Top 10 Benefits Of Laughter

There has been certain increase in interest for laugh therapy, laughter yoga and few other laughter related therapies. All of them are based on idea how laughter is positive for us.

1. It is beneficial to our heart

Heart muscles need to be exercised to function better and to get stronger just like any other muscle in our body. Laughter for a heart muscle is just like gym for other muscles. When laughing blood flow is increased and blood vessels function better which has an increased oxygenation as a result. By that mean laughter improves your cardiovascular health and lessens the risk of heart attack.

2. Internal Workout

If you have a really strong laugh, one that makes your belly hurt and leaves you breathless, that laughter is extremely good for your internal organs. It is a sort of work out for your internal organs, particularly for the abdomen, diaphragm and respiratory muscles. It is good for facial muscles and shoulders too. After that kind of laughter you feel great and relaxed and you don't have to go to the gym!

3. Stress reliever

If you are sometimes under great tension or stress and you feel like you will explode, some good laughter will help you and it will melt all that stress. It's been shown that laughter is actually stress reliever. Stress hormones like dopamine, adrenaline and cortisone are reduced by laughter, making you more relaxed for a long period of time. Laughter also increases positive hormones like endorphins.

4. Helps your immune system

As some researches have demonstrated, laughter helps and boosts body immune system. It decreases stress hormones and improves T-cells in the blood and increases antibodies. This helps to fight diseases and infections.

5. Social benefits

Nothing can connect people better than laughter. If you want to significantly improve your social life just include as much humour as possible in it and in everyday interaction. Laugh is contagious and it deepens social bonds between people. The more you laugh the better impression you will leave and you will be remembered as a positive person. Relationships are improved by laughter leading to more joyful situations and happiness.

6. Reduces pain

British studies have shown that 15 minutes of laughter can increase your tolerance to pain up to 10%. When laughing your body releases endorphin to your brain. This hormone causes happiness and pleasant feelings and eventually a temporal pain relief.

7. Helps with insomnia and improves sleep quality

We all need a good an quality sleep and if we don't get enough of rest and relieve our body and brain it can lead to depression stress and affect our day. In a modern fast pacing world everyday pressure can affect our sleeping patterns and eventually lead to erratic sleep.

8. Reduce depression

As we mentioned before laugh help our body to release positive hormones like endorphin which makes us feel better inducing a feeling of wellbeing and helps us to reduce depression. It is especially god for elder persons.

9. Improves memory, alertness and creativity

Teachers at school use laughter as a method for getting their lessons across. It is a good tool to make you interested in the studies, to help you remember better and get you involved in the studies. It is because laughter has a great impact to our creativity, memory and our level of alertness.

10. Attracts other people

It is certain that people are attracted by laughter and if it happens that you are the cause of it in a positive way, you will be more attractive to others. Relationships should be kept healthy and fresh by good humour. Many divorces are the outcomes of humourless marriages.