Putting a Face Into a Name: Joy

In the blogging world, blogpals strongly support each other without having to see each other face-to-face. We clearly know one another by our pen names and how our mind strongly speaks but strangely enough, putting a face into a name is a rare occurrence. But once an opportunity strikes, I’d grab it. It’s just me.

When I was informed in April that a blogpal of mine was coming down to Sydney from Brisbane, I felt ecstatic. We have known each other since I started out blogging more than 9 years ago. That’s how much I feel so ancient in knowing her via our blogs but we never got the chance to get acquainted face-to-face.

How It All Began
When I was only a neophyte at bloglandia in 2007, Joy was amongst the first few who supported me by virtue of appreciating my thoughts, agreeing to what I write, celebrating milestones, openly or silently refuting some ideas, and simply showing support by making her presence felt to whatever crap I publish across my blogs. Eventually, a beautiful and rare kind of friendship has evolved virtually; and it all took place even before the social media like Facebook invaded our lives.

 photo image_15.png
This is how Joy sees me as a blogger. Yay! Thanks for the beautiful words! ☺️

The Meet and Greet
When I learned of their hectic schedule, I informed my husband and he was ever willing and happy to drive me together with our son to our meeting place which was just in the vicinity of a shopping centre. The only thing was that, they will be arriving at night time, which was my baby’s sleeping time.

With Joy's family photo image_16.png
With both our families. My poor little fella! He was asleep the whole time! 😩

It was just a quick and short meet-up. I was happy to see a very cheerful, pretty, and sexy Mummy with her beautiful family. Joy was the same person as I have pictured her to be at the blogs.

I’d like to thank her and her family for going out of their way to meet me and my small family despite feeling exhausted from their long travel from Brisbane en route to Melbourne.

Hugs to you Joy and your beautiful family! It was a pleasure meeting you face-to-face! It’s a good feeling to have finally put a face into your name.

Until we meet again!

To Deactivate on Facebook or Not

Last week, I privately warned my Mum, MIL, and some other close pals that they may not be able to see my updates on Facebook anymore once I get my account deactivated.

I didn’t mean to sound melodramatic but I have my solid reasons. They were probably unhappy; but when they learned of the primary reason why I planned of temporarily quitting Facebook, I was relieved that they clearly understood where I was coming from.

However, my husband strongly disagreed and did his best to convince me to reconsider.

“You can’t cut off your ties from people just like that.”

He knew how I love going on Facebook; he’s been very supportive especially when I share stuff about Jamie. He wants my family back home to keep track of Jamie’s progress by posting regular updates. He didn’t want them to miss out on anything about Jamie.

He further quipped that I can well manage or curtail my Facebook usage by doing the following:

1. Log-out from my Facebook account when I feel the need to be productive;
2. Do things according to my schedule;
3. Do not be tempted to log back in until I am done with my “tasks”;
4. Facebook in moderation; Facebooking during my most idle moments, i.e on the train (Read: I am actually on the train while drafting this post).
5. Do NOT deactivate.

I was surprised how he strongly feels about me shunning off my Facebook presence. He is on Facebook alright but he isn’t a Facebooker like I am, if you know what I mean.

When he threw in these inputs altogether for me to seriously reconsider my options, it made me struggle all the more on whether or not to completely deactivate Facebook. Knowing myself being too hooked on FB, it’s going to be too difficult in practice and execution. Facebook has become too accessible and made things at its easiest so it became an easy addiction; it is habit-forming. And yes! I can do Facebook anytime, anywhere!

Last night, I posted my dilemma on my Facebook wall, where else? Lol!

My Facebook shout
My Facebook shout

One of them may not have taken it seriously thus the laugh icon. But it came as no surprise to me at all when virtual pals echoed similar thoughts as that of my husband.

From one of the most respected blogger I look up to.
From one of the most respected blogger I look up to.
Honestly, it made me rethink my options
Honestly, it made me rethink my options
From my girlfriends 😘
From my girlfriends 😘
One more girlfriend ❤️
One more girlfriend ❤️

I am with most of you, if not all. There are a lot of great and amazing things on Facebook; it has become a phenomenon. As a matter of fact, the 16th President of the Philippine Republic attributed its overwhelming landslide victory to the social media platforms. I find it brilliant that his campaign strategists were able to employ and maximize social media to his advantage.

But this is not all about His Excellency. This is just about me- an ordinary wife and a working Mummy who’d like to juggle things in between. My intent is to basically experiment if I am capable of doing greater things if most of my time is spent away from Facebook. This is going to be a huge challenge.

So Why Am I still on Facebook?

Honestly, I still wrestle with this question as of this writing. Without a shadow of a doubt, Facebook has served me well and good for the last couple years especially when I migrated to Australia almost four years ago. It is extremely useful and has exceptionally done wonders in keeping me connected with family and friends; making me feel like I haven’t been away at all for that amount of time.

I am awkwardly aware that about a quarter in my contacts I have yet to meet in person. I have befriended them from the blogs and the relationship has evolved and blossomed over the years. We get to interact at Facebook on a regular basis regardless how irregular we publish updates on our blogs. I may not get the chance to meet them face-to-face and that is alright but who knows? I am not shutting my doors for any “eyeball” possibilities.

My Personal Take

After a much longer and deeper contemplation, I decided to keep my account for the time being. It is a given that Facebook is a “necessary evil” in the digital world and I am more encouraged to use it to my advantage. It is an engagement tool and I will make it work for me and NOT me working for Facebook. I am going to challenge myself to utilise it wisely and be more fruitful with my time. I won’t allow Facebook to steal and waste it when I need to do bigger and more important things. Thus, less time spent in posting statuses, uploading photos, etc.

Don’t get me wrong. Facebook is NOT the end-all and be-all platform. Please do away from this mentality:

“If something happens and you don’t put it on Facebook, did it ever happen?”

For my friends and family who’s interested to know some updates about me, I am hoping you’d take time to visit the links to my blogs as I will be publishing extensive updates from here at least once a week.

Just like the old blogging days.

I hope to win and get back with a pretty much organised and arranged schedule doing many things better than going with silly unimportant stuff on my Facebook Newsfeed.

Writing For Their Blog Bewilders Some

In March, I publish an article that has relevance. It was titled, “The Art of Writing for Blogs”. If you missed it and now wish to read it, you may Post-hop by clicking the button below to peruse it.

However, I was on copy in Windy’s email to another Blogger. Windy added some interesting details which I would like to share with you.

Here it is:

Good Sunday Afternoon!

I read your comment and Lainy’s reply to you at the Post titled, What Makes a Blog More Sought After.

Perhaps this may be of some assistance to you and I hope you will find something in it that you will be able to find useful.

Basically, you have the same common problem that challenges the majority who find it difficult to put down their thoughts in writing.

Now, before I begin, I must clarify that there are different conditions and that these warrant different styles of writing presentation. Such as,  if one is an Academic or a Researcher or a Journalist or an Author of novels. Each of these have what one may call a specialized manner in which they present their writings. It has to suit the profession.

So, for Bloggers, their manner of written presentation is somewhere in between that of a Journalist and an Author of novels. That kind of written presentation suits the format of blogs.

Now I shall begin. Fasten your seat belt. This is going to be a long ride. LOL

Anything that you intend to write MUST have an Introduction, the Body and a Conclusion. This keeps you on track with what you are about to write and prevent you from straying from the main subject matter.

  1. The Introduction should at the most be no more than two paragraphs; best if you keep it to just one paragraph.
  2. The Body can be as many paragraphs as you wish it to be. Importantly, each paragraph should contain not more than one specific thought that you are relating. This makes it easier for the reader to follow your thought progress.
  3. If there are a series of paragraphs, it is also good to group them into a subtitle. When you subtitle the group of paragraphs, it is a neat way to organize your writing and it also improves the understanding of the reader who can see how you are moving logically from one part of the essay to the next part. (I will show you an example of this after I have completed explaining all this.)
  4. The Conclusion should be short and sweet. Not more than two to three sentences. It gives a sharp and sweet sting right at the end. The Conclusion must emphasize either the Title of your essay or confirm what was said in your Introduction.

Here is an example how  it would look like,  let’s say if i were to write something About Cats.

Title: About Cats

1. Introduction

Cats have four legs, one tail and come in all shapes and sizes.

2. Body

Cats make good domestic pets (as sub title)

This is something commonly found in any part of the World. Cats are easily domesticated animals. They are timid unless provoked and can be very lovable and loyal pets. Children find cats so amusing that they often pull them by their fur or tail.

Blah blah – paragraph

Blah blah – paragraph

Selecting a cat for a pet (as sub title)

Blah blah blah – paragraph

Blah blah blah – paragraph

Blah blah blah – paragraph

Do cats talk? (as sub title)

Blah blah blah – paragraph

Blah blah blah – paragraph

Symptoms that your cat is sick (as sub title)

Blah blah blah – paragraph

Blah blah blah – paragraph

Blah blah blah – paragraph

3. Conclusion

I read that cats are love on four legs. How so true!

As you can see from the above example, that is how a Blog article should more or less be presented. It makes it easy on the reader’s eye to get an overview of what the entire passage is about.

Making it easy for the reader is of paramount importance because you write not for yourself but you write as the medium to reach out to the readership of others. Readers therefore become your “customers”. And it is to the best of your blog’s benefit so that your reading “customers” will find it simple and easy to read what your write.

What about personal expression?

This depends on your choice of words and how you construct your sentences.

If you were writing about how you were robbed on the street, you would not write as though you are taking a sight seeing tour of the Niagara Falls. The sentences would be short and choppy to reflect as though you are short of breath from the fright of it all. The words you would use would be hesitant, staccato, arousing shock, pain, etc.,

But what ever it is, it must be expressed in the way you would have related it as if you were speaking to someone about it. That would reflect your personality. If you wrote it like the person who writes scripts for the TV Program “the X Files”, that wouldn’t reflect you.

How about being Grammatically Correct?

First, you can’t always be grammatically correct. How people write it in America and how the British write it have strange differences and it is not that either the American or the British is incorrect.

People in places where Pidgin English is the lingua franca, they would say that both Americans and the British are stupid. Why the need for so many rules, the need to worry about grammar and miss delivering what is essential? There will always be those who pursue perfection to idiomatic ridicule as in remembering to dot the i’s and cross the t’s.

Give yourself time and you will progressively understand what rules apply and what rules do not apply. English is a very flexible language.

Listen to a Chinese speak or write English and you would know what I mean. As a Chinese is often heard to say or write in this manner,

“You have a big, big house with a long, long road leading to it from the front gate”

The Chinese is absolutely comfortable with repetition although it is rejected as redundancy by English grammar.

Do the Visayans give a damn if Windy understands what they are talking or writing in English? They don’t. They are comfortable with their English standard and they say, “to hell with the rest of you English expert b**t**ds”.

This is in addition to all that Lainy replied to you at your Comment.

Cheers for now,


The Sheep Syndrome

align boxBlog Owner & Author: Lainy

Do you have any idea what SHEEP SYNDROME is?

Consider a group of people of the same race overseas where cultural background and orientation are alien to them. They tend to huddle together when the signs say that they are not thinking correctly. They feel great sense of being right because they take refuge in numbers. So when NUMBERS matter, LOGIC is dumped. And it results with a mob kind of reaction. Emotional frenzy replaces a calm, sensible reasoning.

HERE’S AN EXAMPLE: That girl from the ZOO had a posse of instigators with her and she applied a frenzy emotional outburst and it got her no where. The THINKER won. The EMOTIONAL ABUSER dropped out of sight.

When there is no logical substance, the day will arrive when the bottom opens up and engulfs the person because others will eventually see that she is nothing but a phoney.

Cast aside her whining and moaning and what’s there left to see?
Where is her substance? When peeps realize there is no real substance left to talk about, they part ways.

That happened to Zoo but she is not the only one. I realized there is a lot of other Zoo’s at the blogs. A whole lot more.

It’s way past time for these Zoos to have a honest reality check about their blogging intentions and prima donna behaviour.

Don’t you think so? I certainly do.

This Blogger is UTTERLY Despicable.

I stumbled on this outrageous Comment at Twerlyn’s Way Of Thinking.

I consider Zuveena’s Comment as highly abusive and malicious.

Zuveena’s revile and most invective Comment is the worst that I have ever read ever since I’ve been blogging.

There is no just reason whatsoever for Zuveena’s tirade. Absolutely none.

Just a few days ago before this Zuveena incident, I had published an Article, “I’d say, “Bloggers, Move On” regarding my observations about Blogs and Bloggers.

Zuveena is the epitomy of an all-in-one Asshole Blogger.

Lo and behold! Zuveena fits the description that I wrote about a

“myopic, shameful tactless, every way but win, I Me My, hypocrite, pharisaic, omniscience blogger”


I'd Say, "Bloggers, Move On"

align boxBlog co-Author: Windy

Over the past two years, well not exactly two years because I stopped blogging sometime in September 2009 and returned here with a Comment on February 22nd., at Lainy’s Post.

One thing led to another and that applied to publishing articles here at Lainy’s invitation. I have returned only to find in a larger circumstance, the same old attitudes and blogging mindset.

What do I refer to?

These are observations made from published articles as well as from Comments submitted at various Blogs:

1. The myopic bloggers who can’t see anything further than within a 6 inch perimeter around themselves. Regrettably these bloggers fail to recognize that there are no boundaries that separate individuals in the blogging community.

2. The shameful tactless bloggers who manifest their bickering and obtuse references when all it takes is to call a spade, a spade. Brevity is the soul of wit.

3. The every way but win bloggers who find that it is beyond them to accept that Providence bestowed on them only one zillionth of intellectual capability.

4. The pestilence bloggers who can’t think of anything else better to do than spend their time spamming in every way conceivable.

5. The I, Me and My egotist bloggers who inscrutably find more happiness by engorging on pride much to their own ruin.

6. The diplomat bloggers who are neither here nor there in any given circumstance. They are in a state of self denial about the fact that popularity is fickle.

7. The hypocrite bloggers who thrive on back stabbing. We’ve actually lost good bloggers who stopped blogging because they were victims of this kind of bloggers.

8. The pharisaic bloggers who denounce what other bloggers do when the former has nothing better to offer by suggestion.

9. The all amiable YES bloggers who sweetly agree to whatever is placed before them.

10. The omniscience bloggers who pick on just about anything, even when there is a typo error or assail any effort to theorize.

The above list is not all that I have observed since I returned to blog as a Blog Co-Author at Lainy’s Musings.

There is a marked deterioration in the fare that bloggers commit themselves. There is a significant reduction in the number of what one would assay as a blogger who is worth his publications.

Fortunately, for the old fashioned SAHM (Stay At Home Mom) bloggers who once were the target of blog critics, their material still continues with predictable consistency when compared to Bloggers number 1 to 10 above. Blogverbially then, it’s so true that “the hand that rocks the cradle rules the world”. More power to our SAHMs!

The blogging sparkle has been subdued considerably with the lack luster management of Social Networks (MyBlogLog, Entrecard, BlogCatalog and a few others that fizzled out).

What is the rave today at Blogosphere?


Yes, at this moment, I can’t point to any that ‘s worth mentioning.

Every blogger is too involved with himself and there is a dearth of creativity, imagination and passion; qualities that are prerequisites and only found in a very small fraction in the blogging community.

You dispute that?

Well, take a look at what is flaunted at Twitter for 10 minutes. You’d say that’s a poor sampling. Review it randomly.

Go to Facebook and make your own assay where members have become bored and idle, they’d rather play games there than interact. We’re talking about adults who are receding to infantalism.

Enough said..so what is inherent with quality blogging?

Whatever be the Blog’s theme, be it a gallery of photos, the culinary arts, travel, folklore, education, literature, child care, politics, social issues, medicines and remedies, personal “diary”, the arts and crafts, the entertainment industry, economics, money management, home care and design, hobbies, sports, health care, faith, music, story telling, comedy relief, fiction, electronics and gadgetry, photography, you name it, even PAID POST too…

The value-added factor to the essence of blogging and being a Blogger is to impart, to exchange, to share and elicit discussions and opinions with those who have a shared interest.


Blogorish For You

align boxBlog co-Author: Windy

This is about an online chat between two guys. One who wants to learn how to blog and the other who blogs. For the sake of making it easy, I shall name the first guy as “Wannabe” and the other guy as “Blogger”.

Wannabe: Hi! My friend said that I will learn a good deal about Blogs by talking to you.
Blogger: LOL

Wannabe: What’s LOL?
Blogger: Sorry, it’s L.O.L really.

Wannabe: Ok. (pretends that he knows LOL with periods) So can you advise me how should I start my blog?
Blogger: Hmmm, I think you should begin with Blogger

Wannabe: Yes, that’s what I want to be, a Blogger. Now how do I do that?
Blogger: Like I just told you, you begin with Blogger.

Wannabe: Yes, I know I have to begin as a Blogger but how?
Blogger: go to www.blogger.com.

Wannabe: What do I do when I go to this site?
Blogger: You create an Account so that you login every time you need to blog.

Wannabe: Login?
Blogger: Yes, and you will need an email account too for registering yourself.

Wannabe: Gosh! there’s so many things that I have to do. Wait let me write that down.
Blogger: Take your time.

Wannabe: After I have my account, what next?
Blogger: You become one of millions in Blogosphere.

Wannabe: Where’s that located?
Blogger: It’s not a geographical location. It’s a term used to describe a place on the internet for bloggers.

Wannabe: Do they have a President of Blogosphere? You know like nations have Governments.
Blogger: No, Blogosphere does not have any governing body.

Wannabe: That sounds cool. What do I do next?
Blogger: You need to select a good blog theme, create a nice banner, filling it with widgets, sign up with social networks, strive to increasing your traffic, making drops, leaving comments and messages, publishing interesting articles, use I Follow You Comment, injecting as many images into your material to make it interesting to read, getting as much backlinks, advertising your Blog, accepting Blog Awards, joining Blog Contests or creating your own Contest and you must know basic html and javascript languages at the least.….

Wannabe: Whoaaa! Slow down please. What is all that?
Blogger: That my good friend, is blogging.

Wannabe: Sounds so greek to me.
Blogger: Well, if you want to be a Blog geek, all that becomes necessary.

Wannabe: You mentioned social networks. What is that?
Blogger: Oh there are several out there.

Wannabe: Like?
Blogger: Like there is EC and also Adgitize,

Wannabe: I have to join the European Community?
Blogger: No, that’s EntreCard

Wannabe: Oh! and does Adgitze mean I have to make trouble?
Blogger: Look, I can’t possibly explain everything in detail. Of course you’re not supposed to blog and create trouble.

Wannabe: So I still don’t understand what is Social Networking.
Blogger: Ok, let me try this. Have you heard about Facebook and Twitter?

Wannabe: Sorry, I haven’t. Facebook? Is that a book with a face on it? Do I have to get one to be a Blogger?
Blogger: Oh my. You’re so…. I can already tell what you’re going to say about Twitter in a second.

Wannabe: Yeah, sounds like place for lunatics. You know an asylum where there are lots of twits.
Blogger: LOL

Wannabe: (imitates) LOL
Blogger: You’re learning fast.

Wannabe: (reads his notes) You also mentioned about backlinks? What is that?
Blogger: That is when another Blogger links you from behind.

Wannabe: WHAT? What do you mean? Hey! I won’t allow that. I am straight.

Wannabe: And what is that?
Blogger: Hold on chap. Brb.

Wannabe: (while waiting) these Bloggers are so funny. He just left and said brb. Now what on earth is that?

—–moments later——-

Blogger: am back now

Wannabe: thank you for rejoining me.
Blogger: yw

Wannabe: No my name is Wannabe. You could call me wb
Blogger: Yes I know that.

Wannabe: But you said yw. That isn’t me.
Blogger: Gosh, you ask too many questions.

Wannabe: Oh! I am sorry if I am troubling you. Now what was that LOLROTFWMLDITA?
Blogger: That’s short for Laughing Out Loud Rolling On The Floor With My Legs Dangling In The Air!

Wannabe: I must say that to blog needs a lot of body movement too.
Blogger: It’s up to you if you think you can handle it.

Wannabe: Yes, indeed. Like you mentioned I have to do drops every time I blog. Blogging must be good for physical health.
Blogger: I never heard that being said before.

Wannabe: There is so much to learn. Do I have to be a linguist too?
Blogger: No, I see you can write in English. That will be sufficient.

Wannabe: Then what are html and javascript languages?
Blogger: Let me say, It’s BLOGORISH.

Wannabe: Another language to learn?
Blogger: Hey, I have to go now. Talk to you when you’re OL. (logs out)

Wannabe: What is OL? I am not old. I have just finished High School.

Wannabe: Hello!

Wannabe: Hello! Blogger are you still here?


Does Reading Improve Writing Skill?

align boxBlog Owner and Post Author: Lainy

In an earlier Article, I wrote about The Art of Writing for Blogs. a respected blogger left a suggestion at her Comment as follows:

My tip is to also , read…read and read and read…no, not just magazines and bestsellers, and non-fiction. Read the classics…they have more depth, style, and class. They are more provocative and influential.

During a chat with Windy. I sought his opinion on whether reading improves writing skill?

And this is to summarize all that Windy’s opined.

He began by saying listening to music does not improve skill in composing music. As it is with writing, constant practice develops the skill in composing music. Reading increases knowledge but it does not improve a person’s skill in writing.

He went on to say that writing is an expression of the writer. The same goes for oration which is another form of expression. Oration is used by a person to deliver a speech in public speaking. Oratory skills is perfected through practice, so too it is for writing and for composing music.

Basic reading is required to learn the rules of English Grammar because it determines the linguistic accuracy of written content and form, etc., That is about as far as reading contributes towards a person being able to write correctly.

Perhaps it is for that very reason Sir Francis Bacon wisely said…

Reading maketh a full man, conference a ready man, and writing an exact man.

Although it may be believed that reading influences what one writes, Windy believes that it is not only what but how it is written. That belief is relevant for the knowledge content in the written piece, the knowledge gained from reading. Knowledge acquired through reading assists in improving content of the written essay. It does not improve the writing skill per se.

Windy elaborated on it further.

Let’s assume that there are ten persons who have read the same book. Ask them to write an appreciation in as many words as they wish about what they read. And there you have it! For this purpose, set aside memory retention and accuracy. It will demonstrate the writing style and the skill of each person.

It is because there are several imperatives required in the Art of Writing the skill needs to be constantly improved. Technique, cohesion, clarity, effect, consistency and refinement are a few of the salient qualities. “Harmonizing” these qualities enables one’s writing style to attain greater effect. Therefore, the art of writing is only acquired through practice, practice, practice.

That’s Windy’s opinion.


OK, So What Is It With LOL?

align box align boxBlog Co- Author: Windy

LOL generally means Laughing Out Loud for most occasions when it is used. It has become so commonly used that it has lost its effect during chats and at other instances.

Or haven’t you noticed that people simply LOL for no rhyme or reason during chats. LOL is more often used as a “breather” when there is nothing else to say to the other party.

And because its become so jaded through meaningless usage, it led to a spin off of more LOL variations such as:

LMAO = Laughing My Ass Off
LMFAO = Laughing My Fat Ass Off
ROTFLMAO = Roliing On The Floor Laughing My Ass Off

Though none of those are loud, they are still laughs but described in a rather boorish way.

Of late, LOL aficionados never uninspired for the purpose, these are new and definitely titillating LOL’s :

LOLWMBSITA = Laughing Out Loud With My Breast Shaking In The Air
LOLWMLDITA = Laughing Out Loud With My Legs Dangling In The Air
LOLWMTSAYF = Laughing Out Loud With My Tits Slapping At Your Face

From its humble beginnings it has evolved in tandem with our deranged mentality and in all likelihood some day soon, it will climax cataclysmically with LOLAIC…

Laughing Orgasmically Loud And I’m Coming


The Art of Writing for Blogs

I have been asked several times how does one write articles for a Blog.

I shall try not to bore you by sounding pedantic or saying more than is needed. I believe a Blogger should pay attention to these essentials when writing his material.

There are many styles by which a writer may choose to write. Regardless of what his choice is, these are the important prerequisites.

  • At a minimum, have a fairly good command of the English language and grammar.
  • Be original and inventive with his expression and mind the content accuracy.
  • Make the presentation to appeal to readers and easy for their comprehension.
  • Whenever possible, mix wit, humor, etc., and the use of figure of speech; this adds vibrancy to the written piece.
  • Write in a style that is lively, engaging and persuasive.
  • Practice, practice, practice so that your writing quality improves.

Essential and not that many pointers listed above but I agree it is already a mouthful. When you write, matter and expression are parts of it but style is the way you think out into language. Long winded articles rarely gain the attention of readers.

Think of writing in the manner when you listen and appreciate music. For example, how many appreciate listening to a dirge when compared to a favorite Pop song?

As it is inherent with good music so too with good writing there should be melody, pitch and resonance. It should express the emotional highs and lows – crescendos and pianissimos. Hence, good writing like its counterpart will captivate.

Writing should emulate composing music with an effective articulation of words. Discordant music is harsh to our ears. So too would a poorly written article that is prosaic, lifeless, and ambiguous. It will fail to retain the reader’s interest.

Writing being by its nature personal, must be by its nature almost infinitely various. Every writer constructs his sentence differently. Therein lies the beauty about writing.

There are writers that claim to possess a style that show no care to put readers at their ease. These rely rather on primitive force to shock and astound.

There are also those who value the modest grace of truth and exhibit the qualities of style. Qualities that most readers would seek as a norm.
A true maxim of writing is to avoid excess.

A Blogger writes and publishes about anything. It also includes third party paid post advertisements that the blogger will find it difficult to personalize. No matter what it is that you write, you can only gain readership provided you acquire the art of writing.

With the art of writing you can convert a dull subject – and even Paid Posts, into an interesting essay to read.

I haven’t yet perfected the Art of Writing (I don’t think I’ll ever) but to those who have asked me before, here is what I know and I practice all the time.


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