"In God We Trust" or "Don't Worry, Be Happy" ?

Over a decade ago, I recall a discussion that I had with a group of friends while I was working in Bangkok, Thailand.

Though I am not a professional Economist, I am well read and I keep abreast with social events, political ramifications and current world affairs. Nothing that I would say is considered classified information. Just the usual fare that you too read about or hear about it over the various forms of media.

We talked about World’s Supremacy and diverse matters that go along with it. None of us believed that our small shop talk would make any drop of change in the any direction or would it improve anyone’s erstwhile standing.

Just pundits we were, one and all, appearing to know more than what we really did know. It was at this discussion that I remember having stated, the fortunes of the United States of America will fall as did all other Empires in Civilization of gone by era. And it caused a heated discussion because the most Thais “idolize” America. LOL!

Today, I chanced on this article which screamed,

“IMF Bombshell: Age of America Nears End”

Of course, there will be arguments for or against that notion. Read all about what Brett Arends, a senior columnist for MarketWatch and a personal-finance columnist for The Wall Street Journal wrote about it. [ HERE ].

My premonition then, based on analytical insights on the United States of America is proving right.

What next?


5 Replies to “"In God We Trust" or "Don't Worry, Be Happy" ?”

  1. I sympathize America too. We’ll just have to keep on praying. My husband keep on telling me his worries about his homeland. He has the same realization like yours Sir Windz, that America is going down soon like most of the great Empires in the past. I dont know what we are going to do when America’s down to the max happens. My husband is considering to move our family to Australia. I am quite happy about the idea because the temperature there is warmer. He has been learning Chinese language too just in case…

    1. @Mel Cole,

      Yes, we do share the same perception. Apparently the great “American Dream” bubble has had its heyday. Too many useless wars and way too many domestic handouts have cumulatively crippled this giant.

      Australia? Hmmmm, I have my serious doubts. If you go by this yardstick, this is what underscores why I think somewhat negatively about Australia.

      Whenever there is a financial crisis, one of the first currencies to get hit is the Australian Dollar. For Finance experts reasoning, I am sure there are explanations but it can be summarily said that Australia’s fundamentals are not as strong as purported.

      Besides, the Australian economy is largely dependent on the Asia Pacific region.

      IMO, East Asia and South East Asia is where the greatest growth and global economic reliance is going to be within the next few decades.

  2. I dont know why my hubby chose Australia as an option…hahaha, maybe I’ll ask him tonight. I suggested to him when we had that conversation, how about somewhere in UK? but he does not like UK coz most of the countries there are Islam.

  3. Hi Mel,

    Perhaps the media has influenced your husband. Australia is projected as a fun idyllic remote subcontinent. Clever marketing of course.

    Perhaps, the persona of the Australians is akin to Americans though the language is phonetically vastly different and culturally, the Australians are generally not known to be genteel. But then again, that perception will vary from person to person.

    UK? Scotland? Wales? England? Ireland? Depends which part.

    Islam – very sensitive subject. I won’t comment though I know what your allude to. Extremism is found everywhere these times.

    Just do not pick an island nation. Mankind is entering into an era where islands will disappear and coastlines will recede further inland. Ha ha ha.

    My bet: Good old Philippines but hold on to your U.S. Bank account.

  4. Hellow Sir Windy, I just found this link as an incoming link from my site’s dashboard today. I don’t know why it acted that way… anyway, yep, back to your reply subject, my husband was exaggerating about Australia. He said he definitely doesn’t want to be in an Islam country. He said he just want to be safe. lol! Yeah, I would love to be back in my homeland, but, we’ll probably get bankrupt after a year or two. When we do decide living in Philippines, have to have a good business, work and sideline at the same time (its because the relatives will expect too much for us…).

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