God Has Blessed My Life More Than I Ever Deserved

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Three years ago, I wrote an attempt to chronicle my life just a few days before my 25th birthday – A Countdown to My “25th.” This time, while I was struggling to come up with a decent article, I was debating on whether or not it is appropriate to write down one as I felt I am again wearing my heart in my sleeves. However, I could not anymore be bothered.

I am not gonna lie.

It seems crazy how things had drastically changed for me in such short a time. In a sudden twist of fate, my perspectives towards life had altered accordingly.

As can be recalled, I was then a dreamy girl who knew nothing of a love greater than the love that a family can give.

Most women have this earth-shattering desire for independence in all aspects of their lives. I can only speak for myself as I walked that path when I moved out of my Mom’s home and tried to live on my own. I felt too grown up. Growing up is happening much too quickly. I asked: “Where did the time go?” I was more intrigued to have the world around my fingers and I couldn’t wait! Read: Because the Baby is Now a Lady

In the process, I broke my mother’s heart with the move. She had a hard time accepting the fact that after being sheltered for almost my entire life, I am all suddenly too grown up wanting to live on my own; in my own terms. Read: BREAKING NEWS: My Mom Finally Visited Me!

I painted a glorious picture of how incredibly cool it would be like to live independently. Admittedly, there were good and bad sides to it. Read: All By Myself and I am Loving It!

Our family gatherings became more frequent; it was a weekly affair. And how we so looked forward to it! I guess the cliche, “Absence makes the heart grow fonder” holds true.


In many instances, my family would always bring me food at my apartment so I no longer had to cook.

On another side of the token, not one family member could instantly come to my rescue whenever I felt sick. It was hard to fend for myself.

I could not help but think of the future and I dearly remembered my Aunt (May God bless her soul) who had lost her battle to cancer in 2012.

My Tita after a surgery at my brother's wedding
My Tita after a surgery at my brother’s wedding

She shared to me that it was not easy sans a family of her own- no husband, no children. She had countless lonely days and nights. She died a spinster. She encouraged me to get married and bear children of my own. In her death bed, the wise sage that is my Aunt told me:

“Please do not forget helping out your younger brothers even when you are already married.”

I could only weep; I had grieved for the loss of a woman who was more than a sister to my own Mom and who was always willing to lend a helping hand to anyone in the clan.

At the burial of my Tita
At the burial of my Tita

I saw how my mother was shattered into pieces twice as much as I did.

My Mom while weeping at the funeral
My Mom while weeping at the funeral

As I write this, I am now a happy wife and an excited mother-to-be. Someone made me his world; he did not mind the scary responsibility of building a family with me and he willingly consented to my being mother to his future children. I still strive to be a better woman playing various roles and that includes being a “wife” and a future “mother.” I am still a work in progress everyday. Read: We Prayed, He Answered: We Are Pregnant!

That "someone" is now my loving husband
That “someone” is now my loving husband

As I am feeling the flutters and tingling sensation in my belly for our baby’s tiny movements, I can now vividly imagine being responsible for the future and well-being of a beautiful, innocent, all-love, trusting little child that is my own. I look forward for the future with so much hope and optimism that everything will be in place according to God’s plans.

Bump ahead!
Bump ahead!

I distinctly recalled that before getting hitched, I have lived a full and carefree life. I have traveled to different places, enjoyed the company of my lovely friends and beautiful family, and I got the chance to enhance my personal and professional skills.

How can I forget becoming an Aunt for the first time to my little darling Morning Dew?!

My little Darling Morning Dew
My little Darling Morning Dew

I grieved for the loss of my friends and relatives and rejoiced in their triumphs and achievements, too.

I have often cried in silence regarding anything minute and trivial- from lost money, phones, frustrations, disappointments, and “losing” a bestfriend.

There are still heaps of sob stories to tell that’s enough to make life horribly bleak but I shall spare you with the details.

God’s promises to His faithful children are real. Despite life’s storms and struggles, I felt victorious because I completely understand that God is working all things out for the good and His purpose for my life. He had always been aware of the painful trials that I had to go through. He walked side by side with me. When my heart is ready, I shall be writing more about it. He has a divine eternal reason for each and everything that I had to endure. He has a timing for it all and it is all part of the perfect plan.

With all humility and gratefulness, all the honor, glory, and praises is to God. He has blessed my life more than I ever deserved. There are moments when I feel I do not deserve one tiny bit of the wonderful things that I had been given- a new lease to life as I celebrate another birthday; a loving family in the Philippines and in Sydney; an awesome and wonderful husband; a baby on the way; wonderful friends, and so much more! I could only count each and every blessing that God is bestowing upon me and He is incessantly doing so.

Life is a gift and tomorrow is never promised. I vow to make the most out of this gift- 25 years old forever I will be! I am so ready to take on the new role that I am about to play in a few months time. There will be hills and hurdles along the way but God’s love and mercy will always pull me through.

Indeed, life is worth living!

A Birthday Tribute To My Beautiful Mother

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My Dear Pretty Mamang,

Today, I pay tribute to you as you celebrate your birth anniversary. Today is a huge manifestation of God’s love and faithfulness for He has given you another lease of life.

My Gorgeous Mamang!
My Gorgeous Mamang!

Please know that as you celebrate God’s love and mercy, I celebrate my life too because if not for you, I wouldn’t be here and I wouldn’t be what I am today if not for you. Next to God, I owe my life to you and anything decent about me; anything else is simply not your fault.

I have always been amazed by your incredible energy. Despite the monstrous tasks at hand being a working mother, you were able to fulfill your role in our lives as the best mother you can ever be with flying colors.

Remember when I used to nag about giving yourself a break? Yes! It’s now me that kept nagging at you and not the other way around. LOL! It’s because you have always been bloody stubborn. I have always said time and again that the weekends must be spent on yourself after the long week of hard work. I believe that you have already worked hard enough just to sustain the needs of our family and to pamper yourself is the way to go and never on the things around the house because housework never ends no matter how much you labor on them. However, the nagging went futile and fell on deaf ears. Sitting down for a few minutes was considered a luxury. The little amount of restful sleep that you get at night is the only time you get to pamper yourself.

Remember how I get so annoyed each time we hire a laundry woman yet you were still the one doing the job to make sure that everything’s done right according to your standards? Remember how late you were for work because you had to prepare everything for your children before leaving the house; making sure that you give us a feed before you take your flight for the day? You end up always running late for work because you do make sure that you fulfill your Mommy duties before anything else. You may not be a perfect worker but you have been an amazingly consistent Mom! Your outstanding selflessness is beyond words!

I am astounded by the fact that you have been motherless since you were at the tender age of two yet you were able to perform your mundane and tedious role as a Mom perfectly. How did you ever do that? Your wisdom, love and support is as clear as the Australian blue skies and it stare us right in our faces. It is simply beyond measure!

We are complete jerks for how shockingly small we have acknowledged you in return for all your sacrifices! You did your job wonderfully 24/7 without pay yet we never even bothered to say “Thank You.” I am aware that we can never requite all the sacrifices you have to go through since you gave birth to me at 18. Your soothing caress each time we get sick will always be a fond memory that we have a great mother in you.

I cannot find the perfect words and adjectives to describe how much you mean the world to me, my beautiful Mamang. We may argue in a lot of things even when they were mostly petty and trivial, but deep down inside us, we knew how much each one of us meant dearly to each other. As a matter of fact, I made sure you were present on my wedding day. That’s how essential your role is as my mother in that milestone in my life.

With my beautiful Mom on my wedding day
With my beautiful Mom on my wedding day
In spirit, I am giving you a birthday kiss!  :D
In spirit, I am giving you a birthday kiss! 😀

I cannot help but shed a tear knowing how much you cried a river with my visa approval to Australia. But like what my husband would always say, God will never put me in a difficult situation where I have to suffer. God’s plan is always perfect and I hope at this time, you have now been reassured that I am in good hands and that I married a good man.

You may have cried twice for losing two of your children by marriage but be consoled that you have now two more children that’s a welcome and beautiful addition in the family.

I need not be a mother myself to be able to appreciate everything that you have done for me and my two younger brothers; my appreciation began a long time ago and grew stronger over the years. I may not have said it all verbally but I have shown it by way of giving support in any means possible to the best of my earthly ability.

You have the courage of a lion. You have went through the painful death of your husband that is my father and the heart of gold to have withstood parenthood singlehandedly since then. You were mostly emotionally crippled but I vowed on my father’s grave that I will always be there for you no matter what it takes. It was a tough journey but we have surpassed it all as a family.

Death of my Father
Death of my Father

God may not have blessed me with material wealth to share with you but please know that God’s love is boundless. Every single night we are down on our knees to pray before God and we never failed to include you in our prayers; that He may always protect and guide you; provide physical health, longevity, and most of all stronger faith as we continue to sojourn in this life. That in itself is beyond my power to give you. Even if we are separated by distance, I am confident that God is embracing you with his immense love, faithfulness, and divine protection at all times.

My Groovy Mama!
My Groovy Mama!

Words may appear superfluous at this point but please keep in your heart my loving Mamang that this post is never enough to express my appreciation of the life that God gave you. Thus, a separate post is in the offing come Mother’s Day. 😀

I am forever grateful that I have you for a mother- happy and gay despite the odds. Your cheerfulness illumines wherever you are. You’re always the life of the party and I hope that as you celebrate today’s gift from the heavens, may our Lord God Almighty grant all the desires of your heart. I vow to continue praying for you for that is the best gift that I can offer you.

Happy birthday! I miss and love you to infinity and beyond!

Your loving daughter,

My Birthday Wish

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If it is true that necessity is the mother of all inventions then my Birthday wish is the cradle of a brave new Philippines.

You may think that there is scant hope for the Philippines as she is bedevilled with surmounting social and environment troubles.

Not so if my Birthday wish is embraced by a tumultuous reformation.

How it Began

It found its origins when there was a recent outbreak of that dreadful Measles in several places in the Philippines. Anti-Measles Vaccine is given free to all. Did I understand it is given free?

Now that is something that only happens in that country when there is a mudslide or an earthquake or floods or a volcano explosion or typhoon for hapless victims.


Is that the only freebie? Are there any other freebies in the Philippines of which I know not?

Maybe there are if one considers these goings-on:

1. Free sex that Pinoys trick young girls into obliging their horny needs.

2. Free babies as a result of Number 1.

Let there be Freelipines

Rubbish you say?

You would not when you consider that all these freebies will end Graft, robbery, poverty and many more crimes.

Freelipines gives her citizens the unparalleled distinction of receiving:

Free education
Free medical and hospitalization
Free dental and eye care
Free food
Free shopping
Free movies and entertainment
Free transport
Free house
Free energy and water supply
Free internet
Free home and personal gadgets

Just to mention a few and to win your undivided vote and support for the planned reformation of what will become FREELIPINES.

Who pays for the free supply???

I knew you would ask this question.

We shall leave that to the newly elected President and his Congress to figure that out.

A Birthday Tribute to Windy

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Time is seemingly ticking by so fast. Was it not only yesterday when Windy had his 62nd birthday?

Windy at 10
Windy at 10

Well, the birthday boy is turning not only one year older; he has also grown more silly by another year, but definitely wiser and better. Each year that he does, it’s always a milestone.

Silly Windy!
Silly Windy- The Mannequin of the Pantydoll

I reminded him a couple of days ago that his 63rd birthday is fast approaching. I was surprised to have received his reply denying that he is 63!

An idiotic smile; personified by Windy the Man
An Idiotic Smile; Personified by Windy the Man

Boy! Oh boy! This is the first time that the brilliant Windy did that!

Oh well! I could only surmise cheekily that it must have been the effect of young love. Kilig to the bones! 😉

I am more than happy to give it to him. Just as I had declared in 2010 that I shall be 25 years old forever, his birthday this year onwards will be his 36th forever! Doesn’t that sound cool? 😉

Halo-Halo: The Signature Drink of the Philippines
Halo-Halo: The Signature Drink of the Philippines

I always find the celebration of birthdays as wonderful opportunities to let a person know what his life and work has meant to me. Thus, this birthday tribute for Windy.

For the 7 years that I have known Windy, there was never a dull moment. Either we were bantering, discussing, or arguing, he’d always say he wins any argument and I don’t have a chance of winning AT ALL. It has always been a losing battle with him although there were times I felt that I have been a runaway winner. LOL! But since it’s his birthday- again- I am giving it to him being the brilliant Windy that he is. When I refused to argue, he’d say that I am the most diplomatic blogger around. LOL! So, you must have understood by now that indeed, there is never a dull moment with Windy.

From Windy, the Man
From Windy, the Man

It seems only yesterday that I’ve known this man and there was no turning back since then. It has been an open book how I have admired him as a person; being the generous, compassionate and brilliant man that he is. He is the kind of person who’d be willing to do the extra mile for you.

So You Think You Can Blog
So You Think You Can Blog well… I Am An Auxiliary Law Enforcement Officer!

Over the years, Windy had been there not only as my blog mechanic and blog Co-Author; but more than all, he has been a real good friend to me. Our friendship went beyond the realms of blogging. As a matter of fact, he was even one of the Principal Sponsors (Ninong) of my brother at his wedding. Truth be told, no matter how much we fight on every trivial and minute issues, Windy will always be a special man.

Windy: Love Him or Hate Him
Windy: Love Him or Hate Him

Last night, he expressed to me his disappointment. Blogging has become pathetic and has ultimately reached its end. Gone were the days when bloggers come by a blog to express their appreciation and support to either the blogger or the blogpost by way of comments. That’s how I made lots of blogpals after all- by way of interacting through comments. He told me it’s pointless to blog into space infinity; that even if I work doubly hard for my blog’s traffic and rankings, the heydays of blogging has bottomed out. Bloggers have become addicted to Instant Messaging and social media which is less time consuming and more convenient. Hence, the need to read a lengthy blogpost has became a mundane and mediocre task.

I want to prove him wrong. I want to make him see that even with the social media mileage, there are still bloggers like him and like me who passionately blogs our heart out and is willing to show support to fellow bloggers even when we are not bound by any rules.

I would hate for it to let Windy dissipate into thin air all because blogging had lost its height and glory. I believe he still has so much to give. He can’t waste his writing prowess just like that. I have lured him too many times in the past to come back to blog even when he already had given up blogging. We both know that blogging comes to him naturally and he does it amazingly- the Windy way!

Lainy's Song Rendition for Windy's Birthday
Lainy’s Song Rendition for Windy’s Birthday


It has been such a huge honor to sit in circle with you sharing a lot of beautiful, joyful, and hilarious blogging moments. I will always be in extreme gratitude for all the wisdom that you have shared at Lainy’s Musings, and I must say that you’re like no other. You have given me, and the countless others, the keys to a long-lost and vast universe of unlimited creativity, vision, and healing that opens the heart of the soul. Your unbridled articles are enriching, stimulating, empowering, thought-provoking, and at many times touched the big Filipino ego BUT I personally find it admirable and remarkable for you have a genuine and unique way of speaking your unbiased thoughts unfavourably and fearlessly.

Putting A Face Into A Name: A Day With Windy at Genting Highlands Resort, Malaysia
Putting A Face Into A Name: A Day With Windy at Genting Highlands Resort, Malaysia

Thank you for a lifetime of friendship shared with you. Stay happy, young and vibrant. I wish you all the strength, energy and vigour that you need to keep you going and sustain the making of “Baby Caroline.”

Cheers and may the Force be always with you!

I initially wanted to publish this tribute by virtue of a video presentation with Windy’s favorite song PLAY ME as a musical background. I fell short of my preparations because of the time zone difference. I deemed it best to publish all photos I have of Windy and the captions were either his publication or mine talking about how exceptional he is as a blogger and as a person.

Happy Birthday My Big Sis, Juliana!

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Come to think of it, Ate Juliana and I have been friends for seven (7) long years now but I do not recall publishing a special birthday post in her honor which I normally do for great special friends.

I know. I am such a lousy pal. LOL! I feel guilty for being so unconvincingly feeble! This time, I am trying to make up for being so lame!

Taking this into account, I know that a very special post for a royally great friend must be in order. Let’s see what I can come up with 🙂

Please allow me at this point to write about what kind of person she is and how I have come to love her not only as a blogger but as a dear friend of mine as well.

All through the years of knowing her across her blogs by means of the now defunct Entrecard, Ate Juliana of Juliana’s Lair has undoubtedly admirable credibility. It’s one of the things that strongly endeared me to her. What she writes is what she is. She writes as is- straightforward, no sugarcoating. Her writing ability is also very apparent. She has an excellent command of the language- very articulate and proficient. She had me as an avid fan from Day 1! Edit: How can I ever forget to mention how down to earth she is? I strongly admire how she has kept her feet firmly planted on the ground. She has no angst or hang ups; not even air.

Photo grabbed at her Saturday Jaunt series :-)
Photo grabbed at her Saturday Jaunt series 🙂

Unknown to everyone, she is one of the few friends I hold dear in my heart because she has genuinely reached out to me even way beyond the realms of blogging. We used to keep in touch only through comments on our blogs, then later on in the exchange of emails and now through Facebook after she finally had gotten herself a Facebook account recently (hurray to that!).

Our first online chat via Skype was unforgettable! As the scheduled chat was fast approaching, I felt very excited! It’s the first time that I could get to hear her voice. I sure had a fabulous time!

Skype chat
Skype chat

With my recent migration to Australia, she has taught me a lot in life. Being a newbie to a foreign country that’s totally way out of my comfort zone, she has kept my sanity intact. Apart from my Prince, she is one of my closest friends who gave me constant encouragement and strong support.

Not only that, being a newlywed myself, Ate Juliana had been there for me too helping me immensely in adjusting to my new role as a wife by constantly giving me helpful advises and home tricks. How can I get so lucky? 🙂 I feel so comfortable sharing with her all my issues and dramas- no holds barred!

Undoubtedly, she has been a real BIG sis to me. I love the fact that I have her to confide with like a real big sister. Our unbridled chats are simply unbeatable! Ha! Ha! Ha!

As she celebrate her birth anniversary, I couldn’t be more grateful for this rare chance of having known such a beautiful person inside and out! I thank the Lord for blessing me with a wonderful friend in the person of Ate Juliana. She is such an inspiration to me. She has truly blessed and touched my life in ways she can never imagine. I have never known a friendship as meaningful as this!

She is one blessed woman and I can only pray that God will bless her more abundantly the same way she has blessed my life with her sincere friendship. As she celebrate another lease of life, may God grant all the desires of her heart.

Happy birthday, my Big Sis Ate Juliana! Please know how much I appreciate you for the person that you are! I love yah!

Note: This is a scheduled post to be published on her birthday February 16, 2014, New York time.

Carpe Diem

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My birthday came and went but never the sweet memories it brought me. I practically seized the day!

As the Latin cliche goes:

Carpe Diem– Seize the day
A more accurate translation of “Carpe diem” would be to “enjoy the day” or “pluck the day [as it is ripe]” (Wikipedia).

It so aptly described how I celebrated my birthday this year!

Two birthdays ago, I wrote a Thank You Letter To A Virtual Friend. I believe I have expressed well enough in that epistle how blessed I am to have wonderful virtual friends like her whom I feel strongly connected though we are yet to meet face to face.

For the nth time, please allow me to say it again- I am very blessed to have rare genuine friends like her. Though there’s a huge disparity between our economic status in life but never did she made me feel awkward for that reason. She has always been genuine in her dealings with me and she has always tried to reach out. I never felt there’s any gap at all between us. After all, real friendship knows no bounds.

Being an only girl in the family, I long for a sister but God gave me cousins and friends to whom I could share a lot of girly things with and I consider her my “Ate”, my big sister in bloglandia 🙂

I can’t express in so many words the joy I felt and how surprised I was when the parcel was finally delivered to our doorstep. But mind you, it would have been a real surprise birthday gift had there been no postage delays. Nevertheless, I received the parcel only 3 days after my birthday.

The gifts were very well thought of. Like the previous gifts, she made so much effort in sending it over. As the gift-giver is a person with class and good taste, it was highly expected 🙂

To say that I was ecstatic to open up the parcel was an understatement. I was leaping with joy when I saw a personalized birthday card, a pair of chic Steve Madden sandals, and a tangerine skirt.

The The birthday card comic strip :-)
The birthday card comic strip 🙂
The personalized birthday card was too sweet!
The personalized birthday card was too sweet!
The bag was securely enclosed here
The bag was securely enclosed here
The lovely bag
The lovely bag

I initially didn’t know it was reversible.

The other side of the bag
The other side of the bag
The chic pair of sandals which was a perfect fit. YAY!
The chic pair of sandals which was a perfect fit. YAY!
The tangerine skirt was a perfect match with the sandals :-)
The tangerine skirt was a perfect match with the sandals 🙂
The skirt's brand was intentionally snipped off.
The skirt’s brand was intentionally snipped off.

I never expected for the giver to snip off the skirt’s brand. I was told that if there was a way for her to remove all the brand names of the other items, she would have done so as well. I was made aware of the reasoning behind it and I completely understood. As the saying goes: There is no price tag on friendship. I admired her all the more. She is indeed one remarkable woman!

To my dear “Ate”, thank you heaps for making me seize my special day. I am grateful not only for the material gifts, but for the gift of friendship I share with you. My heart is overflowing with joy to have known a wonderful woman like you.

May our Lord God bless you abundantly for you have a caring and giving heart and more. I wish for us to meet face to face one day. I don’t only celebrate my birthday each time it comes. You make me celebrate “YOU” and our friendship. I am one blessed woman to have you!

Lainy's Musings 5th Blogoversary Celebration- Reminiscing and Tribute to Top 20 Commentators

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Today marks the Fifth Birthday of Lainy’s Musings. In the previous years, Windy and I would conceptualize a few activities to commemorate this Blog’s birthday. Here is a recollection of how Lainy’s Musings celebrated her birthday during the past four years.

The First Blog Birthday

The First Birthday had a memorable and also the biggest Writing Contest in bloglandia: Lainy’s Hottest Blogoversary Writing Competition: A Bloggers’ Celebration showcased the writing skills of bloggers, Blog to the World, Blog for You and Me. I believe it was the most talked about Blogging Contest with some controversies that spiced up the celebration even more. Windy and I spent weeks of sleepless nights to be able to come up with an organized writing concept and rules. The outpouring of sponsorship was staggering! Bloggers’ support made it a huge success.

The Second Blog Birthday

The success of the First Blogoversary prompted Windy and I to launch the Project Heavenly Home. This was a philanthropic project which was a precursor to the Second Blogoversary of Lainy’s Musings. It aimed to help out a widow with 3 kids in the completion of her house which was built by Windy for her. Benevolent bloggers responded to the call where proceeds of their donations went to pay for the roof of the house. Bloggers had proven once more that they can unite upon where their support is needed the most. The Project Heavenly Home was immediately followed by a plain and simple celebration through the Lainy’s Musings 2nd Blogoversary Contest- How Did Baby React? It was a far cry from how Lainy’s Musings celebrated its previous Birthday. Though it was a less frenetic celebration, it did not create any controversy, LOL! Hence, less stress for the “celebrated” authors of this blog. Ha! Ha! Ha!

You even heard me speak live to officially culminate the month-long celebration- 2nd Blogoverary Celebration Part III- Hear Me Speak. It was another success for Lainy’s Musings.

The Third Blog Birthday

On her Third Blogoversary, we conceptualized the Lainy’s Musings 3rd Blogoversary- The Gravatar Contest. It was high time for us to honor and give tribute to Bloggers who gave life to this blog- Lainy’s Musings Top Commenters. Over the years, Lainy’s Musings made sure that it has kept its interaction with fellow bloggers active and balanced. We try to respond to each and every comments as much as we can and we also return the favor. Though a few bloggers may not entirely agree on some articles published here, I was very pleased that during the height of my blogging journey, I was able to gain real genuine friends- and I keep them to my heart, not only online but as well as offline.

The Fourth Blog Birthday

For its 4th birthday in 2012, I failed to celebrate this blog’s birthday. I believe I was in hiatus at the time and had a bout of blogopause which made me lose my interest to blog. The initial zest and passion during the height of my blogging “career” if ever there was (LOL!) has long been in the doldrums but blogging will always be a hobby that’s therapeutic for me. As such, I always find my way back to where I initially left off.

The Fifth Blog Birthday

It’s now Lainy’s Musings to celebrate her Fifth Birthday. Windy and I are grateful. After a lot of setbacks in our lives as bloggers, we are still here and we remain determined to blog our absolute best.

Now it’s time to laud and to give credit to the bloggers who gave their time and support to this Blog’s longevity through their valuable comments for the past year- 2012 to 2013.

They are the following:

Ria C
Emely Vercide

I have noticed, several old blogpals had never made their presence felt for reasons best known to themselves. I can only count in my fingers those who have remained as regulars at this Blog since day one and I can’t help but be overjoyed. Thank you Sis R E C E L! You have always been consistent in showing support to all my blogging endeavors. I am overwhelmed! To the new blogpals who had found their way around Lainy’s Musings, thank you very much and we hope to share more cherished moments with you.


With Luv and Kisses, Your Sixty-Do

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Before I continue further with this Post, foremostly I wish to thank all my Blogpals for their good wishes for me on my 62nd. Birthday. You Guys rock!

Then, because of all the ‘she-cracks-me-up’ that Lainy has written about me, I am moved to show to you that like the Moon, there is the dark side of me; something she never revealed. You will know the dark side soon enough.

However, I must thank Lainy for her sweet thoughtfulness, magnanimity and her good wishes for me on having been able to keep myself alive till 62.

This transcript of messages explains why I am compelled to write this Article.

Lainy: So how does it feel like to be 62, Windy?

Windy: Hmmm, Sixty (can still) Do

Lainy: Hahaha. I shall wait for your Confessions on that. LOL

Windy: I will respond with my composition of SIXTY-DO

I present to you, my composition, the dark side of Sixty-Do

Lyrics Adaptation to the Song: When I’m Sixty-four by The Beatles

(lyrics sung to the music score of When I’m Sixty-four)

I’m growing older losing my flair
Flaccid years ahead,
Will you send me Viagra
Birthday Greetings, Standup Grandpa!

If I am trying with little success
Would you send me more
Will you still heed me, will you still give me
When I’m sixty-do?

oo oo oo oo oo oo oo oooo
You’ll be older too, (ah ah ah ah ah)
And if you have Viagra,
You’d be like me too.

I could be handy plugging a hole
When to stop the drips
You can oggle videos by yourself
Then hubba-hubba a good ride

Doing the bushes, shaving your turf,
Dare you ask for more?
Will you still heed me, will you still give me
When I’m sixty-do?

You could try out the electric vibrator
At the bedside drawer, go grab it my Dear
You will hoot and hoot
Oh Heavens! it felt so good
Yeah! ain’t that a treat

Send me a dildo, give me a pep,
With instructions too
Indicate precisely what you mean to say
Yours sincerely, Don’t Waste Away.

Give me your answer, send me a pic
Scant in negligee
Will you still heed me, will you still give me,
When I’m sixty-do?

Phewww! that wraps it.

Happy Birthday, Windy!

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I have issued a stern banishment order to Windy from 00:01 of April 15th until 24:00 right here at Lainy’s Musings. I told him on that day, I’ve gotta exercise full reign here at this blog. It’s not for without reason, folks! I wanted him to enjoy his 62nd birthday.

Yes Siree! It’s Windy’s birthday today!

I hope I won’t get punished for divulging his age. LOL!

Anyway, it has been six (6) long years since I have known this brilliant man from Malaysia and my blogging journey had never been the same ever since. I can’t recall how it all began but I remember I have been such a huge fan of his blog, stalking him post after post. Why not? I got so amazed at how spontaneous he could be in publishing no-nonsense articles and the humor injected at each article is another thing. For those who might be unaware of it, The Fool on the Hill was initially his blog which he later on turned over to me. He lost the appetite to blog from there when I took the reigns especially when I began to publish paid posts at the blog. He! He! He!

Ultimately, I have spent countless glorious and hilarious blogging hours with Windy. Frankly speaking, I have yet to meet a blogger that can keep up with his brilliance and spontaneity. To date, he is still unmatched. LOL! Having him as the co-blog author of Lainy’s Musings is truly an honor. He has kept my blog alive and kicking.

I can’t think of something new to offer him for his birthday. The last time I remember, I did quite an embarassing performance when I did a song rendition for Windy. It may be applauded by some blogpals and others found it a stellar performance but believe me when I say that I was red all over! It was such a silly thing to upload online for everyone’s consumption.

Anyhow, I can only think of giving you a little glimpse of Windy as I see him but it would be rather hard to express into words. He would often tell me that “I am what I am” and so he was right. You’d find him to be the most outspoken person there is in the entire universe.

Since he described me previously according to my name, I shall do the same thing. This is what his name means:

You are truly an original person. You have amazing ideas, and the power to carry them out.
Success comes rather easily for you… especially in business and academia.
Some people find you to be a bit overbearing. You’re a strong person. (200 %)

You are usually the best at everything … you strive for perfection.
You are confident, authoritative, and aggressive.
You have the classic “Type A” personality. (300%)

You are very intuitive and wise. You understand the world better than most people.
You also have a very active imagination. You often get carried away with your thoughts.
You are prone to a little paranoia and jealousy. You sometimes go overboard in interpreting signals. (400%)

You are the total package – suave, sexy, smart, and strong.
You have the whole world under your spell, and you can influence almost everyone you know.
You don’t always resist your urges to crush the weak. Just remember, they don’t have as much going for them as you do. (200%)

Windy is an Aries so there’s no doubt that he belonged to the above average persons. I am a Scorpio so don’t get surprised if our ideas clash MOST of the time. Make no mistake at it though. Windy is a very special person that had always stood by me all through this time. He is my official blog mechanic if you know what I mean.He does everything going for my blogs and he does things amazingly. Our friendship has gone incredibly beyond the realms of blogging. He’s officially part of our family.

Blogging won’t ever be the same without Windy around. No matter how many hiatuses he declare at the blogs, his blogging comeback makes the blogosphere’s atmosphere lively and humorous. It’s just so boring and sullen not having him around.

On your birthday Windy, I congratulate you on turning 20 years old for the third time! Your 62 years on earth must be one hell of a journey but I have always admired you for the person that you are. You’re actually the youngest 62 years old I have ever known, LOL! And hey! Look at the brighter side, you’re not 70 so that deserves a laugh. Ha! Ha! Ha!

Seriously, I wish you the very best today and always, Windy. May you continue to touch people’s lives the way you have touched mine especially the less fortunate ones. Your heart will always belong to them and I am aware that you’re willing to give it your all to help them out of their plights.


Happy Eid Mubarak!

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Please allow me to greet our Muslim brothers and sisters a Happy Eid Mubarak!

May you all have a wonderful feast days of Eid’l Fitr and may you all feel completely renewed and refreshed as you celebrate this Holy occasion.