I'm Back!

I was off from blogosphere for 4-long days! It was very disappointing and annoying to have lost my SmartBro connection for such a long time. This is the first time it happened to me since I decided to subscribe for SmartBro last December 2007. Honestly, I couldn’t help but snap at all the CSR’s who handled my calls. I understand that inevitable circumstances like this happens once in a while but I think we, as subscribers, deserve the right to have the most quality service that we could get.

Now that I’m back, I will try my very best to visit you all. Have a great weekend!

My Lakbayan Grade is D!

I got tagged by Pretty Nancy. Thanks so much, girl!

I have practically lived all my life here in GenSan. I am not a nomadic type of person and I am not a jetsetter, either, hehe! I am not surprised at all with the grade D I got from Lakbayan.

Now I would like to know from Cheerful, Gles, Ate Bing, & Mummy Sheng how much of the Philippines have you visited? Find out at Lakbayan!

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A Red Rose From Me To You!

Supernova and Cheerful tagged me with this one. Thanks so much, girls!

The rose has always been valued for its beauty and has a long history of symbolism. The ancient Greeks and Romans identified the rose with their goddesses of love referred to as Aphrodite and Venus.

As a link of love, I would like to share this to my friends: Cheerful, Del, Honey, Lourdz, Twerlyn, and Ate Bing.

Finally, Ginebra Wins!

I feel so happy tonight! After 6 attempts, Barangay Ginebra got their first win! Ang babaw ko talaga! With their 3rd import in tow, the Gins lorded over Purefoods TJ Hotdogs. With Mark Caguiaoa’s heroics at crunch time, the Kings pulled it off, 102-99. Caguioa was responsible for the last 6 points made by the team in the last 2 minutes of play surviving what could have been another defeat.

Caguioa’s efforts paid off as well as the new import’, Chris Alexander. The 7 foot 1 center was a workhorse on both ends of the court. He debuted with 18 points, season-high 27 rebounds and 6 blocks.

My heart has been bleeding for 5 games and this time around, I was practically shouting and jumping with glee, haha!

JJ Helterbrand’s efforts is also commendable. He finished with 24 points.

10 Careers You've Probably Never Heard Before

With unemployment and with the onset of the many underpaid jobs especially here in the Philippines, you might want to know emerging jobs that you might haven’t heard of before but probably should:

1. Nursing Informatics. Medical career is still leading the way. But it is sad to know that it lacks computerization. This is where Nursing Informatics comes in. They prevent medical errors with the use of digital record-keeping devices.

2. Experience Designer. This job makes marketing and merchandising really inviting to keep customers flocking in. They choose the best colors and designs in shopping stores to create the ultimate shopping experience. They are paid for their skills $60, 000/ year.

3. Viral Marketers. This job creates products with multimedia design training through word-of-mouth. They earn an average of $80, 000.

4. Bloggers. Oh yeah! We, bloggers are now being recognized as the #4 emerging career! Isn’t it great? We are being paid for writing of the things we love. The world can now read what’s working up in our heads. Top bloggers can earn up to 6 figures. Some can even make it up to millions. Super WOW for them!

5. HVACR Technicians. “HVACR” or heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and refrigeration is very in demand these days. It is not new. But those people who has the know how in the much advanced HVACR can earn up to $35, 000 up to the triple digits.

6. Carbon Management Consultant. This may sound like a jon in a mining company but you are wrong. They are usually MBA degree holders. They help businesses reduce carbon footprint to help the envionment. They earn $60, 000-$100, 000 while making the world a safer and a better place to live in.

7. International Logistics Manager. They have a degree in logistics or supply chain management. Since most companies operate internationally, they always make sure that products and materials are transported safely, on the deadline set and within the budget range. They are very well paid for their international experience with roughly $60, 000/ year.

8. Conservation Scientists. They were once called “forest rangers”. These environmental jobs is one of the fastest growing, but there is more to protecting the flora and fauna than preventing forest fires. They earn an average of $56, 000 annually.

9. Welders. This is a technical job thats growing hotter and hotter more than ever. I can attest to that because even here in the Philippines, students in technical schools taking up welding are flocking. Those who are willing to travel can earn $50 an hour.

10. Personal Chef. They are chefs for hired. They don’t want to work in restaurants. They are being hired to cook your dinner and this career is one of the fastest groeing in the culinary field.

You too can set the pace in these emerging career. We now lead the way in blogging. What are you waiting for? Be one of us and help us make the future exciting and promising!

Very Disappointed

When the PBA All Filipino Conference commenced in March, I got very excited. I will get to see Barangay Ginebra Kings play again. My all-time favorite team. But to my dismay, they are still winless up to this time. The only team of 10 who has played 5 games and wasn’t able to get a single win. They have 2 heartbreaking wins and I commend Mark Caguioa for all his efforts. He is doing everything for the team. He is making all the impossible things happen. But basketball is not a one-man game. It should be a team effort and all 5-players in the court, including the relievers, should get themselves involved.

I am positive that the Gin Kings will soon get their most coveted first win in the first round of the All-Filipino Conference.

Not Just Another Blog

I decided to get another free-blogger hosted domain. I have other accounts from Bravejournal and WordPress but I have difficulty manipulating and customizing them. I do not have the time lest the patience to hurdle it all. Blogger is so user-friendly. I just do not know if I could ever get the time in updating this site. I will try my very best.

This is more than just a blog for me. Since the other site has long been monetized, I feel like my thoughts has been a little controlled. In this blog, I hope I could get to write more sensible posts that could be really relevant for everyone.

Meanwhile, it will be very much appreciated if you could take time to add me in your list.

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