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14 COMMENTS on “Philippines is Best World Country in Business English

Philippines is Best World Country in Business English

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You might think I am speaking biased just because I come from the Philippines myself.

But hold your horses, folks!

This honor was cited last year by GlobalEnglish Corporation, the leading provider of cloud-based, on-demand software to advance Enterprise Fluency™ for global organizations. The study was conducted through its annual Business English Index (BEI), the only index that measures Business English proficiency in the workplace. It must be noted that the BEI shows that a lack of Business English proficiency is threatening the productivity of companies, industries and country-specific economies.

Here’s the list of the 10 best and worst countries in the world for business English proficiency based on GlobalEnglish’s 2012 Business English Index:

10 Best Countries:

10 Worst Countries:
Cote d’Ivoire
El Salvador
Saudi Arabia

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It was of great pride and honor for the Filipinos to have been named in the Top 10. For Filipinos to be competent in the English Business vernacular despite the fact that they do not speak English as its first language is something huge! It only means that Filipinos can easily adopt to a changing, global working environment and are known for its strong and viable coping mechanism.

Please allow me to digress a bit. Not all Filipinos were able to go to school and the survey must have focused only amongst working Filipinos in multinational companies that obviously got proper, standard, formal education. So the news wouldn’t have stunned us at all since a lot of Filipinos working overseas are very much competent in speaking the English language.

Let us not veer away too far. Let’s talk about Filipino Bloggers. You must have known by now that some interesting blogs are penned by Filipinos that are most articulate and proficient in English.

You might ask, why can a Filipino speak good English even when they don’t even speak the language in the first place? Well, one good reason I could give, and please don’t take it against me, we Filipinos do love to APE people from the West and with that comes as well their language which is English.

Look around you in the Philippines. The ad placements, billboards and signage are mostly in English. Try to talk to an ordinary Filipino citizen and he will try his best to retort back in broken, crooked English. Talk to some Filipinos in a slang manner and they will respond to you in standard American or British accents.

Oh well! We Filipinos have to be grateful for our teachers for imposing the “Speak English Only” policy in the classroom or else, you’ll be fined a few pesos. Hell, it’s true! It’s a personal experience and it might be to some of you as well. We were honed to be the best there is in English from Grade School to College with the unending spelling drills and reading classes. We even had the “Formal Theme” in Grade School where we had to do a lengthy essay about certain topics. Reading comprehension, language and spelling classes truly enhanced every Filipino’s skill in the English language.

And Oh! Lest I forget, every Filipino has become a grammar cop. You say something in English and they’d try to find something grammatically wrong in whatever you say. That’s only in the Philippines! ;-)

For whatever it’s worth, the Philippines deserve to be at the top. I hope for the country to achieve another milestone when it’s going to be named the BEST IN BUSINESS and not only in Business English.

Credits: GlobalEnglish

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14 thoughts on “Philippines is Best World Country in Business English

  1. Clap clap clap for my home country Philippines!

    Even if I can’t consider myself an expert in Business English language, in many sense, I am good at it! Only good because my daughter who is a US-born baby with FILIPINO parents is way better than me! Hahaha! I remember last year, someone from church told me this: “How come you speak really good English? It doesn’t show at all that you’re not a native English Speaker?” My daughter, in her innocence and a bit of egocentric tone burst out, “Wait till you read my Mom’s writings! She writes a lot better English than she speaks!” Waaaaaaaaaa! Lol.

    I am proud to be a Filipino! :)
    Rcel´s last blog post ..The Power of Salt

  2. As a Filipino, this is indeed something to be proud of. This proficiency in the Business English Language have opened doors for more job opportunities for us here and abroad. Truly, when put to good use, this proficiency can get us better paying jobs and can further boost the country’s economy.
    meretrisha´s last blog post ..looking forward to the next climb

  3. agree! walang duda! i think one of the proof also is the sprouting call center in the country…which…I plan to apply..hahaha..I am fascinated with people working in call center feeling ko ang galing2 nila..

  4. Hi there Lainy! Now this post makes me comment slower, thinking of each word that I type so as not to commit an embarrassing error in grammar…thanks to automatic spelling correction I almost committed a mistake typing “embarrassing,” hehehe…oh well, I am proud to be a Filipino and always will be. Thank God, for once we have excelled internationally in something worthwhile and not just boxing :) …I wish you blue skies and all things nice too! :) now my next predicament is answering the spam protection box hahaha, I shriek when I see even the simplest equations! love yah! :)

  5. I have no doubts about this list even if it has often been said that the country’s standard of education has deteriorated. Filipinos are definitely one of the most adaptable people in terms of learning. My own daughter easily shifts from American English to British English depending on who she is speaking with, complete with the accent and choice of words, because of her call-center experience. I am one with you though in hoping that our country will excel in other fields as well.
    Teresa Martinez´s last blog post ..Hobbies to Take Up in 2013

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