The Modern Parable of A Widow's Mite

With humility, I write about Star from A Maiden’s Testimony whom I also know as Ate Vilma.

She defines a four letter word as ACTION.

Nothing connected with Camera! Lights! Action! kind of thing. Not one bit of play action. She personifies real ACTION.

You know… LOVE is ACTION.

How much more precise can LOVE be defined as?

Here is a lady whom I befriended through an introduction from Lainy. Soon after, I found that she has an unbelievable kindness.

Despite having suffered as an abused wife and most piteously left as a single parent with a daughter, she gladly adopted a baby boy who was literally left in her arms. Nosiree! I am not talking about Mother Teresa.

If you remember the Biblical parable about the Widow’s Mite, Ate Vilma reincarnates that parable when she donated to Project Heavenly Home. She already has problems to make ends meet each month and yet what she has donated is not a mite by her standards. I know that the amount she donated is relatively a big sum for her.

I kept refusing to accept her donation but she insisted saying that she would not accept a refund.

Elsewhere, Lainy published at her other Blog, Our Journey to Forever, at “All The World’s A Stage, And We Are Mere Players” , about Ate Vilma when she believed that I had an illegitimate baby named, Vincent. It is a long hilarious story that I concocted with Lainy’s permission of course.

Ate Vilma fell for the entire story, hook, line and sinker which Lainy and I played on her. To make that story short here, Ate Vilma without batting an eye, openly accepted to adopt my illegitimate son, Vincent. Furthermore, for the days after Ate Vilma agreed to adopt Vincent, her family kept asking Lainy at her Office when Vincent would be sent to their home. Can you fathom the magnanimity of Ate Vilma?

There you are my friends, there be “angels” such as Ate Vilma who fear not to tread this miserable Earth and shine their love unto others.

The Vincent saga inspired me to create and present to Ate Vilma a special Golden Heart Award. At that time I was actively blogging from Windmill of the Hill.

The Golden Heart Award


2 thoughts on “The Modern Parable of A Widow's Mite”

  1. Reading Windy’s eloquent prose
    On Star, a.k.a Ate Vilma
    Makes my heart cried
    But with joy and gladness–
    We have a new woman of substance!

    Rare is a woman nowadays
    With Ate’s Vilma virtues,
    As the brilliant Windy found her:
    Kindhearted, humble, caring —
    Like a gem in the sand.

    The world maybe cruel,
    And people cold, thoughtless, uncaring,
    A place of broken dreams.
    But somewhere, in the dark moonless nights,
    Vilma is the Star!
    .-= Eli @ Business Sphere´s last blog ..Why You Should Go Into Business? =-.

  2. what a surprise post!! Thanks for your kind words Windy.If you have a heart of giving, whatever be the consequence, you need to accept the big responsibility without ceasing. The important is, you help because you love to help despite of being unstable. God is there willing to give and help, We are all the instrument of those people who need our help. Once again, thank you so much windy, through you, we are then part of your kindness. God bless us all.

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