GoFundMe Campaign Launched to Help a Friend

Over the weekend, I got the rare opportunity of keeping in touch with my grade school classmates via private chat. We may¬†have been “friends” on Facebook for as long as I can remember; however, we don’t really get to talk on a rather personal basis. I believe that is one downside of social media- we can be so near yet so far. But in hindsight, it could also work to the advantage of someone like me who’s away from my family. They can be so distant yet so near.

Some of my classmates were adamant in holding a Get-Together or a Reunion of some sort. Suggestions were made, pledges were offered, initial plans were laid out.

It was a mixture of different personalities combined together that were developed and honed by various educational backgrounds, trainings, and experiences. I find it very refreshing!

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Jokes were shared, laughters erupted, and the unending banters ensued. It was a joyful moment to have reminisced the past with them virtually.

The intention may have been to poke fun when we were asked to send a selfie for the group to see but some of them rose to the challenge. It’s amazing how they haven’t aged at all!

However, my heart was broken into a million pieces when one of my classmates, Marivic Apelinga, shared a photo of herself. She is strapped in a wheelchair. I could hardly recognize her at all! I can’t help but weep in silence!

I was made aware that she was very ill two years ago. But I never really thought she was “that” ill until recently. I felt guilty for not being able to respond quickly and I have not accorded support in whatever means possible when our classmate Erickson initiated to help her. His gesture was incredibly appreciated by yours truly. But in all fairness to myself, I was pregnant then and had my own personal issues.

But so much for my lame excuses!

I felt the need to make it up to her. It was in this instance when Erickson and I together with our classmates came up with the idea of launching a campaign so we can raise sufficient funds for Marivic that will cover the treatment costs for two years.

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I never had a GoFundMe account; I never felt the need to have one. But I vowed to help Marivic in the little way I know how. I wrote the draft and aimed of accomplishing it over the weekend despite a tight schedule that was mostly spent with my family. GoFundMe is restricted in the Philippines; so I was left with little choice but to use the account I created (Read: We initially made efforts to launch the campaign from GoFundMe Philippines). After a much thorough deliberation with Marivic and Erickson, the page went live last night. As of this writing, it has been shared on Facebook 40 times and 5 donations have been made.

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I have never lost my faith in humanity as I have been a recipient of many random acts of kindness in the past by some random people I have met online and offline. I duly express my high hopes and optimism that this campaign will reap the same and eventually achieve its goal.

If it’s not too much to ask, kindly visit the GoFundMe page H E R E to read further about Marivic’s plight. Please help us spread the word so we may reach our goal to help Marivic cover the costs of her treatment.

Thanks in advance for your help, kindness, and generosity!