Where Corruption Redoubles Its Efforts.

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When the Law in a Country deplorably fails to exact upon her populace, the perpetuity of political integrity and the preservation of transparency for clean governance, it provides the platform for corruption to breed more corruption.

Such is the example of the ex-Movie veteran icon and ex-President, who was impeached and convicted of corruption and plunder during his tenure as President and later given an executive clemency by ex-President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo.

One can assume in this instance, it is a typical past time of corrupted people to scratch the backs of other known corrupted people. This scratching obsession is medically known as Corrupto-Scratchivitis


It was said before the 2010 Presidential elections that Estrada’s announced that he would not seek elective or public office again. It is then assumed that was what must have prompted Arroyo to sign the conditional pardon.

It has been argued that the intent of the conditional pardon was to prohibit the convicted felon from running for public office.

But here he stands today, impervious of whatever Laws exist in the land and reported as, “Ex-Philippine president leading in race for Manila” as an incumbent Mayor-hopeful.

Manila? The bedrock of the Philippines richest and most famous!

Alas! a misguided Democracy in the makings.

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