s Lair ($60) | Kids e-Connection ($5) | Kokey Gadgets ($10) | Life’s Digital Moments ($5) | Lifestyle and Homemaking (5,000 EC Credits) | Live for Life (3, 000 EC Credits and Free Ad Space for 1 month) | Love Home Grow Garden ($5) | Made by Gen (1, 000 EC Credits) | Makan-Makan @Mariuca (5,000 EC Credits) ||Buy and Sell Philippines (Php 7,000.00 worth of premium ads and free banner) | | Meow Diaries (5,000 EC Credits) | Mobileapps4all ($10) | Mom Writes ($5) | My Life’s Collection ($5) | My Simple Life ($5 and 2, 000 EC Credits) | My So Called Life ($5 and 5, 000 EC Credits) | Our Journey to Forever ($15) | Pinay Mommy Online (Complete Domain plus Free Blog Hosting for One (1) year) | | Proud Mommy of Three (Complete Domain plus Free Blog Hosting for One (1) year) | Proud Pinay (1, 000 EC Credits) | Random Ramblings (1,000 EC Credits) | Rare Ordinary Thoughts (10, 000 EC Credits) | Rosilie: My Blog (3 Blog T-shirts- Ships only to the Philippines) | Savvy Mama ($10, 5 winners of lipstick {Ships only to the U.S} & 2 winners of .info domains) | Simply Happy Life ($5) | Technology Talks ($10) | The Filipina WAHM ($5) | The Glamorous Chic (Toggled Heart necklace with earrings valued at $50- inclusive of shipping fee) | The Movie Mommy ($5) | The Three Chies ($5) | Travels and Explorations ($5) | Turn-U-Off (5, 000 EC Credits) | Twerlyn’s Way of Thinking (MK Perfume and MK Limited Edition Lip Gloss valued at $ 40- Ships only to the US) | Unwritten Chronicles (Walmart Gift Card valued at $25) | Winding-Thoughts ($5) | Windmill of My Mind ($50) | Wonderful Things in Life (1, 000 EC Credits) |Workplace on the Web ($10) | Worth’s World ($5)

    3. The Contest Banner

    4. The Banner Code
      (Copy and paste the html code of the Banner given in the box below)

  • Together with his Contest Answers, the Contestant must include in his submission the following:-
    1. the full URL address (example: of the Post page) for the two VIP Sponsors’ Blog Post to denote where he had submitted his Comment.
    2. the full URL address (example: of published article) for his short published article about Lainy’s Musings 3rd Blogoversary Gravatar Contest.

    Important Note: Contestants are advised to test and ensure that the URL addresses submitted in their answers, work as perfect links.

  • Though not a prerequisite but it may influence in the case of a tie, the contestant is encouraged to register at the VIP Sponsors Blog’s Google Friend Connect or Twitter or Network Blogs.
  • NO contestant is allowed to display any of the Contest Gravatars at their blog as a new published Post and seek clues and answers from their readers. If you must, you may wish to use Lainy’s Musings Post Archives but asking for clues at your own Blog(s) is tantamount to a disqualification.

    Here is the link to Lainy’s Musings Post Archives:-

    Contest Rules

    The Contest Start Date: March 25, 2011, 00:01 am, +8 hours GMT (Manila).
    The Contest Close Date: April 20, 2011, 00:01 am, +8 hours GMT (Manila).
    The Contest Result Date: April 22, 2011, 00:01 am, +8 hours GMT (Manila).

    As usual, the contest result is final and is irrevocable.

    In the event of there being a tie, it will be determined by a random pick result at

    The Prizes

    Don’t miss checking out the prizes galore at stake for your to win. Click on the link button below to view.

    Soon, after the end of the Contest, there will be a Sequel to the 3rd Blogoversary Gravatar Contest.

One last thing – perhaps for Bloggers who are reading this for the first time and wondering what GRAVATAR is all about; Gravatar does to help you in your personal identification or “Personal Branding”. Something that a Blogger should not live without in Blogosphere.
Read more about it [ HERE ]
And now…..


The Invitation Cards for the Blogoversary Contest

I’ve sent invites before the official kick off of the Blogoversary Gravatar Contest which begins on March 25. There were two kinds of invite cards: one for all the VIP Sponsors and the other for all Blogpals who have left their Comments at my Blogs over the years.

Just in case you haven’t received it, here they are:

VIP Sponsor Invitation

Invitation for Blogpals

Please mark your calendar, folks! I would love to have you here on March 25, 2011, 00:01 am, +8 hrs. GMT, Manila Time.

I hope to see you all!

Lainy's Musings 3rd Blogoversary – Contest Preview

Lainy’s Musings 3rd Blogoversary - Contest Preview

Lainy’s Musings 3rd. Blogoversary - Contest Preview

Keeping in stride with the recent blockbuster Movie, Avatar, Lainy’s Musings takes a cue from it by making the Gravatar the theme for Lainy’s Musings 3rd Blogoversary – The Gravatar Contest.

What is a Gravatar and what is its importance to a Blogger?

Gravatar is an acronym for Globally Recognized AVATAR. It requires an 80 by 80 pixels square image registered to one’s email address.

Gravatar is a concept by Matt who founded WordPress. Since then, there have been other plugin creations that offers preset images for the Blog.

A Gravatar projects yourself to the rest of the web and anywhere you comment or leave a response your Gravatar will follow you. It lets you brand yourself.

A good example is my own Gravatar. Everytime I leave a comment, you shall see this image of myself (Move your cursor on any part of the Gravatar image, it will enlarge the image to get a clearer look):

My Gravatar at WordPress Blogs

My Gravatar at Blogger Blogs

Hence, the Gravatar is the image that you display all over the world wide web so that others are able to immediately identify and recognize you.

In other words, it becomes your personal identification. As a Blogger, this is indeed a prerequisite if you need to make your presence rapidly identifiable.

Lainy’s Musings 3rd Blogoversary Gravatar Contest

To return my gratitude to all Commentators’ support at Lainy’s Musings over the past three years, the TOP Commentators’ Gravatars shall be displayed and will make use of them for Lainy’s Musings Gravatar Contest for its 3rd Blogoversary Celebration.

The 3rd Blogoversary Contest is merely to celebrate my three years of blogging and to share some light hearted moments with Bloggers. In many ways it endorses the importance of the Gravatar for Bloggers and underscores the importance of Commentators for a Blog.

Do you need to get yourself a Gravatar?

Lainy’s Musings 3rd. Blogoversary - Contest Preview

Lainy’s Musings 3rd. Blogoversary - Contest Preview

After having read all that, and if you do not own a Gravatar, you may be thinking seriously now about getting one done for your personal branding – you can learn the steps at :
[ Get A Gravatar For Your Personal Branding ]


For the more Internet savvy, you could go directly to Gravatar to Sign Up your personal account by clicking on the image link below.


List of V.I.P. Sponsors with their Pledges for Lainy's Musings 3rd Blogoversary

  1. A Maiden’s Testimony– 1,000 EC Credits
  2. bethere2day|Online Randomness– 5,000 EC Credits
  3. Briggs Time for Escapades– 4, 500 EC Credits
  4. Business Sphere– $30
  5. Cello Bags– $5
  6. Chuchie’s Hideaway– Free Ad Space for 5 months
  7. Earn Cash Online– 3, 000 EC Credits and Free Ad Space for 1 month
  8.– $5
  9. Feel at Home– 4, 000 EntreCard Credits
  10. Fledgling Blogger– 1 month free advertising and free blog review
  11. Fragments of Thoughts – $5 and 1, 000 EC credits
  12. Free Blog Hosting – 2 free 1 year domain registrations of the winner’s choice (.com, .net, .org, .info from, FREE web/blog hosting for one year from PLUS free tutorial on how to use the Cpanel and how to use the WordPress blog for newbies (NON-CONVERTIBLE TO CASH)
  13. From This Side– 10, 000 EC Credits
  14. Fun and Entertainment – 5, 000 EC credits
  15. Hearts Content of A Mama – $5
  16. I’m Walking on Sunshine – $5 and 2, 000 EC Credits
  17. In the Eyes of the Beholder – $5 and 2, 000 EC Credits
  18. Juliana’s Lair – $60
  19. Kids e-Connection – $5
  20. Kokey Gadgets – $10
  21. Life’s Digital Moments – $5
  22. Lifestyle and Homemaking – 5, 000 EC Credits
  23. Live for Life – 3, 000 EC Credits and Free Ad Space for 1 month
  24. Love Home Grow Garden – $5
  25. Made by Gen – 1,000 EC Credits
  26. Makan- Makan @ Mariuca – 5, 000 EC Credits
  27. | Buy and Sell Philippines– PhP 7, 000. 00 worth of premium ads and free banner
  28. Meow Diaries – 5, 000 EC Credits
  29. Mobile Apps for All – $10
  30. Mom Writes – $5
  31. My Life’s Collection – $5
  32. My Simple Life – $5 and 2, 000 EC Credits
  33. My So Called Life– $5 and 5, 000 EC Credits
  34. Our Journey to Forever– $15
  35. Pinay Mommy Online– Complete Domain plus Free Blog Hosting for One (1) year
  36. Proud Mommy of Three– Complete Domain plus Free Blog Hosting for One (1) year
  37. Proud Pinay– 1, 000 EC Credits
  38. Random Ramblings– 1,000 EC Credits
  39. Rare Ordinary Thoughts– 10, 000 EC Credits
  40. Rosilie: My Blog– 3 Blog T-shirts (Ships only to the Philippines)
  41. Savvy Mama– $10, 5 winners of lipstick (Ships only to the U.S) & 2 winners of .info domains
  42. Simply Happy Life– $5
  43. Technology Talks– $10
  44. The Filipina WAHM– $5
  45. The Glamorous Chic – Toggled Heart necklace with earrings valued at $50 (inclusive of shipping fee)
  46. The Movie Mommy – $5
  47. The Three Chies – $5
  48. Travels and Explorations – $5
  49. Turn-U-Off– 5,000 EC Credits
  50. Twerlyn’s Way of Thinking– MK Perfume and MK Limited Edition Lip Gloss valued at $ 40 (Ships only to the US)
  51. Unwritten Chronicles– Walmart Gift Card valued at $25
  52. Winding-Thoughts – $5
  53. Windmill of my Mind – $50
  54. Wonderful Things in Life – 1, 000 EC Credits
  55. Workplace on the Web– $10
  56. Worth’s World– $5

In summary, we have amassed a total of 76, 500 Entrecard Credits, US $ 305 cash, 3 Blog T-shirts, free domain registrations, premium ad spaces, blog review, Walmart Gift Card and other goodies as give-aways like lipsticks, necklace and earrings, perfume and lipgloss.

I can’t THANK YOU enough for your generosity. May the Force be with you all!