Lainy's Musings 5th Blogoversary Celebration- Reminiscing and Tribute to Top 20 Commentators

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Today marks the Fifth Birthday of Lainy’s Musings. In the previous years, Windy and I would conceptualize a few activities to commemorate this Blog’s birthday. Here is a recollection of how Lainy’s Musings celebrated her birthday during the past four years.

The First Blog Birthday

The First Birthday had a memorable and also the biggest Writing Contest in bloglandia: Lainy’s Hottest Blogoversary Writing Competition: A Bloggers’ Celebration showcased the writing skills of bloggers, Blog to the World, Blog for You and Me. I believe it was the most talked about Blogging Contest with some controversies that spiced up the celebration even more. Windy and I spent weeks of sleepless nights to be able to come up with an organized writing concept and rules. The outpouring of sponsorship was staggering! Bloggers’ support made it a huge success.

The Second Blog Birthday

The success of the First Blogoversary prompted Windy and I to launch the Project Heavenly Home. This was a philanthropic project which was a precursor to the Second Blogoversary of Lainy’s Musings. It aimed to help out a widow with 3 kids in the completion of her house which was built by Windy for her. Benevolent bloggers responded to the call where proceeds of their donations went to pay for the roof of the house. Bloggers had proven once more that they can unite upon where their support is needed the most. The Project Heavenly Home was immediately followed by a plain and simple celebration through the Lainy’s Musings 2nd Blogoversary Contest- How Did Baby React? It was a far cry from how Lainy’s Musings celebrated its previous Birthday. Though it was a less frenetic celebration, it did not create any controversy, LOL! Hence, less stress for the “celebrated” authors of this blog. Ha! Ha! Ha!

You even heard me speak live to officially culminate the month-long celebration- 2nd Blogoverary Celebration Part III- Hear Me Speak. It was another success for Lainy’s Musings.

The Third Blog Birthday

On her Third Blogoversary, we conceptualized the Lainy’s Musings 3rd Blogoversary- The Gravatar Contest. It was high time for us to honor and give tribute to Bloggers who gave life to this blog- Lainy’s Musings Top Commenters. Over the years, Lainy’s Musings made sure that it has kept its interaction with fellow bloggers active and balanced. We try to respond to each and every comments as much as we can and we also return the favor. Though a few bloggers may not entirely agree on some articles published here, I was very pleased that during the height of my blogging journey, I was able to gain real genuine friends- and I keep them to my heart, not only online but as well as offline.

The Fourth Blog Birthday

For its 4th birthday in 2012, I failed to celebrate this blog’s birthday. I believe I was in hiatus at the time and had a bout of blogopause which made me lose my interest to blog. The initial zest and passion during the height of my blogging “career” if ever there was (LOL!) has long been in the doldrums but blogging will always be a hobby that’s therapeutic for me. As such, I always find my way back to where I initially left off.

The Fifth Blog Birthday

It’s now Lainy’s Musings to celebrate her Fifth Birthday. Windy and I are grateful. After a lot of setbacks in our lives as bloggers, we are still here and we remain determined to blog our absolute best.

Now it’s time to laud and to give credit to the bloggers who gave their time and support to this Blog’s longevity through their valuable comments for the past year- 2012 to 2013.

They are the following:

Ria C
Emely Vercide

I have noticed, several old blogpals had never made their presence felt for reasons best known to themselves. I can only count in my fingers those who have remained as regulars at this Blog since day one and I can’t help but be overjoyed. Thank you Sis R E C E L! You have always been consistent in showing support to all my blogging endeavors. I am overwhelmed! To the new blogpals who had found their way around Lainy’s Musings, thank you very much and we hope to share more cherished moments with you.


13 Replies to “Lainy's Musings 5th Blogoversary Celebration- Reminiscing and Tribute to Top 20 Commentators”

  1. Happy Anniversary Lainy more power to your blogs! That is so many friends to be thankful for 🙂 I always love blogging because we met good and friendly people through writings. 🙂

  2. happy 5th blogversary Lainy, our blogs share the same month for blogversary, however, somehow, i could not come up with blogversary post 🙁 somehow I have too many plans what to do, but i always end up finding it’s several months and i have not done any for my blog anniversary.

    you and windy really make a good team, it is rare these days, and I really admire you both for that. keep on inspiring.

  3. Hala, special mention pala ang byuti ko! Haha! Sis, you have been such a great virtual friend to me and for as long as I blog, I will always be landing on this page! 🙂 Thanks for the mention! You are so sweet! 🙂

  4. I can’t believe it! I am the top commenter. It only showed that I am a certified ‘Adiktus”. Congrats on your 5th Blog Anniversary Lainy and Sir windy.

  5. POapaleng is the summa cumlaude in leaving comments Lainy, there should be an award weee… Congratulations again to both you and Windy for a job well done in maintaining this website.!

  6. Back here, Sis! How time flies! I started blogging in 2007 and I just realized, this summer will be my 6th year, too. So many things have happened and so many lessons I have learned. Most of all, great friendships, though virtual only, have also evolved. 🙂

    Congratulations on the long life in blogging, Sis! More years to celebrate! 🙂

  7. Yay! Five years! Amazing! 🙂

    Me and my blog has been together for 2 years now and looking forward for more. You are one of my blog inspiration, Ate Lainz! 🙂

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