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The Filipino Dichotomy…Concluding Part

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Caught by the explosive Age of Rapid Mass Communication and Information, the Filipinos piteously have not been prepared how to deal with it. Rather they keep themselves entertained or endlessly texting with the use of the new technology appears more beneficial than a disciplined search for personal improvement and excellence.

The powerful media broadcast and televized programs pander on bourgeoisie interests and aspirations. Tune in to any televised program and you will understand what I mean.

Obesity and the varied spin-off body afflictions, is a fast growing social malady that will soon cost citizens, the Medical Services and the National Productivity gurus a collosal headache. It boggles my mind, where do they get that much money to become obese from unrestrained gluttonly.

The same can be said about what is found in Malls and Supermarkets. Eyes turn red seeing the array of affluent products that obviously is beyond their means.

Missed opportunities, corruption, crony manipulation and a political system that needs reformation draws the nation further away with leaders who lack the political will to
end the social rot that prevails.

The chronic brain drain and those who can barely afford to go abroad creates a domestic vacuum and an imbalance. It exacerbates the domestic situation to establish and maintain an effective and well appointed Staff to manage hospitals, schools universities and public services for the benefit of the populace.

Filipinos appear largely resigned to their lot and future because they feel that whatever troubles their daily life has grown too big for sanity.

With drooping jaws, parched throats from endless nagging about what is damning in their daily life, with callous indifference, the Filipino cynically embraces the adage, “when you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em”.

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