Manny Pacquaio: One Fight Too "Manny"

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Lainy who comes from the same hometown as Manny Pacquaio sent me this question over Viber last weekend.

What do you think of the lawsuits (against Manny)?

Despite knowing how Lainy roots for the pride of General Santos and the rest of the Philippines, I gave my answer without fear or favor.

Here was my answer.

It is serious. They’re class action lawsuits.

In my opinion, it’s time for Manny to hang up his gloves.

I think he has lost the bludgeoning flurry of punches of his peak that he used to vanquish many opponents during his best years.

2015-05-12 15.22.06

More opponents are increasingly aware of his style and are able to last the full bout as compared to Manny’s early years when opponents did not know how to cope with his unorthodox style of receiving blows from him in all directions.

2015-05-12 15.21.28

It’s clearly a criminal breach of trust by making a false declaration about his physical condition.

All it takes is for one court to judge in favor of the aggrieved plaintiffs. The other lawsuits will follow suit and be judged the same way. And Manny is going to be jailed and/or lose tens of millions in settlement and legal fees.

2015-05-12 15.22.46

Manny also faces disciplinary sanction from the U.S. Boxing Association. That could mean a ban from boxing in the U.S. and it will hurt his future income and no where is the boxing booty bigger than in the U.S.

The U.S. Judiciary isn’t corrupt. So tell me what are his chances to be acquitted?

2015-05-12 15.23.30

And because boxing is legally a gaming sport in the U.S., the courts are not going to allow mitigation because it will set a precedent for other grave infractions to escape penalties let alone bring the sport into disgrace and hurt the image of sports in America.

With a seriously impeded pre fight injured arm, Manny is being alarmingly reckless to hide it and engage in a fight with an opponent who has never lost or drawn in his boxing career.

2015-05-12 15.20.51

Call it bravado, call it stupid, call it anything. But unfit boxers have been physically maimed or died as a result of what is a brutal sport when they could not effectively defend themselves in the ring.

For that, Manny is likely to lose the respect from his once upon a time die hard fans and he might not live up to the iconic grandeur that he enjoyed before.

Manny threw more punches but landed less hits than Mayweather.
Manny threw more punches but landed less hits than Mayweather.

For sure, Manny is no more a myth that his past victories made him out to be.

Today, spurred by greed and over rating his ageing ability, he has shown that he is mortal and reduced himself to defacing his title as a legend.

As it is with incorrigible wives who nag their husbands till it kills their marital life, so too it is with boxers who refuse to call it a day and hang their gloves until they destroy themselves and alas! one fight too many.

Manny should ride into the sunset of his boxing career by reviving the diminishing interest in eating “balut” in the Philippines.

Hai nako! what a way to earn a living?
(running through his mind) “Hai nako! what a way to earn a living?”

He should therefore establish an all nation balut francise with balut factories that offer jobs (to his countrymen).

Pacquiao- Marquez 3: It's Defending The Race

The world is again on a standstill. The most awaited bout of the year is about to unfold as the two great boxers will again square it off inside the boxing arena.

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Once more, the hailed Pound for Pound King, Manny Pacquiao, shall prove his worth as he defends the WBO Welterweight title against a boxer who can very well counter his speed and withstand his power inside the ring. The two shall again battle for supremacy as Marquez is hailed to be the last Mexican Standing.

However, that moniker is yet to be proven in this fight. We all have to remember that Pacquaio is considered to be Public Enemy No. 1 especially by the Mexican boxers. They want to hit the bull’s eye and Marquez could do just that.

In every Pacquiao’s battles inside the ring, it’s not just national pride that’s at stake. It’s defending the race.

“In all, Pacquiao has figured in 15 fights against Mexicans, winning 13, losing once (to Morales) and drawing once (with Marquez). Of the 13 wins, nine were by knockout. It began with a fourth round demolition of Gabriel Mira to retain his WBC flyweight title at the Araneta Coliseum in 1999. Pacquiao has also halted Emmanuel Lucero, Marco Antonio Barrera, Hector Velazquez, Morales twice, Jorge Solis, David Diaz and Oscar de la Hoya. Losing on points were Marquez, Oscar Larios, Barrera in a rematch and Antonio Margarito.

On the other hand, Marquez is 3-1-1 against Filipinos. The draw was with Pacquiao in 2004 and the loss to Pacquiao by a split decision in 2008. His victims were Reynante Jamili (KO3) in 2000, Baby Lorona, Jr. (KO2) in 2001 and Jimrex Jaca (KO9) in 2006. “(Quinito Henson,

The Mexicans are looking for redemption and Marquez could be their only savior.

I am a Filipino and I am proudly rooting for my very own, Manny Pacquaio, who hails from the very same hometown where I was born and bred, General Santos City, the Wellspring of Winners.

Pacman retained his WBO Welterweight title as majority of the judges voted in his favor: 114-114, 115-113, 116-112.

As was the case with his previous fights against Marquez, where the latter thinks he wasRobbed of Victory , Pacman got the win with controversial points victory yet again. It may not appear to be the fight that showed pure dominance and supremacy by Pacman, but folks, a win is a win.

HBO’s stats will clearly show Pacman’s aggressiveness paid off:

Pacquiao has thrown 578 punches connecting 176 while Marquez had it 436 connecting 138. Pacquiao threw 304 jabs connecting 59 to Marquez’s 182 with 38 connects. Pacquiao threw 274 power punches connecting 117 while Marquez threw 254 with 100 connecting…

Being the challenger, Marquez should have shown more aggressiveness and effort to be able to dominate the bout. However, he failed to do that. It was the other way around! It appeared that Pacman, the defending champion, became the aggressor by attacking and throwing in more punches at Marquez while the latter was just standing there, waiting for Pacman’s assaults.

As what one observer had said, and if I may just quote:

Pro boxing judging is totally different with Amateur boxing. The aggressive fighter always commands an advantage to the judges coz’ that makes the match interesting to paying fans.

But, even if this match has been scored in amateur rules, the compubox scores proves that Pacquiao landed the most especially the power shots.

Too much expectations on Pacquiao is the reason for looking into the other side of the truth.

A good match and surviving a Pacquiao doesn’t mean you already won the fight. Marquez, as always, a sore loser.

Pacman does not need every opponent knocked out just to prove that he deserves the victory. Let us all respect the judges’ decision and be proud that Pacman rightfully retained the WBO title.

It’s a big shame that most of the bashing came from my fellow countrymen who thinks that the judgement was flawed. And you call yourselves die-hard boxing aficionados? While it’s true that Marquez did put up a good fight, Pacquiao outdid him all in all. There is no need to prove himself yet again for a rematch because he had proven himself so many times everytime he enters the ring. All these years, he made us all proud. Let’s be one true proud Filipino for this sweet victory because Pacman deserves the win, whatever your judgments were.

Pacquiao – Marquez II: Unfinished Business
Juan Manuel Marquez, Robbed of Victory?

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The Family that Sings Together, Stays Together

Like I have previously written in my fashion blog, most of our home appliances were bought by yours truly. I love to invest my money on something that can be seen inside the house.

One of the things that I’ve bought while I was still a private employee was the DVD player which also plays like a videoke machine. By inserting the videoke CD, thousands of songs can be chosen from the list.

I am not sure how different it is from karaoke machines but being into a family that loves music a lot, it sure is a very nice entertainment appliance.

Singing is actually something that the family loves to do together. The family’s love for music I can say was innate. Both my brothers are into a band, both doing vocals. My parents love to sing as well.

Can you now tell the importance of that entertainment appliance to us? LOL!

Tiger's Porn Star Lover Wants Apology – The Sequel

(Photo taken just before the tiger show.)

Tiger: OH NO! not some more porn. I’m rehabilitated now.

Tiger: You know what? I’m going to have a relapse if this porn circus doesn’t end.

Tiger’s Legal Advisor: Oh! In that respect, you should extend my legal services indefinitely. But back to the porn star, what was she dreaming about?

Tiger: Don’t know. Will she sue me if I refuse to apologize to her?

Tiger’s Legal Advisor: She could. It all depends…

Tiger: (interrupts) Mama dear said, she’s the one who should apologize to Elin.

Tiger’s Legal Advisor: Your momma’s sure right about that. Besides you already paid her and that I take it, that included your payment as an apology for mauling her. You DID pay her didn’t yuh?

Tiger: (Looks at his finger nails)… Sure, of course I did. More than I pay you!!!

Tiger’s Legal Advisor: I think she now means she wants a Tip.

Tiger: But I already gave her my tip.

Tiger’s Legal Advisor: BWAAHAHA! You haven’t lost it all, my man. Maybe she forgot she took your tip. I’ll send her a letter and ask her to check out her facts.

Porn Star: (After receiving the advisory’s letter) Uses her hand-held mirror, checks her bank vault. Screams! OMG! THERE IS NO TIP IN THERE!!! I WILL DEFINITELY MAKE HIM APOLOGIZE. HE LIED TO ME.

And she replies to the letter, screaming the same allegation.



No photo taken after the tiger show. Too gory.


Tiger Programmed for Extinction?

There was a recent clamor that one of the most beautiful and adventurous bodies in the wild is close to extinction. Something imperative needs to be done while there is still something left of the Tiger.

This striped predator roams regally in his domain. Proud and confident until he was injured not by an arrow or a bullet or a makeshift trap. He was inexorably denounced in public for having spawned a harem of lithesome female tigers.

For the rest of the animals, Tiger’s behavior was scrutinized in such like manner when monkeys pick out fleas from each other’s backside. It’s a stinking job really, scratch…scratch, pick, smell the bug, even eat it and then continue to scratch again. Have you seen how the monkeys do it?

Now to get directly to the subject matter, an experienced hunter would forewarn, to be wary with an injured Tiger on the loose because it is even more dangerous. That has obviously not got the attention of the spin artists or the advertisement media who created the aura of pseudo-perfection for this Tiger. I am talking of THE Tiger Woods.

Does Tiger owe an apology to the public?

It is a jungle out there, nothing short of hypocrisy and self-righteousness that you and I have been born into. He did what any beast in the jungle would do – prey. In his stead, Tiger did it without any loss of life or limb to his prone cooperative and willing “victims”.

Distraught, humiliated and bewildered, Tiger followed his learned image advisors with every wave of uninvited foray into his personal life, Tiger had to submit himself to sex rehab. To appease his detractors and perhaps to save his marriage. Then return to redeem himself. Talk about being reprogrammed when the first one was just as flaky. As though he has a blemished record of having repeatedly molested under-aged girls and helpless grandmothers.

Other “Tigers” have done the very same thing before. Other “Tigers” are doing it right now as I write this article. Other “Tigers” are about to do it right after I have stopped writing this article but none of these “Tigers” will run the gauntlet of public scrutiny. And none of them will ever apologize to the public.

The moralists have had their financial feast with Tiger. The spin wizards have executed a well timed comeback trail for Tiger, something that the North Korean rocket scientists could learn a lesson. As the script intends, now here come the landscape and disinfectant artists to microscopically determine whether Tiger’s public apology is contrite.

Sinners all themselves, playing demi gods as though their clinical finding and certification will decide whether they can save Tiger or is it rather, an insidious attempt to rattle Tiger unendingly and force him into extinction.

Contrite? Yes, perhaps, who the hell knows? Tiger’s own Apologia was short, succint and aptly worded to reflect how effective his rehab was, when he said:

I felt that I had worked hard my entire life and deserved to enjoy all the temptations around me.

And again:

Thanks to money and fame, I didn’t have to go far to find them.

Tiger was absolutely spot on. Kudos to Tiger! What that meant to say is this: “YOU MONEY LEECHES! YOU ARE IN IT AS MUCH AS YOU’RE OUT THERE BLAMING IT ON ME!”

So there you are, go eat yer hearts out. It’s plain and simple. He has what it takes. It is his personal life; not yours, not mine, not anybody else’s except his own family. Unless and of course if Tiger is the undeniable Universal High Priest of Social and Sexual conduct, then it would be everyone’s concern. We’d all be damned if we emulate his philandering.

But Universal High Priest of any conduct Tiger is not.

Tiger does not need Golf. It’s the other way around. Tiger reinvented Golf and caused Golf to be what it is today. Had it not been for Tiger, some golfers would find themselves working as part time Tea waiters to augment their livelihood.

Tiger used his money. Since when has that become a felony to give his money to women for making him happy? Other men would possibly have done worser had they enjoyed Tiger’s kind of money and fame.

He had it all – to choose how he wanted to live and how he wished to entertain his manhood. So what business is that of anyone for what he does with his money or how he seeks to entertain and pleasure himself?

It would be of sensitive interest for some because thanks but no thanks to Tiger, he has now made their own spouses suspicious about their schedules and excuses and alibis. Oh yes, how horrible. It is curfew time. Dang it! Cheetahs will never wish an extinction would they now?

What about others in their exalted positions? Those who use Public Funds and screw around with it, even killing innocent lives? They never offered a public apology when there is no doubt about their immoral and criminal deeds.

Come on guys! This Tiger knows no more and none better than how to putt his balls into holes! What’s wrong with what he does with his balls?

What about his “moral” responsibility towards his Sponsors you might ask? Let’s first agree on one simple thing. His Sponsors do not own him. Sponsorship is purely a business deal unless the Contract explicitly states that Tiger must only play the golf course holes.

Good business is sought and that is what either party desires. If business flounders and it is not a result of Tiger’s philandering, the Sponsors would have anyway cancelled their sponsorship without any qualms. In that regard, Sponsorship is purely business-based.

But strangely, several Sponsors were quick to adopt personal morals as raison d’etre for canceling their Ad contract with Tiger. Using the the same moral rationale, may I then ask, will Tiger fans become as clean, as cool, as holey rich like how Tiger is advertised by using the advertised product? Isn’t it immoral to delude others by marketing brainwash? Or are there proven cases that by continuing the Ad with Tiger, it resulted with fans becoming philanderers?

Well, my point is, if a celebrity’s personal morals determines the viability of increased sales or adversely affects it, either way, there is no guarantee for how the celebrity’s morals is going to be tomorrow. The Sponsors could save their own pride and a huge amount of money by advertising without any celebrity’s face with their product. They could contract me instead and be more sure that their money will not be wasted. Ha! Ha! ha!

Who’s fault is it when the spin artists hype out Tiger to be a clean, cool and a holey man? We all know what led some Sponsors to cancel their sponsorship from Tiger. It caused them to go red in their faces because they could not accept that their professional make belief backfired. It clearly showed that their whole advertising approach was unrealistic right from the start. There are no angels on earth and they believed they could fool the world.

So, does Tiger owe the public an apology?

Take a lesson from his wife. For whatever motivates her to still keep her marriage, the public should do the same and leave this Tiger alone to sort it out with his wife and his family.

There are more expediencies in this world that involve millions of uneducated, sick, hungry, impoverished and war-torn human lives than the pharisaic sensational attacks heaped on a Tiger.

But sadly, the beat goes on. They continue to arraign him. This time to evaluate the truthfulness of his Apologia and repentance.

So what, if Tiger is not forthright and sincere with his apology? And what if he really is forthright and sincere? It changes nothing for our own lives. It changes nothing for the hyper-gossipers, sick and incurable with their cult of self-righteousness.


Dream Match Result: Pacquiao Makes History as He Lords Over De La Hoya Via TKO!

The Dream Match is no longer a dream. Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao and Oscar “Golden Boy” De La Hoya made this dream a reality. But in every fight, there is only one victor. Pacquiao, the 29-year-old five-division world champion tried to make history yet again and succeeded. He shocked the world when he beat Oscar De La Hoya in the 8th round of the fight via a technical knock-out.
Who would have thought Pacman would make it? He is undersized. Before the scheduled epic match, many things have been thrown against him and many did not believe that he can beat the American- Mexican fighter. There was a heavy anticipation for majority of the boxing fanatics that this match will go in De La Hoya’s favor. Pacquaio was considered to be the underdog. But Manny proved them all totally wrong! Pacquiao’s detractors have undermined his pound-for-pound power.
As the two fighters sized each other up in the beginning rounds, it was obvious that De La Hoya was a little bit more tensed. Pacquiao took advantage of the situation and attacked De La Hoya to the frenzy of his cheering fans. The world was surprised to see a much speedy and strong Pacquiao.

In the 5th round, it became obvious that De La Hoya had a hard time finding his target. His face began to redden from the punches thrown his way by Pacquiao. De La Hoya’s punches can no longer connect. Pacquiao’s aggressiveness gave him the edge on the score cards landing more punches than De La Hoya much to the surprise of the cheering crowd.

In the 7th round, De La Hoya was still struggling, missing miserably from connecting his punches, he just can’t find a steady target in Pacquiao. While Pacquaio, on the other hand, was up on his feet causing a puff in De La Hoya’s left eye. His left hands kept penetrating De La Hoya’s body. Pacquiao’s execution was almost perfect!

In the 8th round, it was very evident that Pacquiao’s speed was a killer. De La Hoya can no longer keep up with him. He was all too bothered by the punches and jabs given him by Pacquiao and he became obviously sluggish. Pacquiao was declared the winner after the 8th round via technical knock out when the fight had to be stopped because De La Hoya gave up! He accepted his defeat graciously which is a mark of a great sportsman and a true champion.

The fight clearly manifested Pacquiao’s speed was able to neutralize De la Hoya’s size.

Pacquiao is now a legend in the boxing world. He was able to assert his supremacy inside the ring. He was all up for the challenge and his sheer heart to win the fight made everything possible apart from the skills that he worked on very hard during his training. He deserves all the credits and accolades- a fighter with a BIG heart. He carried the Filipino’s name in his shoulders and indeed, he made all of us proud!

Pacquiao’s victory made me all the more proud to be one of the Generals.

Congrats MONEY, oh, MANNY I mean, hehe!


I Am A Basketball Fanatic!

It’s funny to think how a mere basketball game could immensely affect my emotions. True, I love watching basketball games may it be NBA, PBA, UAAP, or NCAA. The game is doubly exciting especially so when my fave team is on the run. You can just imagine how happy I am when my team wins. It’s like I wanna throw out a real big party. And how heart breaking it is when they lose. I always see to it that I keep myself updated with my own favorite team — their standings, schedule of games, stats, etc. I admit that it’s the only show I prefer to watch if you would let me choose one though I am also trying to enjoy watching other shows apart from watching basketball.


You could say I am a fanatic, a proud Ginebra fan at that, hehe. I still could recall, I was in college when I have erratic heartbeats whenever I watch their games without a single miss! You could attribute it to my having a big admiration to their once-small-forward player Vince Hizon, who is now happily married, poor me, hehe! Well, the feeling’s long gone as well as the man. He’s no longer part of my all-time favorite team but still, I am one of the million Ginebra fans who keeps cheering and egging them on to always keep that NEVER-SAY-DIE SPIRIT.

New players came and continued to live up to the fans’ expectations. The ball is round. They could win the championship or they could not. But still, I am hoping they have the win every game because it’s one of the things that makes me happy. Good thing they won the Championship last conference for the Fiesta Cup. I won’t mind if you think I’m too shallow. It’s always a good feeling to be true to one’s own self. And because I so love basketball, any sports gifts for my birthday will be very much appreciated 😉

Below are some of the photos with the Ginebra players when we watched them rehearse at the City’s gymnasium last year:
With JJ “The Fast” Helterbrand

With Ronald “Fearless” Tubid

With Billy Mamaril

Finally, Ginebra Wins!

I feel so happy tonight! After 6 attempts, Barangay Ginebra got their first win! Ang babaw ko talaga! With their 3rd import in tow, the Gins lorded over Purefoods TJ Hotdogs. With Mark Caguiaoa’s heroics at crunch time, the Kings pulled it off, 102-99. Caguioa was responsible for the last 6 points made by the team in the last 2 minutes of play surviving what could have been another defeat.

Caguioa’s efforts paid off as well as the new import’, Chris Alexander. The 7 foot 1 center was a workhorse on both ends of the court. He debuted with 18 points, season-high 27 rebounds and 6 blocks.

My heart has been bleeding for 5 games and this time around, I was practically shouting and jumping with glee, haha!

JJ Helterbrand’s efforts is also commendable. He finished with 24 points.