Drawing Blood Gone Wrong

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Apart from the feeding-nappy change-settling-bathing kind of day, I have been quite busy keeping up with Medical Doctors’ appointments for my little babe and I.

One of the important appointments I’ve had was the renal angiogram. I recalled going through this process while I was still in the Philippines so many years back. It is a very crucial test; I had to sign a waiver of consent to the procedure. This test was requested by my cardiologist. He wanted to make sure that my hypertension is primarily genetics and is not caused by a kidney malfunction. It made sense.

One of the initial procedures is to draw blood from my veins. This is a no-brainer for people in the medical field who has mastered the art of extracting blood with very tiny veins. That is the case for me. Most of them finds it too hard to do so. There were instances when I had to be poked twice- the worse was five times after I gave birth (Read: I was traumatised!), others opted to extract from my hand where the veins are more prominent (Read: double the pain for this), and worst of all was when I was referred to another pathology clinic because the lady was unsuccessful to extract the blood out of me.

It sucks, right?

It’s aplenty of unpleasant experiences but I had no other recourse but to submit to yet another one to have my kidneys checked.

It was painful! I lost count on how many times the lady stuck the needle straight on both my forearms! She ended up using the ultrasound to locate my veins. I knew it wasn’t gonna be easy.

I was aware something was wrong as soon as I walked out of the imaging centre. I felt the excruciating pain on my right arm. When I checked, I had never seen hematoma so bad from a blood draw!


It’s horrible! It looked as though I was violently manhandled! The swelling was mostly gone after two weeks but it was still sore to the touch. It took more than a month for the bruises to completely heal. I had trouble carrying my son on my right arm the whole time! And I am right-handed!

I wish to never go through the same ordeal in the future.