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One thought on “Windy and Wendy

Windy and Wendy

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Boredom drove me to the pet shop late evening and I spied a small flock of Budgerigars. I had no prior intention of getting any creature; it was simply the case of wanting to burn time.

One thing led to another and after I found out how much a bird costs, I decided to get a pair. One male and one female so that they won’t suffer boredom like I do.

Then a cage was needed and bird seeds too. So I went home with a small hole in my wallet. LOL!

I have named them Windy and Wendy. How about that?

In the foreground is Windy. And behind is Wendy.

Now as you can see from the photo, Wendy is white; virginal. Windy is blue; romantic. And see how loving the pair already is with a little help from my Air Conditioner’s cool draught. It brings them together for body warmth. See, it not only works for humans.

Or could be they’re huddled together for fear that they might be on my breakfast plate tomorrow morning as Bird’s Eye Pie?

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One thought on “Windy and Wendy

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