I'm Officially Back to the Workforce

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I’m officially back to the workforce today. I had to be strong; hence it is imperative to implement basic mind control. It took a lot of will power and mind conditioning to be able to wipe out all uncertainties.

And why not? I have been on Parental Leave for nearly half a year.

After I gave birth, I have been the primary carer of my newborn. While it is true that I got massive help from my own mother, I made sure that my baby was primarily looked after by me. Time spent with my son was all too precious.

It’s understandable that I had a heavy heart going back to work. I did not just wake up and felt all too excited to go back to work. It was actually a mixture of conflicted emotions.

When I became a mother, I knew that there can never be a more challenging role than being a Mum. But like most Mums, I need to do what ought to be done. Going back to work is what’s best for our little family.

It hugely helped me that some friends remembered how this transition could be so important for me and our family. Ate J of Juliana’s Lair was thinking about me and remembered to send her goodluck wishes and some gentle nudge of support and encouragement.

Screen Shot 2015-08-03 at 9.09.24 pm

A very good friend of mine here in Sydney also remembered to ask how’s my first day back to work.

Screen Shot 2015-08-03 at 9.09.59 pm

My schedule had been hectic prior to today. I had to keep up with Doctors’ appointments, errands, and doing some paper works relating to my job. We merged into one big company and moved to a newer and bigger building, thus, the People and Culture Manager required me to sign some paper works.

We moved to this building while I was on Parental Leave
We moved to this building while I was on Parental Leave

I was reading carefully through each page. These are demanded of me at the work place:



I personally never believed that I have met all these qualifications as I am still a work in progress everyday. I have to thank my Manager though for putting his trust in me and for believing in my potentials.

One of the co-worker’s daughter gave me this as a welcome present:


I was only mostly getting my head around on my first day back to work. No stress.

As a matter of fact, I was still able to play with my son as soon as I arrived home, helped my Mum prepare dinner, fed my son, changed his nappy, took a shower, prepared our lunches for the next day, prepared my work clothes, and drafted this blogpost. It would be an entirely different story though when my Mum goes back to the Philippines but by then, we would have slowly adjusted to our daily new routines.

This transition to be a working mother is all about organization and creating a balance in our daily routines.

I shall update you with more of my progress later.

Thank you for sticking!

Lainy's Movie "Double Standard" Coming Out Soon at the Theaters Near You!

Since unexpectedly being inducted to this year’s   WBE Blog of Fame and having garnered the most number of votes at the Poll, I had to contend with high expectations, traffic rankings, Google PR updates and the “boos” of people who wants to pull me down.

Yet, I say, this has been the best year of my blogging journey so far.

It all seems like such a long time ago now. It was in 2007 when I finally got to have my first ever blog- Our Journey to Forever. In less than a year, Lainy’s Musings was born.

Two years ago, Entrecard dropping was a low-key but no less appealing for newbie bloggers like me.

Many things transpired after that. Blogpals come and go. Even yours truly thought I won’t be back forever. But I remained unfazed despite having to endure one of the more roller-coaster rides in blogging this year.

I could go on with more and bore you, but the movie Double Standard is going to change my life forever.

One famous and top-billed producer/ scriptwriter, David Funk of Basic Bloganomics, offered one project that is so hard to resist. It’s the best deal that I had ever come across with. This movie is entirely way out of my comfort zone though.

You see, Double Standard is rated PG 13 and strongly cautions Parental Guidance. But when I looked at the script and the big-time celebrities making up the cast of this movie, signing up the contract was almost automatic.

Can you imagine LAINY being put behind bars for the illegal possession of pretty face, errr! BEDs I meant! LOL! BEDs as in Blog Enhancement Drugs. Add to that the crime of hitting people using BEDminton racket!

Lainy being portrayed as violent! I never in my wildest dreams imagined myself having to play the role of a villain and a criminal. Having never done any movies of this kind before, I felt butterflies in my stomach during the shoots.

But my co-stars, Uncle Che, Brain Stormer, David Funk himself and yes! My adorable Baby Ewoks, made things bearable and a lot easier. Before I knew it, I was enjoying everything that’s happening with the movie. Add to that a very talented and charming pool of movie crews who helped out in the over-all production of the film.

I was very happy for my Baby Ewoks’ exposure in this movie. He’s the cutest Shih Tzu ever seen on screen!

That's Baby Ewoks!

I must admit I was surprised to have met Brain Stormer on the set. I wasn’t aware that aside from being a political analyst and athlete, he is one hell of a great actor as well.

And mind you! He’s drop dead gorgeous! 😉 😉

The experience was truly well worth it!

The quick release of my movie despite my tight schedule was rather unexpected. This is a must-see action packed movie!

Don’t fail to watch it! Coming to theaters near you on April 1, 2010.

Mark your calendar, folks! 😉 😉 😉


Lainy Got Inducted to the 2010 WBE Blog of Fame

Exactly three months and five days before this blog’s second blogoversary, Lainy’s Musings reaped another milestone. Yours truly got inducted to the 2010 class of the   World Blogging Entertainment Blog of Fame. 🙂

When I got included in the list of nominees for the WBE Blog of Fame, it brought back so many memories when I got nominated for the First Most Sociable Blogger in 2008. I got lucky to have coveted the First Most Sociable Blogger Award 2 years ago by virtue of the support extended by friends at the poll. I was just a newbie then.

But this time around, the nomination is a lot different in a number of ways. I felt, honored, elated and privileged to have been chosen alongside with my co-nominees who hailed from different countries around the world.

But due to some factors that is beyond my control, I visualized myself not having the luxury of time to ask for assistance from blogpals for two reasons.

Firstly, seeking support would require being infront of the PC longer hours than necessary. That wouldn’t help me at all in trying to regain my health back.

Secondly, working on a 8-7 basis in tedious preparation for the Philippine Automated Elections had put my blogging hours on the haywire.

I only took advantage of the delimitating time available when I wasn’t too busy during the short holiday break.

I got lucky I had some sure pollsters- my family, relatives, friends, batchmates, and some churchmates at Ako’y INC.

And yes! Your guess is as good as mine! 😉

I’ve asked the support of Entrecarders and a good percentage have positively responded. Being an active member of Entrecard worked to my advantage and it has helped me enormously.

I even published a thank you post entitled THANK YOU FOR THE VOTES OF CONFIDENCE after I’ve sought support from identified frequent visitors and blogpals. Their response was truly overwhelming!

I’d like to especially mention that special friends took the extra mile to campaign on my behalf. I must say they truly are my friends in action!

A million thank you’s to Twerlyn of Twerlyn’s Way of Thinking for her campaigning efforts at Facebook and Atty. Eli of Business Sphere for his constant support. He sent out messages to some of his blogging comrades to gather more number of pollsters.

Also, my heartfelt gratitude goes out to Polly of Random Ramblings, real-life sweethearts Uncle Che of AZ Blogging, and his fiancee, Baby Noela of   My Blog Says. They all have continuously inspired and motivated me to be the best blogger I can be. Their ceaseless words of encouragements have sincerely touched the very core of my being!

I’ll never forget to give thanks to my all-time and brilliant mentor, W I N D Y. I must say this recognition is sweeter if shared with him. He has a supreme influence in my blogging journey. He is a remarkable man and he will always have a special place in my heart. I have missed his presence in the blogosphere and I so look forward to sharing glorious blogging hours again with him some time in the near future.

I’d like to share this recognition to my co-nominees especially Marzie and Lady Java who also are most deserving to be inducted.

Lastly, I most sincerely thank David Funk of Basic Bloganomics for coming up with this undertaking. This is an event that taught me a lot of things.

These are  some of the lessons learned that I have randomly taken into account:

  1. It has kept me firmly grounded. With all humility, I recognize the apparent fact that I owe this blog’s success to all of Y O U who kept this blog alive and breathing.
  2. To each his own. It ain’t surprising that out of 10 people, one person may disagree with me, dislike or hate what I am doing. That is fine by me so long as we don’t go beyond the boundary we call respect.
  3. Asking a favor is not always a pain in the neck. All we need to do is A S K.
  4. Showing our gratitude by linking up is not necessarily bribery. Simply put, a favor granted deserves some form of recognition.
  5. Friendliness is next to Godliness! Need I say more? 😉
  6. The greater the sacrifice, the sweeter the prize! The campaigning efforts of yours truly and my friends didn’t proved futile. At least, our efforts paid off!

I know there’s still a helluva lot of things to learn while I take this blogging passion to greater heights. I thank you all for your unfailing support and for sharing with me wonderful blogging moments.

I am sharing the WBE Blog of Fame to all of Y O U who have supported me openly and also to those who have supported me in silence! (You all know who you are 😉 )

NOTE: To have a closer look at the list of identified pollsters, click H E R E.


The Paradise Island Get-Away Part 1

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The holiday season was the perfect time to be with friends and family. Since most had long days off from work, it’s the only time of the year that families are gathered together.

I took advantage of the short days off as I knew that there won’t be any as soon as the election period begins relative to the conduct of the Automated Elections.

The first day of the year was spent on a 3-hour trip on the road as my family and I took off for the Island they call Paradise at the Island Garden City of Samal. I wasn’t too sure if roadside assistance was offered by the government as the two bus companies in General Santos City had a holiday break. Business transactions resumed on the 2nd day of January. Some family friends went with us. Our Baby- Ewoks– went with us too. 😀 .

Baby Ewoks' first long trip

We took a barge going to Paradise Island. It was my first time to have a glimpse of the beautiful place. There were many people who spent their New Year at the island. We’ve sighted quite a handful of foreign nationals who seemed to be enjoying themselves at the various amenities offered by the Beach Club.

At the barge on our way to the island

It was almost sunset when we’ve finally reached our destination.

Lovely sunset

And yes! We can’t wait to have a plunge!

That's Sarah
Night swimming with girlfriends

To be continued…

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Getting More and More Excited Each Day!

The incoming year gives me umpteen of reasons to get excited. One of the many important reasons to look forward for the New Year is my Princes’ visit. It has almost been three years and we have waited long enough for the most awaited moment- the moment when I will get to meet him at the airport and introduce him to my family.

We don’t really plan of going out much. We plan of spending it just at home because he wants to see how we live each day of our lives thereby understanding Filipino culture all the more. But how I wish we could get to avail of the cancun all inclusive deal! Either way, I so look forward in spending quality time with my Prince as we will be both on holiday when he comes down for a visit.

My Heartfelt Thanks To All My Birthday Well-Wishers

Truthfully, I miss blogging. I really do. I feel like I am torn between the devil and the deep blue sea. You know, I wanted to write this article so many days earlier, to thank all who left their Birthday Greetings by way of Posts at their Blogs or through Comments.

Not being able to do so made me so uncomfortable during that period. But here I am to thank most profusely to all my Blogpals for their kindest of thoughts and wishes on my Birthday.

My health recovery has been particularly difficult because COMELEC, the government agency that I work for, is now tediously preparing for the May 10, 2010 National and Local Elections. I have had to work very long hours (overtime hours) till late at night. Work has become ever more stressful and it has an adverse effect on my blood pressure and Asthma.

Which goes to explain why I have been forced circumstantially to take time off from blogging. It will help me to get the much needed rest and regular sleep that a recovery demands.

There are days when my blood pressure rate allows me to smile and then there are days when it freaks me out. It is so difficult with the present work demands and would even be worse if I continued with my hours of blogging each day.

I wish to get back to regular blogging. Windy opposes that move now, saying that it should only be when I am more capable in controlling the causes that affect me. And that includes improving the ventilation and room temperature in my house too. I am going to do that very soon.

But back to where I was instead of all this morbid status about my health. My Birthday was celebrated on a scale that I never intended it to be. Health-wise and with my job demands I was not really in the best of moods to celebrate it. My mom protested and finally had it her way.

There were two celebrations held on that day. The first celebration was with my Office colleagues at work during Lunch hour. The logistics involved in transferring the cooked dishes from my home to the Office was a sight to behold 😉

Later in the evening, there was a celebration at home for my family, relatives and Church members. If there’s something about Filipinos, I can say that we personify “Party animals” as the term is used. It’s a very cultural aspect about the Filipinos and probably has something genetically linked with the Spaniards who once ruled the land for over 400 years.

My Family
My Family
With churchmates
With churchmates
Baby Ewoks giving me a birthday kiss ;-)
Baby Ewoks giving me a birthday kiss 😉

Yes, it was a memorable celebration. It was the day I officially turned 25 forever! Well, I will be until I invoke my right to change my mind. I know many of you will raise your eyebrows and will protest with so much vigor but hey!

It was my birthday so please… give me some slack 😉

My birthday cake :-)
My birthday cake 🙂

I was not able to complement it with the same energy over here at Blogosphere but let me say this: I miss you all and Thank You for your thoughtfulness, blessings and personal good wishes across my blogs,via SMS, Email, Friendster and Facebook. You all know who you are 😉

Above all, I thank the Lord for the new lease in my life.

Lainy is back in Hospital confinement

Disturbing news.

Just under a week after her discharge from Hospital on May 31st (Sunday), Lainy is confined in Hospital once again this afternoon just a few weeks before the onset of Yaman Gensan 2009 .

All that is known is that her Blood Pressure has risen and the Doctor needs to conduct further investigations and tests.

We hope that the medical results will not create additional tribulations for Lainy and that she recovers to good health with personal determination.

Thank you Pictures, Images and Photos
S H E R R Y!

First commenter for this post…


Thank You!

Thank You Pictures, Images and Photos

Windmill had once written that THANK YOU is the most underrated word. It may hold true for some.

But not for me.

I would like to personally T H A N K my blogpals for their thoughts, for wishing me well and for the silent prayers they offered for my quick recovery.

They are as follows:

  1. Mommy Elvs
  2. Ally
  3. Bregie
  4. Rosilie
  5. BK
  6. Buzzing J
  7. Alf
  8. Beth
  9. Genejosh
  10. Mariuca
  11. Recel
  12. Polly
  13. Beaker
  14. Leomar
  15. Mizé
  16. Honey
  17. Juliana
  18. Angela
  19. Meghann
  20. RE Ausetkmt
  21. Dorothy L
  22. Rebecca
  23. David Funk
  24. Waterrose
  25. Liza
  26. Star
  27. Lynne
  28. Maggie
  29. Lisa – Alterity
  30. eastcoastlife
  31. Dwacon

Lollii together with her Mom, Star   who took time out to visit me at the hospital;

Twinks for extending her well wishes via SMS;

… AND Windmill on the Hill for publishing a special post at his blog entitled “LAINY IS VERY ILL” primarily wishing for my speedy recovery. He actually did that and MORE! 

I am still NOT 100% OK. I could not even give you a detailed account as of yet  of what actually happened to me.  I am still  slowly trying in regaining my energy and zest back. I don’t want to stress myself so much.  

Blogging hours is in moderation. 

After my recuperation process, I promise to rejoin you all and make up for all the days I’ve missed at my keyboard! 🙂 


Thank you Pictures, Images and Photos
D A V I D!

First commenter for this post…


Lainyonline Dot Com: Back to Life!

When I moved my blog over to WordPress, I could have still maintained my domain name, www.lainyonline.com, but that was extremely difficult for me and I seriously needed help. I didn’t even know where to start. When I explained to a very dear friend of mine, DICKIE,  that I bought www.lainyonline.com from Google and it was automatically configured to work with my blogspot blog, he used his intellect, which of course is far bigger than mine in that domain, to realize that www.lainyonline.com could be managed at Google Apps. He logged into Google Apps and did some modifications on the domain name but then, he was limited by the setup there. 

Dickie successfully moved my blog from Blogspot to WordPress. It was not an easy task. I have been  forewarned by Uncle Che that a blog of my size will be very difficult to export (from blogger) and import (into WordPress). Besides loosing some traffic and restarting with a Google PageRank of zero, I risk loosing data – both posts and comments.

However, I had no choice. The blog was hacked and this move was very necessary. Our primary concern was not even the traffic, pagerank or loss of data, but how to transfer www.lainyonline.com to Dickie’s hosting account at BlueHost. 

It was at that juncture that we realized Google Apps won’t let us transfer the domain name. They won’t provide us with the transfer authorization code to initiate the transfer process. Why is that? Do they have a deal with GoDaddy (the registrant of all domain names bought through blogspot) to limit users’ administration of their own domain names bought with their hard earned cash? That’s annoying but there is nothing we could do about it. We went ahead and bought a new domain name www.lainysmusings.com. This new domain name, for a few days, has been the primary domain name for my blog.

My brilliant friend, Dickie, tried his best in tweaking the system and was hopeful to produce better results. UNCLE CHE, on the other hand, made some enquiries and found out that although we can’t transfer the domain name to BlueHost, there is a need to modify the settings through the Domain Manager (an extended service of GoDaddy used by Google for blogspot domains). He asked Dickie at BlueHost to provide him with his DNS settings. These settings, after implementation, gave Dickie at bluehost total control (except for the transfer process) over www.lainyonline.com. Transferring the content of my blog from www.lainysmusings.com to www.lainyonline.com is no piece of cake, but Dickie was able to make it.

I bet you he got Big Brains!

Now,  I can say everything is back to normal. My friends are doing their utmost best to recover any lost content. www.lainysmusings.com will remain active for some time, redirecting visitors to www.lainyonline.com.

I would be very grateful if you update your bookmarks and resubscribe. 😥

Thank you for sticking! 🙂 


Thank you Pictures, Images and Photos

J O Y!

First commenter for this post…