Day of Luxury Package

Herbal Detox Body Wrap - 1 Hour Treatment

Relax and restore your mind, body and spirit with this indulging Body Wrap, beginning with a full body brushing to open your pores, more test reload. Next, warm Aromatherapy oils are applied to the entire body and you are wrapped in warmth all while softening and smoothing your skin. This treatment will detoxify you & improve circulation throughout the body. A relaxing Reflexology treatment completes this total body indulgence

Herbal Vapor foot Soak - 30 Minute Treatment

Enjoy a soothing hot foot bath with natural bath salts enriched with eucalyptus leaves and natural oils providing rejuvenating, soothing comfort and vapor action all while sipping on a unique blend of detoxifying tea formulated with herbs to help cleanse and eliminate toxins from the body. This international formula tea contains herbs that support the normal function of the liver, kidneys, and the blood while supporting toxin elimination. Followed by a sea salt scrub and a dip in warm paraffin.

Full Body Massage - 1 Hour Treatment

Relax, let go and release pent-up tension with this 45-Minute Deep Tissue Massage using the calming and soothing effects of elegant massage oil. Unwind the stresses of the day while moisturizing the skin. Followed by a 15 minute Full Body Stretch.

SPA Lunch - 30 Minute

Enjoy a gourmet meal from Sicily Cafe in a quiet, relaxing, and private room.

Facial Paraffin - 1 Hour Treatment

End your luxurious Day with a Rejuvenating Facial. First we start with exfoliating the skin to open the pores, then an anti aging cream is applied using a gentle massage technique resulting in strengthening and firming the skin while protecting against oxidative stress and exposure to the sun. Next warm deep-sea mud paraffin is applied while you relax with a cool cucumber compress over your eyes. The final step is removing the paraffin and applying a transforming face-lift cream that has a stable form of vitamin C, which is absorbed by the skin and promotes production of collagen and elasticity giving your skin a temporary "lift." A relaxing scalp massage with essential oils concludes this luxurious Day.