Thank You!

Thank You Pictures, Images and Photos

Windmill had once written that THANK YOU is the most underrated word. It may hold true for some.

But not for me.

I would like to personally T H A N K my blogpals for their thoughts, for wishing me well and for the silent prayers they offered for my quick recovery.

They are as follows:

  1. Mommy Elvs
  2. Ally
  3. Bregie
  4. Rosilie
  5. BK
  6. Buzzing J
  7. Alf
  8. Beth
  9. Genejosh
  10. Mariuca
  11. Recel
  12. Polly
  13. Beaker
  14. Leomar
  15. Mizé
  16. Honey
  17. Juliana
  18. Angela
  19. Meghann
  20. RE Ausetkmt
  21. Dorothy L
  22. Rebecca
  23. David Funk
  24. Waterrose
  25. Liza
  26. Star
  27. Lynne
  28. Maggie
  29. Lisa – Alterity
  30. eastcoastlife
  31. Dwacon

Lollii together with her Mom, Star   who took time out to visit me at the hospital;

Twinks for extending her well wishes via SMS;

… AND Windmill on the Hill for publishing a special post at his blog entitled “LAINY IS VERY ILL” primarily wishing for my speedy recovery. He actually did that and MORE! 

I am still NOT 100% OK. I could not even give you a detailed account as of yet  of what actually happened to me.  I am still  slowly trying in regaining my energy and zest back. I don’t want to stress myself so much.  

Blogging hours is in moderation. 

After my recuperation process, I promise to rejoin you all and make up for all the days I’ve missed at my keyboard! :-) 


Thank you Pictures, Images and Photos
D A V I D!

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27 thoughts on “Thank You!”

  1. Great to hear from you Lainy! That is so sweet of you to link everyone that wished you well and to a speedy recovery.

    No, you shouldn’t stress out even though I can tell even this far away from you that you’re eager to get back to blogging.

    Thanks for letting us know, and to Windmill as well!

    Be well my very dear friend! 😀

  2. Hi Leyn! I didn’t know you were sicked. Just read your post here today June 1. whew! hope you are feeling ok now. Andy just discharged in the hospital and he can walk immediately but can’t drive yet. dili tiyan to iya sakit, injury nya ang gi operahan.

  3. oh sis… it is so good to see updates here! that means you’re out of danger na. :) Praise God! keep safe and i know you need more recovery pa so give yourself extra rest and care! :)

  4. You’re back!!! Good news. Thanks for the update. And I do understand about how much well wishes can be encouraging when one is sick. 😀 Be sure to rest and take it easy. ((hugs))

  5. Hi Sis, glad to hear from you again :)

    Pagpa ayo sa dha unya nalang atubang sa computer kung maka fully recover na ka .

  6. Dear Lainy, It is so good that you are out of hospital and back at home. I cannot tell you how much you were missed by everyone. Have a care and allow yourself time to recover properly. Time for a little R and R with your feet up and your head, perhaps in a good book for a few days.

    Take care, dear friend and I hope that you will soon be feeling fully fit again. :)

  7. Ha ha Lainy ………………. so sorry I was dropping for my son and now I have succeeded in embarrassing him fully by commenting in his name, accidentlally. It appears that your comment system thought that I was him. Anyway, he sends his best wishes too – but sorry for the mix up on Beaker above …………….. Ha ha …………..whatever next ……….. hope that it at least brings a smile to your face.

    Take care, love and best wishes, Polly

  8. Hi, Lainy. Thanks for the link! I’m glad to see an update on your blog. Just relax and slow down. Mahirap magkasakit.

  9. hi sis, sad to hear about your sickness, baka naman you’re stretching yourself too thin like me feeling ko overworked na ako with my full time job and part-time blogging. you really needs some rest and you should do blogging in moderation talaga. glad to hear that you’re ok now and just regaining some strength. if only i have your cel no. i’ll send you inspiring text messages to add up to your recovery! just relax sis and take it easy, i’ll visit you everyday here! 😉

  10. hmmm…ulihi ra ko sa tanan..mayo nalang naka drop pako karong buntag lyn..thanks for the link..unta maayo kana. Bawal magkasakit sa atong trabaho..huhuhu…murag maunahan man ko ani ug leave ni sir..unsaon nalang na. 😥

  11. hello lainy!
    Glad to know you are out from the hospital. We missed the chance to visit you since Tammy and I were out of town. Rest well! mwa!

  12. Wishing your speedy recovery and hope everything will be back to normal.

    Just want to say thank you for the EC drops you made on my blog. You were listed on my Top EC Dropper last month.

    Get well soon and more power to your blog 😀

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