My Fellow Filipinos, Start Rearing Pigeons

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Seriously, as part of the ongoing Sin Tax and if ever the Philippines passes a Bill to increase domestic tax on Text Messages, my fellow Filipinos should consider rearing and training Pigeons to be message carriers.

Pigeon carrier checking Flight Route

Filipinos could also consider rearing and training Cockroaches as an alternative to the cost of maintaining a flock of pigeons.

Dual capability message carrier; runs and flies

In our Age of Information explosion and Mass Communicaton, the suggestion made by the IMF Managing Director Christine Lagarde to the Philippines to increase tax for Text Messages via cellular phones and to include it in the country’s Sin Tax, it is typical of a Medieval mindset and guess from where? Europe!!!.

And talking about Sin Tax, it is in the first instance, a reflection of poor governance because it is sinful to increase tax for a populace that is already over-burdened by the brunt of a personal Economy which has had no respite in decades.

Back to the suggestion of the IMF Managing Director. The next time she visits the Philippines, it will not be uncharacteristic of her if she suggests to impose a Sin Tax for Farting because it causes a green house effect in the Philippines besides being a reason for increasing Low Pressure zones in the Pacific and apocalyptic Typhoons.

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    1. @Cher,

      Please allow me to do the translation in the English vernacular and pardon my crude attempt at it for Windy, my Malaysian co-authors’ easy comprehension:

      Goodness gracious! That’s why our Motherland does not progress at all! The poor becomes poorer and the rich becomes richer! Sigh!

  1. Seriously? if that is the case maybe i would begin my pigeon rearing at this early so that at the time the Bill is approved i already have a well trained pigeon to carry on my messages or maybe, i would refrain or minimize sending text messages anymore.

  2. You’re so funny Windy! And probably, you’re right, we should consider viable options to save money in other services and necessities. Maybe if the govt decides to implement the tax law on texts and other communication services tax, then perhaps the Filipinos will have to resort to your suggestions 🙂

    Necessity is the mother of invention… and in this case, SIN TAX 🙂

  3. This is a serious matter but I laughed at the fart part hehehe. I agree, that’s what’s happening here in the US as well, the Pres wants to model the governance to Europe system which I think is a mistake.

    I think that sin tax is outrageous!

  4. to be honest, i am not as knowledgeable about this in Philippine situation now, but i’m trying to keep up with the post that i am reading from fellow bloggers, i just hope they’ll be more fair to Filipinos.

  5. That’s hilarious! You come up with the funniest ideas out of the most ridiculous of things. Like this Sin tax, for one.

    As for this sin tax, I’m too sure it’s just one of those ways those politicians would do to wring money out of us. Agh!

  6. about sin tax, which is imposing higher tax on cigarettes and liquor, yeah maybe a good idea but we really don’t know if this is gonna be effective to discourage people to quit smoking/drinking, but they should also consider the poor tobacco farmers and workers that will be affected immensely by this new law, and how about smuggling and black market, the authorities should do better in curving them if not totally eradicating..and this text tax, tsk tsk, can’t they think of better solution, yeah better to start rearing pigeons just like the old age 🙁

  7. I didn’t know about this news sigh shy on me but I guess I need to buy pigeons and train them to convey my message to my friends then. How I wish it would always come back home to me and never get lost. LOL! Our governments here would always make a way to earn. Wahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!

  8. Am I correct to say that rearing pigeons to be message carriers be a novel idea.. But this idea makes sense anyway. I have read from verified sources that underground groups are using pigeons as drug courier. If that’s the case then, we have in oour hand professional pigeon trainers.

  9. Training pigeons and cockroaches? That’s funny! Hahahahaha! 🙂

    I wonder why politicians nowadays are making bills/laws that are way too far to solve what problems the country is facing now. It’s quite frustrating sometimes, when I come to think of it! 🙁

  10. waaaaaaaaaaaattt? holy cow. they sure what to get their hands on everything. text messaging would be too expensive for everybody. it used to be unlimited when it first came out. then later on they starting to charge 1 peso per text. now how much it cost? 5pesos/text? crazy.

  11. wow, what’s going on in Philippines? where does these people get ideas like this! anyway, lucky we have pigeons at home already and they are all trained, hehehe, just need to polished a little bit more! 🙂

  12. they should think of other things that are worth taxable than taxing text messages, I don’t see any logic to it at all, in my own opinion, it is a very strange thing to do

  13. Such a funny approach to the issue on increasing tax for the text messages. To be honest, natawa talaga ako sa thought of rearing cockroaches to send our messages. Hahaha I just hope that the Congress can take immediate steps to look at the matter the right way. There are so many factors to consider before they take even a single move.

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