I Am Keeping My Blogroll, So What Now, Dumb Looney?

Hear yeah! Hear yeah! The Oracle of Bloggers spoke once more! Let me show you the proof:

What’s wrong with you again, Dumb Looney? Why are you so affected that I am keeping my blogroll? Is it because you’re not one of The Blogstars at Lainy’s Musings? LOL!

What a sick man you really are, Dumb Looney! Now I am convinced you’re my NO. 1 STALKER! Oh man! How quick you copy and paste what’s in here at Lainy’s Musings and immediately write an article out of it. And you call that “article” huh? Copying and pasting my work and linking up to other articles you’ve found at Google? Gosh! Whatta devious trick!

Windy was right when he dubbed you as the One Minute Blogger. Your pretentious acts that you’re some blog guru may appear to be convincing to some but not to me and to a whole lot of us who detests your presence. So pathetic!


Have you been taught what ethics, respect, and prudence means? There’s no need for you to go to school to learn that besides you’re too old to be even taught the basics.

Let me set things straight here, Dumb Looney. I have never talked about traffic when I wrote about The Blogstars at Lainy’s Musings. When I updated my blogroll, it’s my way of keeping and preserving the blogs I heart whenever I do finally decide to leave the realms of EC or other traffic-driving sites for that matter. My blogroll has nothing to do with traffic whatsoever as you would like to emphasize in your malicious snippet. I talked about human attachment and bonding instead. So why lecture about traffic, link juice, Google Analytics, etc? If you don’t wanna have a blogroll, it’s your right and your own prerogative. No one’s ever coercing you to have one. I am no longer surprised when you directly attacked me for the nth time. Being the self-obsessed blog- guru that you are, I am getting used of your rotten style. But hold it there for a moment! I am a bit confused you don’t link up my blog now when you copy and paste what’s written here. Are you playing safe? Or just a total coward???

Come to think of it. Is that ALL the reasons you have for not keeping the blogroll? Or is it because there’s no one to keep in your blogroll coz no one ever likes you??? Have you ever thought about that?

And oh! Don’t be so foolish to take down AGAIN the derogatory post against me like you did many times before. Enough of your pathetic lies and antics.

Here is Windy’s very brilliant description of your behavior, Dumb Looney:

His recalcitrant behavior has gone past the point where he can be given any consideration that he is being sincere about what he does on the internet.

I have been watching him on the sidelines for more than a year while he strutted obnoxiously and with total disregard towards his victims. He bashes particularly Asian female Bloggers.

Why even when I asked him to come forward and come clean to debate it with me, one on one at an online public venue of his choice, he kept silent. He had his chance to prove by that means that he is above fault and has been misunderstood.

He leaves so much to be desired, not only speaking for myself, but also by scores of other Bloggers who have borne the brunt of his devious antics and horseshit articles. Articles that he clearly misrepresented the truth because all he was seeking was attention by rousing discord and guess what, it all came right back at him.

I do not in anyway feel sorry for this guy. He did what he did in a very purposeful and derogatory manner towards Bloggers and he earns the hatred.

Let me ask you a very simple question about this guy. Has he ever gone to each of his victims and apologized? That should be suffice to say what a rotten person he is.

I am sticking to what I’ve once said. You’re not wanted here, Dumb Looney! LEAVE ME ALONE!

Well Well Well, Whadaya Know About Dave Lucas bin Lying

Yesterday I quoted from his Blog at my Post Learn The One Minute Blogger Technique and this morning, I discovered that the entire Post disappeared from his Blog…. into thin lying air. Gone, pzzzzt!

The Post from where I quoted Dave Lucas bin Lying at his Blog is titled, “Google to ban Entrecard carrying Blogs” dated Friday 13 May, 2011 12:04 am

Ahhh! how do I know it’s 12:04 am? I have the screen capture of it. BWAAAAAAHAHAHA! Dave Lucas bin Lying. GOTCHA!

Yeah, he brought down his own Tower!!!

So does the deleted Post make me look like I am fabricating stuff unjustly about Dave Lucas bin Lying?

Or is he now trembling in his underpants fearing that some burly American women might ring his front door bell, then complete the job that the female street dogs were unable to do?


Actually, Dave Lucas, I know you turned BLUE in your face when you read my ONE MINUTE BLOGGER Post and regretted you ever published the Post you’ve deleted now! So now Dave Lucas, what do you think of your self? How much are you really really worth?

Hey! you can save your yellow face and reinstate that Post just to show that Windy’s talking rot, ya!

But it won’t stop me exposing what a TRASH BLOGGER you are. Keep Deleting because that’s also in the ONE MINUTE BLOGGER skill you portray.

I did warn you Dave Lucas, I am YOUR NEXT NIGHTMARE!!!!!

Learn The One Minute Blogger Technique

(This is written and published by this Blog’s Co-author, Windy)

You may recall Ken Blanchard’s phenomenal success when he first published his management technique, “The One Minute Manager”.

If you can’t recall, that’s perfectly understandable because what you’re really interested ought to be Dave “I Know All” Lucas’ blogging technique found in his “The One Minute Blogger”.

Of course you have not yet heard or read about it because he is still vacillating whether to distribute it. Meantime, in his sheepish characteristic, he is publishing it as a serial, doling it as and when it grabs him in his balls to be fearless.

Such an interest would be expected from earnest Bloggers for the self proclaimed Blog Guru, David “I Know All” has the ability to speak with dead accurate boomerang prophecy, with his revelations.

Self proclaimed Blog Guru, Dave Lucas bin Lying

His iconic index finger stance is copyright by the way. It’s his logo for ONE MINUTE!…Blogger. How sweet!

Will Dave Lucas start to rub his hands gleefully now, hoping that he will be able to take a class action lawsuit against me for that divine picture of him?

Not unless he changes the Law and Statues that explain as such:

The Fair Use exception to the Copyright Act, Title 17 Section 107, states that it is not a copyright violation to reproduce a work for purposes of criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, or research.

Parodies and caricatures have frequently been upheld in court as being legitimate independent secondary works rather than direct copyright infringements, because the humorous elements injected to create the parody or caricature is itself copyrightable creative work.

Hu hu hu to you Dave “I Know All” Lucas.

Now here is something to think about that self-obsessed Blog Guru who decries that there are self-obsessed Bloggers out there and can you believe it, he hurriedly ended by saying, “this isn’t coming from me”, to cover his ass for one minute. Nevermind about this confusion. It is one of several natural strong points about this self-obsessed Blog Guru.

“I’m seeing too many crappy blogs with that super-annoying “read more” feature. Too many blogs with a bunch of stuff going on that bewilders anyone who isn’t stopping by just to search for the Entrecard or Adgitize widget and be on his or her way.”

(unquote: Dave Lucas “Google to Ban Entrecard carrying Blogs?”)

Lo! the Oracle of Bloggers speaks. Let’s analyze that shall we.

He begins by thundering about what “I’m seeing” and the he goes off at a tangent by speaking on behalf of everyone when he said, “bewilders anyone” and “on his or her way”.

That is forgivable because David “I Know All” is reputed for lack of self confidence. Sadly, that’s how he was taught to write in English as a Journalist while he studied in Lucasia.

Back to the where I first began and it is about The One Minute Blogger by Dave “I Know All” Lucas.

Here is a sneak preview on how to be Dave “I Know All” Lucas’ one minute blogger:

1. It’s a one minute blogger in his case because it takes under one minute to publish an article. Then off he goes to have a pee and rushes back to his computer to delete self damaging parts and re-publish the article once more.

2. He starts but never ends what he writes. It takes less than a minute to copy and paste excerpts found somewhere else on the world wide web pages.

3. He writes and publishes an article within an article within an article. We call them snippets. He calls them articles.

4. His being a One Minute Blogger is to display that he knows a lot of things as would be in a compendium of bits and pieces.The American cliche “to blow smoke in the other’s face” says it all.

The One Minute Managers before Dave “I Know All” Lucas

I remember having heard that kind of delivery in word (because at that time, computers did not exist) while listening to old women chattering during a bus ride. I alighted from the bus with such a severe headache.

But then again, don’t we all  love old women because they can be so amusing.  And for our Blog Guru,  don’t we all love Dave “I Know All” Lucas because he will leave his Bum In His Brain for the benefit of future generations of bloggers, such as.

  • How to know and blog The One Minute Blogger way.
  • How to begin and complete a full article and end it as  a snippet.
  • How to copy and paste with your own Copyright adaptation to cover your ass.
  • How to use a blogspot Theme forever and still think that your Blog is avant garde.
  • How to bash Bloggers for not being up to par to Dave “I Know All” Lucas sub-average tastes and become none the better for it like the Blog Guru.
  • How to publish with sleight of publishing fingers,  ala “now you see, now you don’t”.
  • How to be downright lazy even though the signs says in English and not Urdu, “READ MORE” but only God knows where Dave “I Know All” Lucas fingers are.
  • and How To in the words of the Blog Guru’s preamble who also cast his very own Blog along with the rest that he sees as mediocre when he said..

“Too many blogs with a bunch of stuff going on that bewilders anyone who isn’t stopping by just to search for the Entrecard or Adgitize widget and be on his or her way.”


Over to you Dave “I Know All” Lucas.

We will do our best to try to understand you and always be there to help you in your relentless effort to reduce too many blogs with a bunch of stuff, starting first with YOUR BLOG.

David Lucas' Ass Should Be Kicked From Here to Eternity

The David Lucas saga has taken quite a bit of space here at Lainy’s Musings for the past week. Windy and I and the rest of those who have never feared in speaking up their minds on the matter like Marzie, Lady Java, Bill, David Funk, Twerlyn, CAT, Chuchie, and Rose strongly believes that he should be confronted and told clearly that what he is doing towards fellow Bloggers is totally unacceptable at Blogosphere. I salute you guys for standing up for the truth and for having the balls to SPEAK OUT. Your comments speaks your support at this time where I needed it the most.

I hope you do understand that I don’t overreact on issues when I don’t feel violated at all. I am doing my own thing and yet he never stops whining about issues which doesn’t concern him nor his blog. The main issue is that IF YOU DON’T LIKE WHAT YOU’RE SEEING AT MY BLOG (the number of views, the Read More feature, etc- which are all supported by WP Plug-ins, FYI), I WOULD BE VERY HAPPY TO SEE YOU BACK OFF AND NEVER COME BACK. I am getting tired of your style. Please police your own blog and stop talking as if you’re some blog guru.

Those who were never dragged at his blog JUST YET were lucky they never have to be in my shoe. I just hope it won’t happen to anyone again. His insults, rudeness and harassments gotta stop once and for all. If I or Windy did not talk about this, WHO else will?

I have to thank Windy big time for standing up for me. He has helped me immensely in pulling through this ugly episode. As he is popularly known, Windy is a person who speaks without fear or favor. He can be the sweetest friend but the worst enemy when provoked. He would even bet his life for a friend. The space here won’t suffice for all the great things Windy has done for me and others. No amount of words can be enough to express how grateful I am.

To you, David Lucas, enough is enough! Please leave me be. Is it too much to ask from you?

I’d like to borrow what an American blogpal has described you as:

Unfortunately where there are good people, there will be those that try to bring others down out of spite, jealousy, or just for attention(funny that DL fits all those).

Prove us all wrong and be man enough, David Lucas. Take on WINDY on a one-on-one public debate and NOT women like me, Marzie, LJ, etc. Do you have the balls to do that?

Bitter Blogging Lessons – Are They Necessary?

The David Lucas Saga that gripped Lainy’s Musings for 7 successive days is a lesson not only to David Lucas but it is for all Bloggers.

Bloggers should be mindful that there is such a common sense thing as Blogging ethics. This runs in tandem with personal accountability for what one blogs.

There is no necessity to be imperious about your intellect or use your Blog as a leverage to cloak yourself as a Blogger and Blog assassin. There is no necessity to unceasingly provoke or taunt fellow Bloggers about the past or present, through publication of disdainful and misrepresented articles.

As a simple rule of thumb, blogging as in societal behavior, it is not beholden to an individual’s whim and eccentricity.

There will always be fools; fools either through an absence of conscience or because they are bent on destruction. These fools will face what comes their way. They know full well that their motives are ignoble.

Is it not true that these fools would themselves react vehemently should anyone mete atrocity towards them?

There is not one of us in Blogosphere and at the Social Networks that will ever know who lurks out there. A person or more, may suddenly appear and become one’s painful nemesis.

Be always humble for there are others who are more superior and more capable than you. These individuals wield more capacity to exact upon you what you make others to suffer.

In this instance, freedom of speech and democracy are indeed very powerful tools but in the wrong hands it becomes tools of discord and it is the cause for delinquent behavior and anarchy.

However, for David Lucas and those of the same ilk who choose to be irresponsible with their publications at their Blog, it is the same drift of freedom of speech and democracy that will make them realize how foolish they have manifest themselves.

To you David Lucas, is it too difficult for you to be a well behaved American guy?

When Everything Fails, Enact Laws and Statutes

(This is written and published by Windy, the Co-Author at this Blog.)

Question: When is it that you cannot tell the difference between the forest and the trees?
Answer: When you read whatever is published at David “Confused” Lucas’ Blog.

Question: Why?
Answer: It has come to a point now that one can’t tell whether Dave “Confused” Lucas is a Blogger, or a Broadcasting Journalist or a Legal Eagle.

Question: I don’t get you. But why?
Answer: He published this in red fine print after he was caught parodying Comments at a particular Post at his Blog, Post titled: titled, “Blogger vs. Blogger | Words of Hate | Let Freedom Ring!” dated May 7, 2011..

Question: HUH!
Answer: Go HUH! at David “Confused” Lucas. You see, I exposed and denounced his deviousness at my Post here, titled Dave Lucas bin Lying.

That is not the only Post. There are several other Posts that contain factual refutations against Dave the Knave’s incongruities, fabrications and obtusely wrong accusations. Till this very day he has not been able to defend himself. He can’t even accept my challenge to a public online debate.

He fails to accept something as elementary as this. As owner of his Blog, no matter what he publishes for articles and moderates for Commentaries, he is answerable, directly and indirectly for the publication of both.

At his Blog’s footer he prints this:

I am making such material available in my efforts to advance understanding of environmental, political, religious, economic, democratic, scientific, and social justice issues, etc. I believe this constitutes a ‘fair use’ of any such copyrighted material as provided for in section 107 of the US Copyright Law. In accordance with Title 17 U.S.C. Section 107, the material on this site is distributed without profit to those who have expressed a prior interest in receiving the included information for research and educational purposes.

If you wish to use copyrighted material from this site for purposes of your own that go beyond ‘fair use’, you must obtain permission from the copyright owner.

So now, Hey Dave “Confused” Lucas, I declare that I am using your crap material for purposes of my own that do NOT go beyond “fair use”.

I am doing a research on YOU and educating others about YOU.
(You should be ever so grateful and proud that you are given such an honorable publicity.)

What do you want to do? Sue me? Go right ahead Dumb Looney!

Dave Lucas bin Lying

(This is written and published by the Blog’s Co-Author, Windy)

Breaking news about Dave Lucas bin Lying, the pathological liar

I have something here to show to Readers. This is a screen capture of a Comment that was published by Dave Lucas bin Lying at his Post titled, “Blogger vs. Blogger | Words of Hate | Let Freedom Ring!” dated May 7, 2011.

I discussed the above matter with Lainy. She categorically denies ever having submitted that Comment at Dave Lucas bin Lying’s Blog.

What else about it?

First the link to Lainy’s name pointed to a Blog URL: http://lainy.blogspot.com/.

I administrate all of Lainy’s Blogs. I know that she no longer has any Blog registered with blogspot.com

The English used in that pernicious Commentary is not the English of Lainy. It has spelling errors (something that I know Lainy is very particular before she publishes her writings).

Lainy’s avatar is not displayed. Which means the person who impersonated Lainy does not know her email address.



It is an apparent attempt by Dave Lucas bin Lying to masquerade Lainy as a vile person.

And that’s not the end yet….

I checked out all the other Commentators at the same Post and except for one Commentator (Oliver SC), the rest were fictitious: Their Commentaries were contrived to look just the same as Lainy’s Commentary.

1. Commentator Betsy_Y had a URL : http://betsyy.blogspot.com/ with not a single Post in it.

2. Commentator LuLu had a URL : http://muslima.blogspot.com/ again with not a single Post in it.

3. And but of course, last but not least, the impervious Anonymous.

I put it to you Dave Lucas bin Lying, all those 3 Commentators plus that of the alleged Lainy is none other than your handwork.

In his deranged fit that he has been caught out again and again, Dave Lucas bin Lying, decided to be a Blog visitor to his own Blog, caricatured himself as a Commentator and thought that he would never be discovered.

Hey Dave Lucas bin Lying, I am by qualification, a Logistic Analyst and apart from a lot of other achievements which are much too small to be even talked about, I am also a Web Master.


The Seals gonna get you Dave Lucas bin Lying!!!

You Are Welcome To Dave "Jackal" Lucas Pity-Party

(This article is written and published by the Blog’s Co-Author, Windy)


Dave Lucas, a.k.a Dumb Looney, a.k.a Dave the Knave, a.k.a Dave “Jackal” Lucas, a.k.a Dave “Rogue Jounalist” is throwing a pity-party at his Blog.

Dave “Jackal” Lucas Pity-party Theme

“I have innocently, un-intentionally, inadvertently exposed a few raw nerves of individuals who perceive their blogs as extensions of themselves.”

Pity-party Dress Code

Mandatory COVER YOUR ASS apparel.

Why Pity-Party?

Dave Lucas does not necessarily see a Blog as an extension of the Blogger. Therefore, it explains why he publishes trash – mistaking Blogosphere for Trashosphere.

This so-called Journalist who delights about the highlights of his career in journalism, now runs from pillar to post in Blogosphere. Why may I ask? If he claims to be such a hot shot Journalist, what is he doing at Blogogphere, taunting female Bloggers and sowing seeds of discord?

It must be noted that he set up five Blogs and only one stood the test of time. It survived because it is the only place left for him to hold his pity parties. .

Once again, in his typical manner, he has published yet another recent article, “Blogger vs. Blogger | Words of Hate | Let Freedom Ring!” I read it and I found that it contains falsehoods; falsehoods aimed to dupe the readers that he speaks with knowledge and truth.

Regrettably, he hasn’t a clue about what he pretends to know and going by what he publishes, he starts to shoot from his hip and then weasels his way to make his writing sound sensible.

He reminds me of a young brat who on seeing the tail of a partially hidden animal, grabs the tail, yanks the animal out from its shelter and then finds that he has pulled out a snake.

Now that, my dear Reader makes him a Dave “Shortsighted” Lucas.

He elaborates about the enactments of law and copyright from a position of “do as I say but don’t do as I do”. And here’s why…

First he says this of himself:

The “Dave Lucas” weBLOG contains copyrighted material the use of which has not always been specifically authorized by the copyright owner. I believe this constitutes a ‘fair use’ of any such copyrighted material.

Then he says this to others:

If you wish to use copyrighted material from this site for purposes of your own that go beyond ‘fair use’, you must obtain permission from the copyright owner.

Note, the Keyword is FAIR USE – which he explains as:

to advance understanding of environmental, political, religious, economic, democratic, scientific, and social justice issues, etc.

What does etc mean?

No, it does not mean et cetera. It means to spread falsehoods in which the many faces of Dave Lucas takes full advantage.


So, that is how this Rogue Journalist defines as Copyright. David Lucas idea of democracy and social justice is not only anarchic freedom but copyright, left and center (if you know what I mean).

His freedom is one that is devoid of tact and discretion. Without understanding the real issues, he defends a character assassin, Zuveena who, without a precedent cause, printed at her Blog vitriolic material against another Blogger, Twerlyn and her infant daughter.

Against all remonstrations from other Bloggers, Zuveena did not stop there. She continued her wrongs by leaving lengthy hate Comments at Twerlyn’s Blog.

I was witness to all that was going on and what Zuveena inflicted upon Twerlyn.

Bloggers who came to know about this, united and gave her Zuveena the boot in the name of the legit kind of social justice. Had Dave “Jackal” Lucas won the day with his misrepresenations at his Blog as he took it upon himself to defend Zuveena and denounced (and like a headless rooster is still denouncing) those who opposed her malice, we would have two Luc-asses in Blogosphere today.

But here is a man who says he speaks for democracy and social justice.

Earlier this week, I left a Comment at his Blog, asking him politely to come to Lainy’s Musings to collect his Brain in your Bum Award, guess what? He neither thanked me for the Award nor publish my Comment. Call that democracy and social finesse.

So, this morning I submitted yet another Comment as quoted below. I don’t expect from you, a need to guess what?

Hey DL,

You don’t have a clue about the Zuveena case, so shut your big mouth.

You’re a parasitic Blogger who does not take the time to understand the entire issue and shoot your mouth in all directions.

(I am waiting for you to confirm your willingness to a public online debate.)

In the continuing saga of this Rogue Journalist’s Blog publications, here are the red herrings he threw around, to confuse unsuspecting readers at his Blog.

Red Herring No. 1:

So what would a court think of the two blogger’s (Mariuca and David Funk) use of Zuveena’s photos on the collaborative “block the bitch zuveena” blog project (which has since been taken down)?

Red Herring No. 2:

In another, I spoke up for a young woman who had been brutally slandered and victimized with a display of obscene photographs composited by two bloggers, one female from Malaysia, one male from the USA. (checkout the awful picture below!)

Red Herring No. 3:

In the most recent, a blogger mistook an interpretation of traffic results as a direct insult. That was never the intention.

Dave "Rogue Journalist" Lucas

(This article is written and published by this Blog’s Co-Author, Windy)

I have a true story to write about Dave “Rogue Journalist” Lucas.

Oh yes, besides being a Bum in your Brain Blogger, he extolls himself as a “an American broadcast journalist, TV presenter news anchor and talk show host.”

One thing comes across very clearly, as a so-called journalist, he is not consistent with his bigoted rigmaroles as I notice that four out of his five Blogs have become virtually DEAD.

On this rare occasion, I will give Dave “Rogue Journalist” Lucas the credit that he believes in the axiom, “if you fail, try try again.” but then again, I also know about “fools who never learn”. Ooops!

You have to pardon my indiscretion because at his Live Journal, his last entry is dated…. I mean literally, dated. Its August 19, 2010! He disappeared from Live Journal into Lucasia, that’s somewhere between Asia and Russia,  (Marco Polo avoided Lucasia) and the Rogue Lucas was never seen again there. Thank Heavens, his Live Journal followers did not disappear too because none bothered to ring his balls, oops! again, typo, typo, his bells not to stop writing misrepresentations which tickle his readers pink.

I have checked out his five Blogs. Oh why bother to say more. I’ll give the reader a head start with this link: [ HERE ] It’s valid until May 24, 2011.

I shall continue with the main issue.

Journalism as it has been described:

The first essence of journalism is to know what you want to know, the second, is to find out who will tell you.

( as said by John Gunther, the famed American journalist )

and Journalism described in many more words as:

In the end, the discipline of verification is what separates journalism from entertainment, propaganda, fiction, or art…. Journalism alone is focused first on getting what happened down right.

Perhaps because the discipline of verification is so personal and so haphazardly communicated, it is also part of one of the great confusions of journalism— the concept of objectivity. The original meaning of this idea is now thoroughly misunderstood, and by and large lost. When the concept originally evolved, it was not meant to imply that journalists were free of bias. Quite the contrary…. Objectivity called for journalists to develop a consistent method of testing information—a transparent approach to evidence—precisely so that personal and cultural biases would not undermine the accuracy of their work…. In the original concept, in other words, the method is objective, not the journalist. The key was in the discipline of the craft, not the aim.

For those who are too lazy to read and understand what it is described as, let me put it to you in just a few word:

Journalism is to report events accurately.

And that is where the Rogue Journalist, Dave Lucas, fails miserably in his self-posturing as a Blog visionary.

Rogue Statement No.1: “The worst offenders appear to Malaysian bloggers.”
proof: http://davelucas.livejournal.com/11168.html

Rogue Statement No.2: “Boo-hoo-hoo crybaby blogger Mariuca aka Marzie gets her panties in a bunch.”
proof: http://www.mybloglog.com/buzz/community/davelucasslivejournal/

Rogue Statement No. 3: “This blogger says her beaver is angry!”
proof: http://www.mybloglog.com/buzz/community/davelucasslivejournal/

Rogue Statement No. 4: “Watch out what you say! Radio talk show hosts, politicians, even reporters are not immune to being under the public microscope if something said or written is mis-interpreted. In the case of Dr. Laura, I think she began to believe the “I know all” persona she tried to project via the radio – it came back and bit her bit time!”
proof: http://davelucas.livejournal.com/11993.html

Do you know why I find No. 4 funny? It is not because Mr. Rogue Journalist does not thoroughly proof-read his crap for inaccurate spellings. He suffers from “bitvitis” as is understandable from the way he loves to bite female Bloggers. Which again, explains why he has not made it “bit time” in global journalism and is he is an unheard of, inconspicuous, two-bit journalist trying to save his flagging self esteem over here in Blogosphere. (all puns deliberately intended).

And then do you know what is even funnier than what I just said? Dave “Rogue Journalist” Lucas forgot what he printed as soon as he hit the Publish button and now I come “back and bit him bit time!”
BWAAAAAHAHAHA! Oh mann! am I a fast learner?

Worst of all, Dave “Rogue Journalist” Lucas does not write in Journalese (Journalist’s English).

Listen! Dave “Rogue Journalist” Lucas, do not give Journalism a bad name. Your journalistic approach is not worth your salt because you do not write objectively, you do not write accurately and you write not without bias.

or are you trying to redeem failed self as a re-born Blognalist?

Dave "Jackal" Lucas Truth

(This article is written and published by the Blog’s co-author, Windy)

Here’s the overstatement of the year from none other than Dave “Jackal” Lucas.

I’ve gotten into some hot water with a few bloggers for printing the truth!

( quoted from Dave “Jackal” Lucas’ Post, “Don’t Assume!” )

Please step aside Dave “Jackal” Lucas, I will assist you to defend YOUR truth.

Before I continue, there is first a need to explain why you are a Jackal. Amongst several other descriptions of this wild animal, I found these truly befits your persona.

· Jackal communicates to other members of the community by yelling or yapping, especially when it finds out a prey.
· Though jackal is known to be a scavenger, it also picks up the preys killed by large carnivores. At some occasions, it even takes up food from the wastes.
· The animal is also known to have excellent hunting skills. However, in absence of prey, it can survive even on grass.

I will return to those descriptions in a while later. There is a pressing need right now to defend you Dave “Jackal” Lucas as you proudly claim that you speak the truth.

Jackal’s Truth No. 1: At your Blog, you arrogantly accused Lainy that her Blog, Lainy’s Musings detrimentally slowed to a grinding halt during loading time. That and a load of other crap to support your whine.

Windy’s Truth Defence: I debunked your so-called truth, published my refutation and you Dave “Jackal” Lucas, lost your yap!

Jackal’s Truth No. 2: You have taunted Bloggers about what are the glaring faults about their Blog, howling about it in public without them ever having asked you for your brainless appreciation.

Windy’s Truth Defence: Measure for measure, I assayed your Blog and you and again you Dave “Jackal” Lucas, did I hear a yell?.

So I gather that your mute stance is full acquiescence.

Jackal’s Truth No. 3: You recently wrote this, either quoting Lainy out of context or you are suffering from the disease Blogwinder.

(For readers here, Blogwinder is defined as: A Blogger who back pedals and claims the reader can’t read English. root word: sidewinder

You said this at your Post, “Don’t Assume”:
“Now I have another run-in happening with a blogger who apparently WANTS her target audience to be low-income women between 45 and 65. I would have thought (by looking at) her blog (that it) was targeted toward young, modern, computer-savvy women between 18-30!!!”

Windy’s Truth Defence: Lainy said exactly this at her Post, ”

“Let me tell you Dumb Looney, that I owe my blog’s traffic to these bloggers who visit my site. And mind you! They come from legitimate pages. They keep my blog alive and breathing. Whether they are low-income earners or not, I don’t give a damn! I have always believed that THE HAND THAT ROCKS THE CRADLE RULES THE WORLD. Long live Mommy Bloggers! You can never demean my audience in that manner, Dumb Looney.” (unquote)

Of course “I would have thought” that is assuming you do have brains that think. You deviously misrepresent what was appropriately said at Lainy’s Post and then you misrepresent its use to spin disinformation in what you write and publish at your Blog.

It isn’t as you misinform your readers that Lainy ” WANTS her target audience to be low-income women between 45 and 65″.. Lainy instead said, “Whether they are low-income earners or not, I don’t give a damn!”

Do you have a thing with age and income? What is your age and income Dave “Jackal” Lucas? Being bald yourself, you sure don’t look young and you sure don’t have the money to blog from a self-owned Domain and from a self-own webhost account. Seems like you’re an overgrown punk!

Jackal’s Truth No.4: ! (You can’t always trust Alexa!)

Windy’s Truth Defence: Doesn’t that sound like an idiot who fires a gun at his own feet? Jackal, if that is what you believe, may I ask you why do you display Alexa’s rank widget at your Blog’s sidebar (below is the screen capture of the Alexa widget at your Blog’s sidebar) Oh! I see now, you DO trust Alexa and can’t live without it.

Jackal’s Truth No. 5. At your Blog’s Disclaimer, this is what you Dave “Jackal” Lucas boast about your blogging intent:

I am making such material available in my efforts to advance understanding of environmental, political, religious, economic, democratic, scientific, and social justice issues, etc. I believe this constitutes a ‘fair use’ of any such copyrighted material…

Windy’s Truth Defence: What? You advance what? What you do advance is MISUNDERSTANDINGS with distorted writing. You ape what others write and publish through your unstoppable copy and paste regime. Let alone your motives are highly questionable and you misrepresent democracy and social justice by the way you write your so-called “truths”!

Now as I said earlier, we return to the description of you as the Jackal….

To make sure that you Dave “Jackal” Lucas don’t whine that you too suffer from Blogwinder disease, I will make the descriptions even clearer just for you.

· Dave “Jackal” Lucas communicates to other members of Blogosphere by yelling or yapping, especially when he finds out a Blogger to taunt.
· Though Dave “Jackal” Lucas is known to be a scavenger from the way he publishes his non-original articles, he also picks up a load of other crap left untouched by Bloggers at large. At some occasions, he even concocts and misrepresents to the detriment of fellow Bloggers.
· Dave “Jackal” Lucas animal instincts is also known to have excellent hunting skills. However, in absence of prey, he can survive even on grass. (which explains why the rest of us Bloggers find such crap at his Blog.)

An Open Challenge to Dave “Jackal” Lucas

Dave “Jackal” Lucas, I, Windy challenge you to a public debate in Blogosphere. I will give you a fair chance to defend your improprieties. Name your venue. I will be there.

Important Health Advice to Dave “Jackal” Lucas

Cease harassing female Bloggers and desist from wanking at your Computer – didn’t your mama tell you that harassing women and wanking is not good for invigorating hair growth?