Tips for First Time Flyers

Are you about to take your first airline flight? This can be exciting and anxious at the same time. If you’re flying with an experienced traveler, take comfort in their calm and reassurance that it can be more exciting than anxious. If you’re flying solo, take these recommendations from the travel experts to ensure your trip goes off without a hitch. Take advantage of the awesome deals offered by Groupon coupons and consider booking your flight with Emirates airlines if they travel to the destination of your choice.

Reconfirm your flight times, flight numbers and destination listed on your printed ticket or electronic ticket. You’ll quall a lot of anxiety by allowing yourself plenty of time to reach the airport of the day of travel. Complete all of your packing and last minute arrangements the day prior to your scheduled flight. Check the online mapping website to learn the easier route to the airport and long term parking if you’ll be driving yourself.

When packing, follow the airlines instructions for items that must be checked with your luggage and items that are permissible to bring on board. Most toiletries will need to be in 3 ounce sizes and placed in a gallon zip lock bag in your carry-on luggage. Wear loose fitting clothing and shoes to make the process of security screening easier and the flight more comfortable. Be sure to bring your government issued ID card as well as your airline ticket and boarding pass to the airport with you.
Flight attendants encourage drinking lots of water to avoid dehydration during the flight. Remember that alcohol can contribute to dehydration. It won’t serve to calm you nerves. Bring your ereader or books to enjoy during the flight. Crossword puzzles and Sudoku are also great ways to pass the time. If you’re on a longer flight where movies are available, bring your own set of earbuds to avoid the expense of renting them. To avoid jet lag, try to sleep as much as possible on the flight.

All it takes is one flight to squash your flight anxiety. You’ll surprise yourself at how easy it truly is once you experience it. Best of luck to you!

Winter Must-Have

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Winter is almost over in our neck of the woods just as it is about to begin on the other side of the universe. It was the last month of winter when I went back to work after my Parental Leave for a couple of months. I made sure that I had my pair of gloves handy inside my bag each morning I go to work. I wear then whenever I get off the train and have a few minutes walk going to my work building. I just knew I would freeze without it!

Just the same protection it gives to anyone, gloves is a must-have during winter season. I know for motorcycle enthusiasts, heated motorcycle gloves is also a must. It is always good to be protected from the brutal cold chills of winter. Not only does it protect us from the freezing cold but it also looks fashionable and fab.

Hi-Hello Kind of Day

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I called my brother today on his mobile phone. It is not everyday that I get to talk to him and his family. His little son is such a chatter!

Apart from our normal hi- hello and update-each-other’s-lives kind of chat, we also talk about how Kuerdas Band is faring at the local music scene. He can not help but mention as well about music supply store – Musicians Friend. He has been looking around for some fine gadgets but does not have the means to buy a new one as yet.

Mutual Love and Respect

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Kuerdas Band members had successive out of town gigs. Each one of them own musicians earplugs. They deemed it a must.

One of the shows was a Municipality Foundation wherein one of The Voice contender, Kokoi Baldo, jammed along with them. It was cool to see them perform alongside each other on stage.

I noticed that musicians with the same genre have utmost mutual love and respect for each other.

Preschool Dude

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My only nephew was too excited to sport out his school bag from He is a preschool dude at the moment and prior the opening of classes, he was more than ready to wake up very early and gear up for school. He is spending half a day learning social interaction skills and the like.

Stint Over So Soon

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The hiwatt 4×12 is my brothers’ new acquisition for Kuerdas Band. They can not stop gushing about it while we were video chatting over Skype.

They are still out of town to fulfil a commitment performing infront of the many tourists at the world renowned Island of Boracay. The stint is until the first week of June.

Name Derivative

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As a young kid, I got so fascinated with Band Members of our school especially a classmate of mine who used to play the xylophone. I often wonder if she underwent rigid training to learn the craft. I know for a fact that she purchased her gadget from a reputed xylophone store.

Anyhow, it reminded me that my Morning Dew actually derived from his name from Xylophone. Isn’t it quite interesting? 😉

What’s Your Dream Job?

Job availability in every industry in recent years continue to spiral downwards. University graduates are still finding it hard to find their dream jobs. However, there are a lot of people now who resort to working virtually. These homebased jobs are the name of the game for those who has the communications skills. I would personally choose it if given the opportunity especially now that I am a Mum.I am not sure if Triangle Direct Media offers the same kind and it wouldn’t hurt to check it out.

The Next Time Out

We are now almost done in furnishing the new house we moved into in the beginning of the year. We did not get a commercial lighting fixtures from but our friend was vouching for its quality and credibility. She had one herself so she can speak with so much conviction.

However, we ran out of budget because of some other expenses so we might consider it the next time out. It was not easy to make ends meet but we will get there in no time.

Why Add Garage Storage?

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Adding additional storage space to your home can add value to that property as well as give it a cleaner look. Instead of having to trip over Christmas decorations, children’s toys or other items that shouldn’t be laying around the house, they can be stored in the garage until you need them.

What Else Can You Put in the Garage?

If you like to drink beer or other beverages that you don’t want stored with beverages that your kids drink, you can put them in a refrigerator that stays in the garage. This makes it less likely that your kids will mistake a bottle of wine for a bottle of grape juice. The refrigerator in the garage can also act as a backup cooler if the power goes out because the garage is typically one of the natural coldest areas in the house.

Don’t Sacrifice Style

You can add storage space that goes with the natural color of the garage. If you have cement floors or have painted the floor white or black, you can order cabinets or other storage space that is the same color. While most people are not worried about style when it comes to their garage, it is an option for those who want to make a great first impression when guests enter the house through the garage.

There Is No Need for an Outdoor Shed

If you have a small backyard, you may not have enough room for a storage shed for your tools, garden supplies and lawn mower. Adding extra space in the garage where you can store things allows you to put your stuff in an easy to access space whenever you need it. While you may be able to store things in your attic, it could be easier to put things in the garage because you don’t have to climb into the garage to get to them.

Garage cabinet sets are a great way for homeowners to add style and function to their garage. Instead of sacrificing space inside of your home, you can store it in the garage and lower the odds that anyone gets hurt or that your kids get into anything that they shouldn’t be getting into.