Poor Windy or Poor Cheeky?

The excitement of having Cheeky in Windy’s life seemed to dissipate when I began to hear some complaints from the brilliant man himself. I was informed that Cheeky had been giving Windy such a hard time.

Just like today, Windy had to spank her coz she peed on the carpets four times (4X). Windy told me he had been patient enough. He had to grab Cheeky’s neck and swung her into the cage. He had no other recourse but to ground her for three long days in her cage.

Windy also complained about the amount of work that he had to devote in caring for Cheeky. He had to clean her cage and disinfect it with chlorine. Then clean up after her the whole day after she pees and poos.

I have actually received this email from Windy which says, and I quote:

Today, I managed to train or is it frighten Cheeky to walk back to her cage and stay there, even with the cage door open. Without a whimper she stayed put inside the cage….without a whimper because she will get smacked if she whined.

Then I changed the place to beside my bed. She did not follow my command words. I found out that she waited for me to leave my bedroom and then she would move out from the spot. She got whacked and then stayed put even if I left the room

Next, I gave her her Dinner and commanded that she does not eat it. She obeyed.

After she ate her Dinner, I tried to get her to follow instructions to get into the blue tub to pee or poo. She refused. So I put her inside the blue tub. She tried to get out and got spanked again.

Then, of all the goddam blazes, she sat squat inside the blue tub and went off to sleep. Photos show….


Go to hell!
Toilet training

Windy said that it’s good when Cheeky is inside her cage coz she dare not whine or yelp at all or else she will lose her mouth, hahaha!

Now you be the judge. Is it poor Windy or poor Cheeky? LOL!

P. S.

As I was ready to publish this, Windy informed me that some of Cheeky’s training has borne fruit.

Both Windy and Cheeky came home after a car drive and a walk. She started to play, Windy gave her a wee bit food and an empty plastic cup. She played with it until she was tired then she peed again on the carpet but Windy did not beat her but he just showed her what she did. Cheeky walked back to her cage silently and went in and she’s been in the cage till now without whining or coming out. Finally, Cheeky understood Windy’s English. Honestly, Cheeky almost died learning Windy’s English. How many times she made Windy chase her around the house while the former wanted to beat her butt! LOL!

If I may just add, Windy said that Cheeky learned his English faster than me, LOL! What a brutal statement to say, hahaha!


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19 thoughts on “Poor Windy or Poor Cheeky?”

  1. Aiyooooo poor thing got spanked huuhuhu…I just got a new kitty myself and we’re training him too… he is so cute and he picks things up really quickly, goes to the litter on his own and is eating well too, meowie!!! I think Windy should have gotten a cat instead ha ha ah ahha ! Happy weekend ! :)

    1. @Mariuca,

      Yeah, Sweetie! I have actually told Windy he had been really harsh with Cheeky. But he said he had to impose discipline on her as early as now.

      Oh WOW! Sounds a really interesting cat, Sweetie. Windy had actually originally thought of buying a Siamese cat but when he went to Global Pets they said it’s at another branch. He was too lazy to go there so he settled for a pup.

      Happy weekend too, GP! Hugs!

    1. @j,

      Hahahahaha! So Windy was right, Sis! He asked for the translation in your previous comment. He retorted that you wouldn’t want to be adopted after reading this post, LOL!

  2. Aww.. that was kinda harsh. Every little puppy needs discipline, but it should be imposed with respect. Cheeky will learn it eventually, she couldn’t expect the little puppy to learn all that in just a day or two.. It takes a little more time than than. :(

    The way I understand it.. dogs follow leaders. Windy should set herself as the alpha.. I mean, the calm leader. Once Cheeky understands that Windy is that calm, assertive energy, the puppy will follow. Hehe.. I’ve been watching the show “Dog Whisperer” too many times.. :p

    I feel very sad. I wish I could give Cheeky a hug..

    1. @Leah,

      The way I understand it..dogs follow FOOD! hahaha
      And I AM the Alpha and the Omega as far as Cheeky is concerned.

      I can hand her food for Alpha and I can retract food from her for Omega.
      And I am calm leader (she gets spanked first when she least expects it), definitely assertive (she gets told what to do and when to do) and lordy, lordy, she loves it because she keeps coming back for more spanks and more commands.
      Now, that’s why one calls a dog a mutt!!!

      The way everyone should understand about dogs and animal pets is that they speak Tagalog and not English.
      They’re animals not human.

      Those who failed to make this difference a fact, ended up sadly.
      Even family members, children and babies were bitten or fatally wounded by that innocent and harmless looking beast.

      Animals do not reason. If only they could, this world would be more safely led by animals than humans.

      When trained, they follow a set of routine repetitive, recognizable instructions. When not trained, they follow their primitive instincts.

      Most animal expert trainers say that it is with positive reinforcement that animals are trained. That seems to be one way for those who “humanise” animals.

      And yet, how many lion tamers and showmen have been mauled by their own lions?

      Remember Steve Irwin who got his fatal message from a sea manta straight to his heart?

      Why do animal trainers carry a “whip” if all that moddly-coddly positive reinforcement be true?

      You know what an animal sees when it looks at a human? MEAT! GLORIOUS YUMMY MEAT! and it waits patiently for that one day it turns that dream meal into reality!

      Point is it takes what it takes to make my mutt understand when all else fails, regardless if it is a two month old pup.

      1. @Windy, Point taken. :) Hope it all works for yah. hehe..

        But I dunno if I agree with your line.. “You know what an animal sees when it looks at a human? MEAT! GLORIOUS YUMMY MEAT! “.. Oh well. To each his own. :)

        Great day!

        1. @ Leah,

          I wasn’t kidding when I wrote that line about what an animal sees in a human.

          Though this may sound irrelevant but here is a true story that underscores what I said…

          An Indonesian worker in my country, left for his homeland during the long Muslim Idul Fitri festival holiday.

          He reared 9 dogs at his home here.

          During his long absence, his stronger dogs pushed by hunger, started to devour the weaker ones.

          Now, when the Indonesian returned from his long homeland holiday, he was not aware about having lost a few of his nine dogs.

          What he sadly knows is that the very same dogs that he fed and cared for turned on him, they mauled him and he narrowly escaped death at their jaws as he opened the house gates to enter his own house.

          That is just one true story. There are many others where these canines have suddenly turned on their owner or owner’s family members. Such as this one that I personally know…

          My nephew was suddenly bitten by their family dog pet while they were on the living room carpet. He lost part of his ear lobe in the struggle. They were forced to put their pet to rest forever.

          Humans maim and kill each other, animals do it even better; animals summarily eat their human fallen victim. LOL!

    2. @Leah,

      Hmmm. I believe Windy knows what he’s doing, Leah. He loves dogs but he must have some other styles of discipline. I was told it has now borne fruit. I just have to see if Windy’s strategy is effective. I hope to see Cheeky grow to be an obedient lass in a few days 😉

  3. I hurt for your pet. I would never hit an animal or a baby! Love is the best way to train them.

    I have always loved that shade of blue.
    Happy Blue Monday.

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