Putting a Face Into a Name: Joy

In the blogging world, blogpals strongly support each other without having to see each other face-to-face. We clearly know one another by our pen names and how our mind strongly speaks but strangely enough, putting a face into a name is a rare occurrence. But once an opportunity strikes, I’d grab it. It’s just me.

When I was informed in April that a blogpal of mine was coming down to Sydney from Brisbane, I felt ecstatic. We have known each other since I started out blogging more than 9 years ago. That’s how much I feel so ancient in knowing her via our blogs but we never got the chance to get acquainted face-to-face.

How It All Began
When I was only a neophyte at bloglandia in 2007, Joy was amongst the first few who supported me by virtue of appreciating my thoughts, agreeing to what I write, celebrating milestones, openly or silently refuting some ideas, and simply showing support by making her presence felt to whatever crap I publish across my blogs. Eventually, a beautiful and rare kind of friendship has evolved virtually; and it all took place even before the social media like Facebook invaded our lives.

 photo image_15.png
This is how Joy sees me as a blogger. Yay! Thanks for the beautiful words! ☺️

The Meet and Greet
When I learned of their hectic schedule, I informed my husband and he was ever willing and happy to drive me together with our son to our meeting place which was just in the vicinity of a shopping centre. The only thing was that, they will be arriving at night time, which was my baby’s sleeping time.

With Joy's family photo image_16.png
With both our families. My poor little fella! He was asleep the whole time! 😩

It was just a quick and short meet-up. I was happy to see a very cheerful, pretty, and sexy Mummy with her beautiful family. Joy was the same person as I have pictured her to be at the blogs.

I’d like to thank her and her family for going out of their way to meet me and my small family despite feeling exhausted from their long travel from Brisbane en route to Melbourne.

Hugs to you Joy and your beautiful family! It was a pleasure meeting you face-to-face! It’s a good feeling to have finally put a face into your name.

Until we meet again!

Why I Chose to Be Positive and Write Only About the Good Things

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It is quite baffling the things people feel they have a right to say. Free speech and right to an opinion are nifty and dandy. However, it has become a cheap commodity. But do people have to be so classless while exercising their rights?

Apparently so, at least on Social Media especially on Facebook and Twitter. There are some people who litter negativity around and wonder why they have got a trashy life.

My mantra had always been this:

I will never wash my dirty linen in public.

If you are a blogger and have known me since I started out to blog in 2007, you would have known by now that I speak without fear, bias, or inhibitions. I strongly speak out my mind on issues. As a matter of fact, a nemesis I am by those who can’t handle how I wielded my tongue.

However, I had slowly learned to filter out what I write on my blogs as things had considerably altered my perception on wearing my heart on my sleeves and giving too much information (TMI) to readers when I became the subject of insults and bashings in 2010. Two years later, the culprit sought my forgiveness and whether it was sincere or not, it did not really matter. I knew myself more than anyone else.


When they dissected me like a laboratory specimen hurling false accusations and derogatory remarks against my person, they were hurting and degrading themselves even more rather than myself.

This ugly incident taught me a hard lesson. It occurred to me that you can never please everyone; by blogging honestly from the heart, you can either get genuine friends or mortal nemesis.

It is no different when blogging was on a wane with the rise of fame and glory of Facebook. This platform had made it so much easier and convenient for bloggers like me to get in touch with family and friends by posting short statuses instantly without having to log in to my blogs’ dashboards and blogging about things lengthily and comprehensively.

Presumably, my real friends and family would be interested to get updated with things about me. However, it is for a fact that NOT ALL in my friends’ list do care and bother about what I do- my little triumphs and painful struggles; how happy and excited I get on trivial, minute things; how my heart melts at the little sweet things that my husband does for me, and etc.

With the happy and positive things I get to share on my Facebook timeline or across my blogs, you might get the impression that I live a “perfect” life. Truth be told, just like anyone else’s, I also live a very flawed and imperfect life.

I lose my temper the same way my husband does, we experience trials and tribulations just like any other couple, we have our petty and not-so-petty arguments and fights, and we encounter almost everything that any other married couples face.

But you do not really need to know about all of these rubbish because I want to only imbibe positivity, love, and happiness.

Like you and everyone else, I have my own garbage but I chose to dwell on the good things rather than the bad. At the end of the day, I am still blessed in more ways than I ever deserved. I can only recount my blessings and never my failures, frustrations, and disappointments.

I do not want my angst and complaints about anything bad or gloomy in my life to be another piece of gossip to blabber about. My issues and dramas are my own to resolve; I’d rather spare you with the ugly details.

That is the primary reason why you will never get me to publish anything ugly on my Facebook or my blogs. I chose to be positive and happy despite all the negativities and toxicities that are happening around me.

My imperfections and flaws need not be dissected and judged by you. It is up between me and my Maker.

Of course, not everyone is going to agree with me- that is so fine. While we all value free speech and that we are all entitled to our own opinions, I believe with strong conviction that there is a time and place for everything. Once it’s out there in the world wide web, there is no taking it back. We may feel mighty and untouchable with the freedom to express behind our computers but more often than not, some things are better left unsaid.

Now tell me, does that make me a hypocrite and a fake?

Follow The Commentary Rules

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We have seen and perhaps read how we should leave Comments at Blogs. All good stuff, regardless of the fact that the author of those stuff is not much of a Commentator himself.

This is different. This is not a How to do it.
These are Rules, baby, RULES.


Rule No.1
If you can’t say sumthin intelligent, DON’T.

Rule No.2
If you’re going to say sumthin stupid, know who you’re about to say it to.

Rule No.3
If you disagree with what you read, remember that the author is just as stupid as you.

Rule No.5
If you think you are the Mother of all Flames, be ready to be scorched by your own fire.

Rule No.6
If you want publicity, learn its secrets from Bingkee.

Rule No.8
If you know best, why do you have to talk so much?

Rule No.9
If you think you are right, the other person is also thinking the same for himself.

Rule No.10
If you still believe you are right, hire a Professional Lawyer.

I meant, Professional Liar.

So there you go. You are now ready to leave your Comments at Blogs if you follow those RULES, religiously.


Did I miss Rule No.4?

Oh that one, Okay.

Rule No.4
I am giving you some slack for you to make up one for yourself.

What? You don’t say. I know how to number things sequentially.

I missed Rule No.7?

Doggone it! I did. Oops.

Rule No.7
Ahhh!, this one I cannot tell you.
It is classified.
It is for me, to handle Commentators like you.

Putting a Face Into a Name: The Aspacio Couple

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Seven years ago, I have met so many interesting and lovable personalities in the world of blogs and bloggers. I was a neophyte then and it felt so surreal to have virtually met some of them and later on was able to put faces into their names. The few eyeballs I have had with bloggers had always been anticipated with excitement and joy. The gaiety and fun is something inexplicable. I am sure bloggers like me can relate to the euphoria but it would be hard for some people who do not blog or who do not read blogs to fathom this one special aspect of virtual relationships. If there is one thing striking about blogging, it is about how much we reveal a great deal of ourselves, our passions, values, motivations, interests, humor, etc to the world wide web. If for reasons of privacy issues, a blogger never discloses personal inclinations at the blogs, it is somehow manifested on the way he imparts his thoughts in the commentary section. In fact, I believe we come to know more about one another through regular interaction with our blogs than we would with new in-person friends we probably wouldn’t see every once in a while.

I consider it an excellent blessing to have known heaps of beautiful people virtually. It truly made my blogging journey colorful and even more meaningful. I had the opportunity of knowing a lovely, charming and an intelligent blogger from Manila. She is very dear to me and I have come to love her from day one. It was easy because her blogs particularly Marriage and Beyond is very inspiring. She is so articulate in publishing relevant articles pertaining to her beautiful family and marriage in general. Her no-nonsense thoughts about things are well applauded. I was so drawn at her unassuming personality, eloquence and at her conspicuous command of the language. I used to frequent her blogs. In fact, I have openly expressed, I am her biggest fan. It was not hard for online friendship to develop by virtue of countless comment interactions. In the past, blogging was of different dimension. It was not bound by any rules. We were never obliged to visit each others’ blogs but we somehow took time to come by and sincerely made our presence felt by commenting. The online friendship thrived despite so many odds at my end.

Lovely Sis Jen and I
Lovely Sis Jen and I

Even when I have intermittently blogged in the span of seven years, she has indelibly made a mark in my heart. I personally admire her for being a steadfast servant of God. Their family is always a force to reckon with in everything. She’s one of the few bloggers I so adore and wished I could meet in the flesh if given the chance.

I never thought this could have been possible because time had always been scarce each time I travel to Manila. As you know, I hail from down South. But she had initially expressed that she wanted for us to meet prior my departure to Australia. And so the assembly date, time and place was arranged.

The Aspacio couple offered to pick me up at my friend’s place in Pasig. That glorious feeling when you’re seated at their car, finally seeing them in the flesh, having animated conversation with them, and not just reading through what’s on their heads… ahhhh! I was so thrilled to my bones! I still could not believe the meet-up materialized! I was a happy soul when they took time to see me and spent some precious moments with me. I felt so special!

Selfie with the Aspacio couple
Selfie with the Aspacio couple

They brought me to The Fort at Global City. It was my first time to set foot at the place. We saw ex- showbiz personality Rica Peralejo queuing up in one of the shops clad in ordinary pair of thongs, T-shirt and jeans. In all honesty, I got more fascinated by Sis Jen than with Rica. She is ageless and flawless! Believe me when I say I got so starstruck! She’s so smart, young looking, calm and soft-spoken. I would have never believed she got a 9 year old son! The husband and wife in tandem is such a sight to behold! My solid impression of her was reinforced when I finally got to talk to her. I am amazed at the comfort level- it’s like we’ve known each other for so long even when it’s only our first time to meet!

We covered various territories as we chatted away the night at Jamba Juice.

Wacky poses with the pretty and smart Sis Jen
Wacky poses with the pretty and smart Sis Jen

I find the relation between expectations and reality rather fascinating. It does add some dimension. I had the entire night to adapt to their live physical appearances in contrast to the static avatar in my head. In the end, they are the same amazing people that I came to love virtually. I expected them to be awesome but they absolutely exceeded my expectations in the tiny bits of time spent with each other.

It was close to midnight when they finally took me home. But the night did not simply fade away in oblivion. The most poignant moment of our meet-up happened when Sis Jen’s husband, Jeff prayed over me. Every words that came out of his mouth was uttered with utmost sincerity. Uncontrollably, I felt the tears streaming down my face. I just can’t help it! He prayed for God’s guidance and protection over me and for Him to help me hasten my steps as He ushers me to the loveliest chapter of my life. The mighty, powerful and soulful prayer shook the very core of my being! I don’t think I will ever forget that moment.

I consider the pleasure of meeting the Aspacio couple as one of the most amazing and precious moments in my life. It was such a great honor for they have truly inspired me not only from a blog reader’s perspective but as an online pal who look up to their family with such high regard and esteem.

I pray that they continue to touch many people’s lives as they had similarly done to me over the years. May your tribe multiply and until we meet again!

A Birthday Tribute to Windy

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Time is seemingly ticking by so fast. Was it not only yesterday when Windy had his 62nd birthday?

Windy at 10
Windy at 10

Well, the birthday boy is turning not only one year older; he has also grown more silly by another year, but definitely wiser and better. Each year that he does, it’s always a milestone.

Silly Windy!
Silly Windy- The Mannequin of the Pantydoll

I reminded him a couple of days ago that his 63rd birthday is fast approaching. I was surprised to have received his reply denying that he is 63!

An idiotic smile; personified by Windy the Man
An Idiotic Smile; Personified by Windy the Man

Boy! Oh boy! This is the first time that the brilliant Windy did that!

Oh well! I could only surmise cheekily that it must have been the effect of young love. Kilig to the bones! 😉

I am more than happy to give it to him. Just as I had declared in 2010 that I shall be 25 years old forever, his birthday this year onwards will be his 36th forever! Doesn’t that sound cool? 😉

Halo-Halo: The Signature Drink of the Philippines
Halo-Halo: The Signature Drink of the Philippines

I always find the celebration of birthdays as wonderful opportunities to let a person know what his life and work has meant to me. Thus, this birthday tribute for Windy.

For the 7 years that I have known Windy, there was never a dull moment. Either we were bantering, discussing, or arguing, he’d always say he wins any argument and I don’t have a chance of winning AT ALL. It has always been a losing battle with him although there were times I felt that I have been a runaway winner. LOL! But since it’s his birthday- again- I am giving it to him being the brilliant Windy that he is. When I refused to argue, he’d say that I am the most diplomatic blogger around. LOL! So, you must have understood by now that indeed, there is never a dull moment with Windy.

From Windy, the Man
From Windy, the Man

It seems only yesterday that I’ve known this man and there was no turning back since then. It has been an open book how I have admired him as a person; being the generous, compassionate and brilliant man that he is. He is the kind of person who’d be willing to do the extra mile for you.

So You Think You Can Blog
So You Think You Can Blog well… I Am An Auxiliary Law Enforcement Officer!

Over the years, Windy had been there not only as my blog mechanic and blog Co-Author; but more than all, he has been a real good friend to me. Our friendship went beyond the realms of blogging. As a matter of fact, he was even one of the Principal Sponsors (Ninong) of my brother at his wedding. Truth be told, no matter how much we fight on every trivial and minute issues, Windy will always be a special man.

Windy: Love Him or Hate Him
Windy: Love Him or Hate Him

Last night, he expressed to me his disappointment. Blogging has become pathetic and has ultimately reached its end. Gone were the days when bloggers come by a blog to express their appreciation and support to either the blogger or the blogpost by way of comments. That’s how I made lots of blogpals after all- by way of interacting through comments. He told me it’s pointless to blog into space infinity; that even if I work doubly hard for my blog’s traffic and rankings, the heydays of blogging has bottomed out. Bloggers have become addicted to Instant Messaging and social media which is less time consuming and more convenient. Hence, the need to read a lengthy blogpost has became a mundane and mediocre task.

I want to prove him wrong. I want to make him see that even with the social media mileage, there are still bloggers like him and like me who passionately blogs our heart out and is willing to show support to fellow bloggers even when we are not bound by any rules.

I would hate for it to let Windy dissipate into thin air all because blogging had lost its height and glory. I believe he still has so much to give. He can’t waste his writing prowess just like that. I have lured him too many times in the past to come back to blog even when he already had given up blogging. We both know that blogging comes to him naturally and he does it amazingly- the Windy way!

Lainy's Song Rendition for Windy's Birthday
Lainy’s Song Rendition for Windy’s Birthday


It has been such a huge honor to sit in circle with you sharing a lot of beautiful, joyful, and hilarious blogging moments. I will always be in extreme gratitude for all the wisdom that you have shared at Lainy’s Musings, and I must say that you’re like no other. You have given me, and the countless others, the keys to a long-lost and vast universe of unlimited creativity, vision, and healing that opens the heart of the soul. Your unbridled articles are enriching, stimulating, empowering, thought-provoking, and at many times touched the big Filipino ego BUT I personally find it admirable and remarkable for you have a genuine and unique way of speaking your unbiased thoughts unfavourably and fearlessly.

Putting A Face Into A Name: A Day With Windy at Genting Highlands Resort, Malaysia
Putting A Face Into A Name: A Day With Windy at Genting Highlands Resort, Malaysia

Thank you for a lifetime of friendship shared with you. Stay happy, young and vibrant. I wish you all the strength, energy and vigour that you need to keep you going and sustain the making of “Baby Caroline.”

Cheers and may the Force be always with you!

I initially wanted to publish this tribute by virtue of a video presentation with Windy’s favorite song PLAY ME as a musical background. I fell short of my preparations because of the time zone difference. I deemed it best to publish all photos I have of Windy and the captions were either his publication or mine talking about how exceptional he is as a blogger and as a person.

Happy Birthday My Big Sis, Juliana!

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Come to think of it, Ate Juliana and I have been friends for seven (7) long years now but I do not recall publishing a special birthday post in her honor which I normally do for great special friends.

I know. I am such a lousy pal. LOL! I feel guilty for being so unconvincingly feeble! This time, I am trying to make up for being so lame!

Taking this into account, I know that a very special post for a royally great friend must be in order. Let’s see what I can come up with 🙂

Please allow me at this point to write about what kind of person she is and how I have come to love her not only as a blogger but as a dear friend of mine as well.

All through the years of knowing her across her blogs by means of the now defunct Entrecard, Ate Juliana of Juliana’s Lair has undoubtedly admirable credibility. It’s one of the things that strongly endeared me to her. What she writes is what she is. She writes as is- straightforward, no sugarcoating. Her writing ability is also very apparent. She has an excellent command of the language- very articulate and proficient. She had me as an avid fan from Day 1! Edit: How can I ever forget to mention how down to earth she is? I strongly admire how she has kept her feet firmly planted on the ground. She has no angst or hang ups; not even air.

Photo grabbed at her Saturday Jaunt series :-)
Photo grabbed at her Saturday Jaunt series 🙂

Unknown to everyone, she is one of the few friends I hold dear in my heart because she has genuinely reached out to me even way beyond the realms of blogging. We used to keep in touch only through comments on our blogs, then later on in the exchange of emails and now through Facebook after she finally had gotten herself a Facebook account recently (hurray to that!).

Our first online chat via Skype was unforgettable! As the scheduled chat was fast approaching, I felt very excited! It’s the first time that I could get to hear her voice. I sure had a fabulous time!

Skype chat
Skype chat

With my recent migration to Australia, she has taught me a lot in life. Being a newbie to a foreign country that’s totally way out of my comfort zone, she has kept my sanity intact. Apart from my Prince, she is one of my closest friends who gave me constant encouragement and strong support.

Not only that, being a newlywed myself, Ate Juliana had been there for me too helping me immensely in adjusting to my new role as a wife by constantly giving me helpful advises and home tricks. How can I get so lucky? 🙂 I feel so comfortable sharing with her all my issues and dramas- no holds barred!

Undoubtedly, she has been a real BIG sis to me. I love the fact that I have her to confide with like a real big sister. Our unbridled chats are simply unbeatable! Ha! Ha! Ha!

As she celebrate her birth anniversary, I couldn’t be more grateful for this rare chance of having known such a beautiful person inside and out! I thank the Lord for blessing me with a wonderful friend in the person of Ate Juliana. She is such an inspiration to me. She has truly blessed and touched my life in ways she can never imagine. I have never known a friendship as meaningful as this!

She is one blessed woman and I can only pray that God will bless her more abundantly the same way she has blessed my life with her sincere friendship. As she celebrate another lease of life, may God grant all the desires of her heart.

Happy birthday, my Big Sis Ate Juliana! Please know how much I appreciate you for the person that you are! I love yah!

Note: This is a scheduled post to be published on her birthday February 16, 2014, New York time.

From the Big Apple With Love

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A couple of weeks back, I was surprised to receive this holiday card from a very special friend, Ate J of Juliana’s Lair. Her thoughtfulness is truly appreciated by my husband and I.

Please allow me to show off the holiday card with the personalized greetings and poses of my favorite couple in the blogosphere 😉

The power couple, Te J and Kuya F :-)
The power couple, Te J and Kuya F 🙂
I am touched!
I am touched!

Thanks so much for the years of friendship shared with you!

Cheers to a more fruitful year ahead and I pray that our friendship last eternally!

Love yah, Ate J and Kuya F!

So You Think You Can Blog

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It does not mean that as a 6 months old blogger, I am not good enough to write about what it takes to be a blogger – a good blogger. Being a blogger does not mean the mere act of having a URL that gives it flight through the wide expanse of blogosphere.

The way I see it – running a Blog demands that these basic requirements are consistently maintained.

1. The Blog map

For want of a better word, I use “map”. A designer would say “layout.” Umpteen BLogs that I have visited do not map out their contents in an easy-to-read display. It is cluttered and navigating around such BLogs becomes visually tedious and uninviting. This is not to be confused this with the BLog Theme template.

    A well mapped BLog is a must.

2. The BLog content

As with the saying that “one man’s meat is another’s poison.” Hence, I am not pointing at the BLog’s theme content. Rather, it is about what is offered as reading material for the BLog visitor. Assuming that there are 50 million bloggers out there and they all chose to write about the weather on the same day. Dreadful!

    Originality is a must.

3. BLog pen style

Granted that bloggers hail from various cultures, nationality and personal background which in fact enhances the meet and greet interchanges. However, lengthy, prosaic, sub standard essays would blot out items 1 and 2.

    Wit, purpose and clarity is a must.

4. Why BLog?

The difference between a BLog-read and a Book-read is simply thisAt a BLog there is an opportunity to know the blogger. This would come from an appreciation of the article that is published and provided the blogger is not a cut and paste blogger.

One may decide to interact with the blogger and his community through Comment/Message/eMail features; all of which would not be possible with a Book-read.

Bloggers who shy away from interacting with other bloggers should stop blogging and start publishing books instead.

The World is inundated with daily News. News that is more than what a you and I can handle, pouring thorough and reading most of it is next to impossible. That kind of News need not to be repeated by a blogger. It makes the blogger a sick-second news reporter.

    Be oneself is a must.

Only four items?

Yes, four, and these should precede all the other add-ons that go into making a BLog reach a stature of recognition. The BLog pivots first on the person who manages it.

BLog On !

Originally published on July 15, 2008 at Windmill of my Mind.

Lainy's Musings 5th Blogoversary Celebration- Reminiscing and Tribute to Top 20 Commentators

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Today marks the Fifth Birthday of Lainy’s Musings. In the previous years, Windy and I would conceptualize a few activities to commemorate this Blog’s birthday. Here is a recollection of how Lainy’s Musings celebrated her birthday during the past four years.

The First Blog Birthday

The First Birthday had a memorable and also the biggest Writing Contest in bloglandia: Lainy’s Hottest Blogoversary Writing Competition: A Bloggers’ Celebration showcased the writing skills of bloggers, Blog to the World, Blog for You and Me. I believe it was the most talked about Blogging Contest with some controversies that spiced up the celebration even more. Windy and I spent weeks of sleepless nights to be able to come up with an organized writing concept and rules. The outpouring of sponsorship was staggering! Bloggers’ support made it a huge success.

The Second Blog Birthday

The success of the First Blogoversary prompted Windy and I to launch the Project Heavenly Home. This was a philanthropic project which was a precursor to the Second Blogoversary of Lainy’s Musings. It aimed to help out a widow with 3 kids in the completion of her house which was built by Windy for her. Benevolent bloggers responded to the call where proceeds of their donations went to pay for the roof of the house. Bloggers had proven once more that they can unite upon where their support is needed the most. The Project Heavenly Home was immediately followed by a plain and simple celebration through the Lainy’s Musings 2nd Blogoversary Contest- How Did Baby React? It was a far cry from how Lainy’s Musings celebrated its previous Birthday. Though it was a less frenetic celebration, it did not create any controversy, LOL! Hence, less stress for the “celebrated” authors of this blog. Ha! Ha! Ha!

You even heard me speak live to officially culminate the month-long celebration- 2nd Blogoverary Celebration Part III- Hear Me Speak. It was another success for Lainy’s Musings.

The Third Blog Birthday

On her Third Blogoversary, we conceptualized the Lainy’s Musings 3rd Blogoversary- The Gravatar Contest. It was high time for us to honor and give tribute to Bloggers who gave life to this blog- Lainy’s Musings Top Commenters. Over the years, Lainy’s Musings made sure that it has kept its interaction with fellow bloggers active and balanced. We try to respond to each and every comments as much as we can and we also return the favor. Though a few bloggers may not entirely agree on some articles published here, I was very pleased that during the height of my blogging journey, I was able to gain real genuine friends- and I keep them to my heart, not only online but as well as offline.

The Fourth Blog Birthday

For its 4th birthday in 2012, I failed to celebrate this blog’s birthday. I believe I was in hiatus at the time and had a bout of blogopause which made me lose my interest to blog. The initial zest and passion during the height of my blogging “career” if ever there was (LOL!) has long been in the doldrums but blogging will always be a hobby that’s therapeutic for me. As such, I always find my way back to where I initially left off.

The Fifth Blog Birthday

It’s now Lainy’s Musings to celebrate her Fifth Birthday. Windy and I are grateful. After a lot of setbacks in our lives as bloggers, we are still here and we remain determined to blog our absolute best.

Now it’s time to laud and to give credit to the bloggers who gave their time and support to this Blog’s longevity through their valuable comments for the past year- 2012 to 2013.

They are the following:

Ria C
Emely Vercide

I have noticed, several old blogpals had never made their presence felt for reasons best known to themselves. I can only count in my fingers those who have remained as regulars at this Blog since day one and I can’t help but be overjoyed. Thank you Sis R E C E L! You have always been consistent in showing support to all my blogging endeavors. I am overwhelmed! To the new blogpals who had found their way around Lainy’s Musings, thank you very much and we hope to share more cherished moments with you.


Interview for a Radio Station

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It was around 2011 when I got interviewed by Joliber of Mapiles.com who’s about to launch his radio show in Pampanga. He was at the time conducting random survey with bloggers and their active roles over the wirld wode web. I was on blogging hiatus then so I deemed the interview badly- timed. But due to persistent phone calls and Skype messages, I gave in to his simple request.

The following were the questions asked and my respective answers:

1) When did you start blogging? Why?

I began in 2006. Blogging is the least capital expense means of earning through paid posts besides offering opportunities in getting acquainted with bloggers from all over the world.

2) How many blogs do you maintain? Can you tell us your blog urls?

To date, I have 7 (enumerates all 7 one by one)

3) How many hours per week do you spend in blogging?

>I spend a maximum of 50 hours/ week. That’s a feat given that I have a regular day time job on a 8-7 basis.

4) Do you make money from blogging? If yes, what are your business models / affiliates?

Of course, I do make money from blogging. My Blogs are personal blogs; hence they do not follow a business model as would an e-Commerce blog. I register only with respected and legitimate pay master affiliates.

5) How much do you earn approximately every month because of blogging?

I refrain from divulging what amounts I earn. It varies monthly but I can add that it does assist me to pay for some of my personal expenses.

6) Do you recommend blogging as a source of extra income for others?

Though blogging is a source for extra income, recommending it to others would depend on whether the others have certain skills needed for blogging.

7) What is your advice to those who want to blog?

Have an ability to publish. Do it with personal integrity and do it because you love it.

8) How does social media affect blogging?

Both social media and blogging share the same synergy. Both aim for readership. I have repeatedly said that, “Content is King” and both must excel in this regard to complement each other.

9) How do you see blogging in the next 5 years?

While trying not to sound as though I am promoting stereotypes, I believe that the proverbial, “birds of the same feather flock together” will change the direction of blogging. Meaning to say that Bloggers will eventually be grouped into Theme Groups and find their support from interests that are common to both the Blogger and the Blog Visitors. This hasn’t yet evolved and it will re-invigorate a heightened interest.

10) Your final message

Blog responsibly as too much trash has begun to give Blogs a sour taste.