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60 COMMENTS on “Mindanao’s Biggest Wave: Paraiso Verde Resort and Waterpark

Mindanao’s Biggest Wave: Paraiso Verde Resort and Waterpark

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You may ask, why it’s fun in the Philippines? One of the many cool reasons could be the newest resort in Mindanao which is located in South Cotabato. It boasts of its world-class facilities: Moby Wave Pool, Adventure Rapids, Freestyle Swimming Pool and the Wiggles Kiddie Pool.

Please allow me to let the photos speak for itself:

Moby Waves

Moby Panoramic View

Freestyle Swimming Pool

Wiggles Kiddie Pool

Extreme Fun!

Bucket! Oh bucket! ;-)



~Photo credits: Paraiso Verde Resort and Waterpark

When we went there in December for our Provincial Yearend party, I was amazed at how the place was developed. Everything was so modern! It’s indeed one of its kind in Southern Philippines!

I got the chance to take some captures from my very own shutter:

At the Wiggle Kiddie Pool

More reasons to wiggle and giggle! ;-)

Some rules at the Wiggles Kiddie Pool

Function Hall and Cabanas

If you’re interested to see the rates, here it is:

The rates

You can also opt to contact directly Paraiso Verde Resort and Waterpark.

We sure had a blast the entire time of the happy party there!

I have actually planned for a family outing there in December. But my mother doesn’t want her young, beautiful skin to be exposed under the heat of the excruciating sun (Ang arte!   :roll: ); so I had to find another place with overnight accommodation, hence Lemlunay Dive Spot. Too bad Paraiso Verde’s open only until midnight.

However, I highly recommend this place to everyone who wants another round of awesome adventure. Paraiso Verde has succeeded in giving fun a different meaning and bringing Mindanao to greater heights.

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60 thoughts on “Mindanao’s Biggest Wave: Paraiso Verde Resort and Waterpark

  1. Well, you’re right Lainz. The place looks cool. Mahilig din kami magpunta sa resort ng family ko and that place looks really promising. Tsaka mukhang affordable naman yung prices.

    Natawa naman ako sa comment mo sa Mom mo. Hahaha!
    KRIZZA´s last blog post ..Ambyanz Salon And Spa

    • @KRIZZA,

      Yes indeed, Krizz. Sana makapagpublish ka pa ng more escapades nyo with your kids.

      Hahaha! Pagkagaling kasi namin nagovernight sa Lemlunay, sabi ko next natin sa Paraiso Verde. She has the same reaction. Ayaw nya daw yong naiinitan. Night swimming ang gusto!

  2. Haha! Nakakatuwa si mudrabellez mo :D Consciousness monster sa beauty nya ;) Kasi nga naman dapat sana talaga may overnight accommodations sa ganyan kabonggang resort. Kakabilib talaga sa Pinas kasi lumelevel up na talaga sa mga destinations ;)
    KM´s last blog post ..BREAKFAST AT CORA

  3. Nag-e-error sa pag post ng comment, so not sure kung pumasok yung una kong comment, pero uulitin ko na lang :D Haha!

    Nakakatuwa si mudrabellez mo :D Consciousness monster sa beauty nya ;) Kasi nga naman dapat sana talaga may overnight accommodations sa ganyan kabonggang resort. Kakabilib talaga sa Pinas kasi lumelevel up na talaga sa mga destinations ;)
    KM´s last blog post ..BREAKFAST AT CORA

    • @lira,

      Lira Dearie! Welcome back! Is this a sign that you’ll be back in the blog limelight? Hehehe!

      Adtui jud baya ninyo ni ha. Sa Marbel lang ni, duol ra kaau sa Highway. I hope to see you in September. I’m excited for you, Lir. Pramis! I hope lang jud makarampa pako sa imong kasal :D

  4. You say it’s more fun in the Philippines, and I say Wow philippines!!! if only there’s a money to suport the different project in thephillipines without corruption im sure there’s more nice resort nga ma discover ug ma create
    Shydub´s last blog post ..Our World Tuesday wk20

  5. Lainy,

    There is so much that can be said about what should be the right formula for the Philippines to revitalize the Tourism Industry. Everyone’s input would be a valid contribution as personal taste and choice would differ.

    But one thing for sure about those who are directly serving and profiting from the Philippine Tourism Industry – they ape what is already “old” attractions in the West. Such as those depicted in the photographs above.

    Why, even some Asians are satiated with resorts that offer another miniaturized concrete jungle and a two seconds joy ride down a slide or from the crest of artificial waves.

    The idyllic and carefree “do as it comforts you” that is found in lush green expanse and sandy shores, with umbrella shade from nature’s forest and the scent of the tropical heat bearing upon the greenery is brutally hacked for cabanas.

    Then what is left of the massacre are a few palm trees artificially potted around to reverse as it were, a concrete jungle transformed into nature’s playground.

    Add some psychedelic paint scheme to the concrete ramparts and who cares who is swimming or throwing caution to the winds, there is no life savers post anywhere in the photographs.

    In the name of Tourism and “there is more fun in the Philippines”, what has happened to the natural beauty and mystique that was once the pride of the Philippines?
    Windy´s last blog post ..Rise If Possible

    • @Windy,

      What more can I say? You’ve already said it all. Coming from a non-Filipino like you, I feel ashamed to be part of the government system that stinks.

      I love how you put it: “When what is left of the massacre are a few plant trees… ” Which reminded me of the recent deluge that wrought havoc to more than a thousand helpless Filipinos. Illegal logging was identified to be the culprit. However, government policies proved that they themselves allowed these to happen.

      For the nth time, I have said time and again that I have lost hope for my country. However, I can never call any other country that’s mine but only my beloved Philippines. I should do my own little share that will help improve the Filipinos lot e.g. be a more responsible civil servant. The government elected officials must take action NOW and take responsibility to a lot of pressing issues and concerns besetting my country.

  6. Every time I saw a water park I always remember my son’s curiosity with water when we went to the aqua park here in our place. While at the same time I enjoyed the crazy slides with so many choices to choose from.

    And if you have time take time to read the article I have in the link just for awareness when it comes to swimming. The image there is the aqua park I am talking about.
    sir rob´s last blog post Review

  7. WOW! A big wow jud kaau Lain. Pagkanindot kaau sa lugar. IT is definitely a place to explore where old and young would surely enjoy. That bucket thingy sounds new…kani pa ko kadungog ana. hahaha!

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